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  1. Thank you! So just to clear things up, they ONLY offer the one time per ride system and they don't offer an unlimited version?
  2. I know they have in the past, but I can't find it anywhere on their website but just to make sure: Does PortAventura offer Express Fast Passes? If they do still sell them, where can you buy them? And have they updated their selected ride list recently?
  3. Seeing as any inversion to the GP is considered a loop and seeing how the chances are the mechanic was probably somewhat of a GP, he could've just meant "The tallest inversion" which IMO makes the Premier option in general a bit more likely.
  4. Thanks guys! I'll have to think about if I really want to go 5 hours out of my way for one day of Europa Park (Of course the answer is yes)
  5. Just wondering, are the lines/crowds really bad during the summer? And is Europa Park a "more than one day" park?
  6. ^ Even though the height requirement is 42 inches for DarKastle, there's a sign outside the queue that says the ride may be too intense for young children.
  7. Canada's Wonderland is probably looking at this helix saying: "Oh. "
  8. I hope that "wind effect" Larry talked about can blow away some of that dust. Great reports guys, I can't wait for more theming to go up.
  9. I'm going with Verbolten, simply because they said it would contain "Multiple Firsts" and we only know one.
  10. *throws pie* If it's Intamin, I'm afraid it's likely that it will have shoulder restraints. What was the last Intamin coaster to have lap bars? Skyrush 2012?
  11. Not that it really matters hehe, but will the "Dive" affect which side the lapbar connects to?
  12. *Looks at SoCal's work* *Looks at own* *Re-calculates selfconfidence level* This is absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see more!
  13. Does anyone know how tall the camelback is? Could it be the tallest element on a non-launching coaster?
  14. Looks great, the only thing is you might want to make the Pre-Drop a bit longer (or just remove it), looks a little odd at its length.
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