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  1. Anyone know how steep the lift will be? To me it looks to be just under 45 degrees.
  2. This isn't America.... I have to say, I'm a little intimidated by those trains. They look so cool.
  3. Hasn't been confirmed by the park so I'd say this is a rumor at most. EDIT: A rumor that it's official of course.
  4. Busch Gardens has started advertising Verbolten on their home page: http://buschgardens.com/bgw/ Busch Gardens has also updated their Verbolten page to include all 3 teaser trailers as one video: http://buschgardens.com/bgw/Explore/Rides.aspx?id=2170
  5. Griffon at BGW when it exits the chain lift, the anti-rollbacks are so loud!!!
  6. I see brake fins! Does this mean confirm that the bridge will be a MCBR?
  7. Fixed. Anyways can't wait, I've always loved Impulse Coasters, and this one looks beast!
  8. So is the dive after the airtime hill an "almost Stengel Dive"?
  9. It's not that steep, I'd say 60 degrees, but the straightaway (bridge part) drops away really quickly, which I think will provide an excellent pop of ejector air.
  10. On a random note, anyone think BGW might go for new restraints on Mach? :S
  11. I'm really liking this park! The scenery is so beautiful. Keep up the great work!
  12. I see now, makes a let more sense, but took me a good 5 minutes!
  13. I must say, I didn't know cameras could see more than 6 years into the future. EDIT: Also, is this a mirror image or something? It looks like Leviathan is going the wrong direction.
  14. Let's just hope SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment learned their lesson with Moser's Mach Tower.
  15. Really good for the first try! Only criticism is that Steel Titan isn't very realistic. But other than that, great park!
  16. If you don't think this classifies as a Stengel Dive, neither does Maverick's.
  17. Doesn't look like magnetic trims, looks like normal B&M trims.
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