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  1. I don't think they'd just take down the whole structure unless they had to. In terms of the "All I can say is, it will be going away on Aug. 5", I perceive it means the "Classic wooden coaster Rattler" is going away (maybe to be replaced by the steel coaster Rattler ). It's a bit confusing though, that's just how I see it.
  2. Does anyone know if they plan to show bits of the video on the on-ride photo monitors? It'd be cool if they at least showed the drop track segment, I'd love to see my expression.
  3. When the train gets to the top of the cliff, does the train have enough speed for any bunny hops?
  4. How about someone just calls RMCC and asks them what the element is called?
  5. This seems like an amazing idea, and I'd love to get chased by zombies and all, but I'm not sure how this would be very profitable.
  6. If you want you can sneak in S:UF at around 3-4. It had a 3 hour line in early afternoon, died down to walk-on at 3:30 when I went, and I heard that's what normally happens during the Summer. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  7. Your recent coasters seem extremely similar to one another. Maybe stay away from B&M and Intamin coasters for a bit, and try to use your talent on other types of coasters. You have a capability, so why not try something new?
  8. The only criticism I can give is that top spin looks extremly out of place, and it sort of ruins Slither's atmosphere. Other than that: WOW. <3
  9. I'd like to be killed by a psychopathic maniac too. In all serious, I'd like to see this idea in action, but you just never know who you can trust these days.
  10. Does anyone know on average how much Quick Queue cuts back on wait time for rides? Planning on going sometime between July 1st-3rd, do the lines get really bad? (Is Quick Queue necessary then?) I was there July 2nd a few years back and the lines weren't too bad (20 minutes for Griffon, 30 minutes for Apollo's Chariot) but I've always wondered if I was just lucky.
  11. I'm pretty sure he means how much money is an on-ride photo/on-ride movie of Shambhala. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  12. Is the Roller Coaster Tour worth it? I'm debating between it and Quick Queue Unlimited because I'm going the weekend before the fourth of July, and I was wondering if there's a lot of ERT on the tour, or if it's minimal? (Also, is there any difference between Roller Coaster Tour Observer and Participant other than the fact that observers don't go to the top of Griffon?)
  13. ^ Don't stay at the Hotel Breakers. Worst hotel EVER. Wasn't worth the 1 hour early entry.
  14. This whole outrage about how "this thing has too much airtime" is why B&M is so rich.
  15. So is this supposed to be a hyper(lite)/looper hybrid? From the article, it seems like it has inversions, but it sounds like it covers a large area, like a hyper coaster. Edit: And yes, I know it's a Wingrider.
  16. I've asked this before, but I never got an answer, so I'll ask again: Is there a good chance HP will create an unlimited Fast Track product in the later years, or is the current "One ride per coaster" Fast Track option likely to stay the only form?
  17. Once again, look for floating rides! The inclined loop on Chang is just hanging there with no supports.
  18. Just wondering, is it likely for Hershey Park to eventually create an unlimited Fast Track pass in the future?
  19. Just wondering, is there anything to do near Sandusky besides Cedar Point? I need a reason other than CP to get a trip to Ohio.
  20. The brown supports look more like part of a crane than anything else.
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