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  1. If every church had one of these, I know I'd be coasting my way to heaven! "Come on everybody, it's time to jump on the Jesus train!" For the really good airtime, ride the Moses train in the back.
  2. I was Great! (Back in 1995 when it was new.) These days, not so good.
  3. Fun with Dick and Dyke. I think I read that in 2nd grade or something.
  4. I thought so! My wife thought I was crazy since we were watching the show together and she didn't see it. So now let the EVIL corporation theories begin!
  5. Am I crazy, or did anybody notice anything ON the shark as it swam by? Man, I wish I had TiVo! :?
  6. "Hmmm, once I'm done with this kid as an appetizer, that guy with the camera looks like he's make a good main course." See Robb, this is why butter as colonge is NOT a good idea! Glad you were able to make a getaway.
  7. Cracker Barrel hands down. Of course my wife and I only eat there about once a year when we travel. There doesn't seem to be any in California. Although, I'm with Craig, the Craker Barrel Pub in Connecticut is pretty darn tasty!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that Justin, that's really harsh. It may not feel like it now, but you really are better off without her and I'm sure you'll meet someone better. Take care bro, and let us all know if you come down south for a visit.
  9. I don't think we're gonna find out what happened to Kate for two weeks. The rumour I heard was next weeks episode will focus on the guys who were on the raft and then the week after we will return to the island.
  10. Wow, way to go R&E! The greatest thing about the site is the sense of community you've created. It's great to know there are so many other coaster nuts with warped senses of humour! (Or at least enough of the curious to peek in on here!) Congrats!
  11. I only gave it about 15 minutes. After the little girl runs (miles) away to find her cat in the middle of a hurricane and then the father just happens to find her in the middle of the woods after he's been driving around looking for her for only a few minutes, I gave up. It was just a little too far fetched for me too soon and the pacing seemed kinda of slow. Sorry!
  12. I was planning a trip back to Holiday World next summer and then Robb and Elissa had to go and create a UK trip. Oh well, maybe if I'm really lucky my job will send me to a show in Indianopolis next year! Although, if I take two more Southwest trips, I do have a free ticket coming my way. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't write off Holiday World next year just yet.
  13. So the inside of the hatch is really some super secret SD-6 hangout from 20 years ago that Slone created. Come on, there has to be some Alia tie in right?
  14. 1. Millennium Force 2. Expedition G-Force. (Hopefully in a couple of years )
  15. I think there might be a misconception running around out there where some people believe that "trackless" means no visible track. Most of the rides mentioned still have a track, you just can's see it easily. Indy, Dinosour, and Journey to the center of the Earth all have vehicles which are attached to a sled which runs under the "floor" of the ride. That sled runs along a track so it "looks" like there is no track. (Only the groove which marries the vehicle to the sled is visible.) The Universe of Energy and GMR are pulled along a course by a moving wire cable path. So again all you see from the ride vehicle is the groove where it connects to the wire. The only truely "trackless" rides I'm aware of are Pooh's Hunny Hunt and Aquatopia. They have flat floors with no mechanics under them (Other than embedded sensors). The vehicles have a GPS system on board which tells them where in the ride to go and how to move. More importantly, the whole ride could be re-programmed to give a whole new ride expierence without haveing to change anything in the vehicle, course or building. I don't have any info on the Big Chair Ride at Dreamworld so I don't know which of the above it would fall into. I really hope that more parks start to use the trackless technology (although, I'm sure it's pretty expensive right now.) I was totally blown away by Pooh's Hunny Hunt when I went on it. It really is just such a totally different sort of movement than anything else I have ever been on. It can go fowards, backwards, sideways, there are no constraints other than the boundries created by the show floor. I would love to see this used more and with different themes.
  16. Even when you prepare for it, death is never an easy thing to handle. I'm so sorry for your loss. But RatTums will live on for a long time in yours and many others memories and hearts. Rest in peace little furry guy.
  17. If all goes as planned I may have a brand new VIDEO Camera of Doom for this trip. Then you can actually SEE the empty track in full motion!
  18. Okay checks in the mail! I can't wait to get my super secret decoder ring. I'm just like Ralphie in a Christmas Story.
  19. Rebecca and I are talking about going to Spain and just renting a car to go travelling around the coutry. So do you need a special international driver's licence or something? Or does my plain old California licence work? Thanks!
  20. Of the parks I've been to before the one I would most like to visit again is Holiday World. Of the ones I have yet to experience, tops on my list are Dollywood, The Dells, and Blackpool.
  21. You know, years ago there used to be a topless bar called the Humdinger, just down the street from Disneyland. You gotta go with that name.
  22. If you want to hear Chuck Henry, go to http://www.kroq.com/kevinandbean/sounds.html and click on the Chuck Henry sounds.
  23. Being a lighting designer, I may have to see a show or two on the 19th. I'll have to see what the show schedules are like.
  24. I think I'm in. The only hurdle now would be to clear the time off from work but with this much notice I think it shouldn't be a problem. I'm really looking foward to this! And I promise my camera will be on its best behaviour.
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