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  1. The only good part is the Zero G Roll. I seriously feel like I'm walking on the track when I ride them they're so tame. But that's just me.
  2. Yep, just want to get a sense of what everyone would choose. But, If you could only ride one manufacturer's coasters, which manufacturer would you choose? (Oh and edit: Sorry if this thread already exists I looked around but didn't find anything)
  3. You are right my friend. I'm not a big fan of floorless coasters. But personally, I think it would be cool if KI got a new coaster type, I dunno it would be sort of cool.
  4. I'm expecting something that doesn't feel like Im walking on the track. I want speed, thrill, hangtime, adrenaline. Some actual fun to it. Excuse my mistake about Dominator too. But Floorless coasters don't really hold up to their reputation like the 90's inverts do. I'm not expecting airtime, not expecting anything crazy. I just want to enjoy it.
  5. I didn't say Dominator wasn't good. I said the Six Flags Floorless 5 are. Ok heres the layout for every six flags floorless.Drop, Loop, Dive Loop (Except SKC), Zero G Roll, Cobra Roll (Except BTDK and Medusa), MCBR, interlocking corckscrews, and final brake run.
  6. Bizarro/Medusa? A great ride? That was literally the most BORING B&M I have ever ridden. I could've slept on it if I wanted. Completely forceless.
  7. Scream, Medusa, Bizarro, Batman: The Dark Knight, and Superman Krypton Coaster.
  8. I liked the part where the robot talked to Urkel.
  9. Ahhhh too much drama. Coasters aren't made of drama are they? Cause this thread is starting to make me think they are. Like Elissa said lets take a chill pill and actually discuss something worthy of discussing.
  10. The last thing SFNE needs is another Vekoma. I think SFMM is getting the better side of the deal.
  11. Opening at Mach Tower: I overheard multiple fail moments. #1. A group of guys were in line and were looking at Mach Tower. Man 1: Dude, at the top, the seats spread ou and move so that your in a skydiving position! Man 2: Rally? I don't think I can do it now. #2: A group of adults we talking about the tower. Woman: Whoah, turns out this is the tallest ride in the park. Man: Of course it is, it's like seven stories high. *Facepalm* 3. Group of annoying college teens. Man 1: Dude this looks so sick. Man 2: Yeah but it's not as tall and fast as Dr. Doom's fear fall at Universal. Man 1: I know that things like 400 feet tall and goes so much faster than this thing. And those were 100% real convos of the GP. Oh and by the way if you didn't know Dr. Doom's fear fall is about 200 feet and 40 mph. Mach Tower is 246 and 60-65.
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