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  1. How about rodent waffles with Donkey filling!
  2. With this and RCDB it's becoming easier and easier to plan a trip. Thanks Joe!
  3. Just curious, I didn't see any mention of Bonfante Gardens. Didn't Paramount have a management deal with them? Anyone know how the CF deal will affect this great little park?
  4. So a friend of mine hipped me onto the Lost ARG (Alternate reality game). Basically it takes place in the Lost television show universe and it explores more of the Hanso foundation. (Supposedly the corporation that developed the Dharma program and the island.) It's been really intresting so far (and a little creepy). It started with phone number during last weeks episode which gives you a password at the website for the Hanso foundation. Just wondering if any other TPR members are getting as intrigued as I am.
  5. It's like a bad SNL sketch, you keep hoping it gets better and it never does! Stupid = Really Stupid
  6. It scares me that I actually remember Gemco. It's where I got my Atari 2600!
  7. I'm so glad that we went on the Castle tour last year. I don't think I would have enjoyed it half as much if it had been in english!
  8. Here's all I need to know: Donde esta la Montana Rusa? Doku deska Jet Coaster? Where is the roller coaster?
  9. Wow Craig, You're street looks a little different from what Rebecca and I saw this summer! We've been getting a lot of rain but of course no snow here in So. Cal. (except for the mountains, but you have to drive to get there.) but I think it would be fun to go out into the backyard and enjoy some winter wonderland time. Throw a few snowballs for me. Thanks for the pix!
  10. Congratulations you two! Let's see, 2nd anniversary, isn't the traditional present....um....WOOD!
  11. I don't care what they name it. It will always be HUMDINGER to me!!
  12. Wow, I feel like I should really post more. Maybe that will be my new years resoultion!
  13. She might be gagging in reaction to my shirt.
  14. Looks like I finally have an excuse to get out there and ride. Maybe we can have a semi-offical TPR meet and take over the park one of these weekends?
  15. Out of the four SLC's I've been on, (T2 at SFKK, Kong at SFMW, Thunderhawk at GL, and Mind Eraser at SFNE) there is not a single one I would want to ride again. Just enough time has elapsed between each one that I think to myself, "It wasn't really all that bad, was it?" Yes, yes it is that bad. I'll ride them once for the credit, and that's about it.
  16. I can just see it now: Robb and Elissa's Coater Videos Now edited by sweatshop forum members! Actually I think it's a great idea. I've been wanted to learn to edit videos and contests like this would help me jump in and actually do it. No more excuses!
  17. Yeah, remember...EVERYONE on that island is interconnected with everyone. Just because some characters are "lost" doesn't mean their stories are gone. It just means we have to watch the background a little more. I love this show!
  18. I miss the old "Pup n' Taco" food chain. Mmmmm...burritos...
  19. I remember doing the double ride thing at Knott's. It really does add to the line and it's only worth it if you're there mid-week and the park it totally dead. If you think Boomerang is bad once try riding it twice in a row!
  20. Out of the list I voted for "Lightning Racer" but that may change next June when I ride "Grand National" for the first time.
  21. I'm glad to hear you made it through okay. I was in Cancun last week on bussiness and it was pretty scary, especially since they closed the airport before we could fly out. :shock: We ended up chartering a bus to drive us to Merida which is about 175 miles west of Cancun and we got out from the airport there. After seeing waves that were over 15ft. high, I say give me the earthquakes any time!
  22. It took me a little while to figure it out, but while the illusion lasts, its pretty cool. http://trunks.secondfoundation.org/files/psychic.swf
  23. It's a sad day when ever any park closes. Although with Cyclone, it feels like you're taking your life in your hands! I'm glad I got my credits last year. (Except for the kiddie, it was in pieces when we were there.)
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