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  1. They said "Late Spring Opening" if I remember correctly, which usually means Memorial Day weekend. So if everything goes as planned, it will probably be open. If they said "Spring" you're still probably fine.
  2. Budweiser and Coke are lacking the bit of 'Oomph' to make their commercials "Super Bowl worthy" IMO. I liked the M&Ms commercial though.
  3. So...it's like a volcano...in a swamp...am I missing something or is that it?
  4. I've heard that there is a blue train and a green train on site...can anyone else confirm this?
  5. Thank you so much Eric! This looks really awesome, and I love the station!
  6. Maybe Wingriders are the new floorless coasters! (It has been a good 7 years since the last B&M Floorless has been manufactured) EDIT: Excluding HairRaiser
  7. Even in other pictures it looks less than 85 to me. Not by much though. It's probably just me though.
  8. LOL! I feel like I have seen every bolt of this, Skyrush, and Leviathon be put into place. What's going on 2012 off season?!?! Can't wait till they start working on Drop of Doom.
  9. Probably just there in case, doesn't mean they're actually going to use them.
  10. Sorry, I can't find anything confirming this on the thread, but is Fast Lane confirmed for 2012?
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