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  1. Yeah, I think the power button kinda gives it away as a computer case. Although, it would be one cool looking paper shredder!
  2. I'll be there in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to get some nice night time shots. That is if the're able to fix the rides after I've taken my day time shots!
  3. Yeah, those were the parks I was thinking aobut but I wanted your opinions too. The best part about it all is that we would be meeting up with Rebecca's brother(who has been to Japan several times) and his girlfriend (who is from Japan) and they would help us get around. It's all coming down to a timing issue. If the planets line up we'll be there sometime in July!
  4. I got stuck going up the final lift ramp on Splash mountain. Getting evacuated down off of that was really interesting. The steps that run along the ramp are not all that big. It was an interesting experience though.
  5. Hi Guys, I guess I'll submit to your whims. So whatever you feel fits!
  6. Okay, so there is a small chance that my Rebecca and I may be going to Japan for a week this summer. That means I would only get to visit about three parks. (We each get to plan three days.) So which ones would you recommend if we are staying in Tokyo?
  7. So if the minimum requirements on the box don't let the game function well, what should you have on your computer as a minimum? I'm getting a new PC in the next month or so and I want to make sure that I can run this (and other games) decently.
  8. Thank god, Robb out grew that t-shirt and mini skirt phase he went through in the early 90's.
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