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  1. Okay I'm going to guess....10 Duckies! Keep up the great work Mike and I hope to join in the fun when you visit us in SoCal.
  2. Mike this thread is a lot of fun to read, keep it up! You did a great job at hiding them. Especially the one where....Ha! got you! All of you lurkers just trying to throw in an answer and not actually looking for them. Shame on you. Go back and play the game properly. Are they all gone? Okay, good. I say 10 duckies! Keep up the great pictures!
  3. So our internet is back up. We were about 8 miles from the epicenter and we just had some books fall off bookshelves and some stuff fall out of the cupboards. No real damage though. Come on Elissa, it was fun! Just pretend it was a gentle flat ride w/o restraints! I guess it really come down to where you were raised. I would much rather deal with an earthquake every 10 years or so than to deal with a hurricane or tornado.
  4. Legend of the Title Fairy In the beginning there was nothing. At least, god wished there was nothing since he had the biggest hangover in history. (History not being around so long since, duh, there was nothing.) “I think I’m going to hurl!” cried god and then proceeded to upchuck the cosmos into existence. And he saw that it was good. “Man, that’s a lot of space” thought god, “I need someone to talk to.” And thus god created Jeff Johnson. And he saw that it was, well, just okay. “So Jeff, I have all this infinite space to fill, what should I create next?” “Why don’t you create dirt and make a big clump of it hang over there.” Said Jeff. And so god created the Earth. And he saw that it was good. “Now what?” asked god. “Jeez,” said Jeff, “I gotta do all the thinking around here? Fill it with stuff.” And so god created all manner of plants and animals; birds, fish, bears and of course tobacco. And Jeff saw that it was good so he rolled it up and started smoking it. “It’s not enough.” Said god. “Why not?” asked Jeff as he smoked the 5th cigarette since tobacco was invented 10 minutes earlier. “The monkeys with the red butts are pretty cool and the meerkats have television series written all over them.” “Yes, but I think we need people.” “Whoa, wait a minute,” said Jeff crushing out his 851st cigarette. “People? Think about this god. I mean, some of them will be really great, but then you got the ones who are total douches, not to mention all the ones that fall in between. How will you ever keep them all straight?” “You have a good point there Jeff” said god. “Of course, I do. Afterall, I am older than dirt.” “I’ve got it!” said god, “I will create the Title Fairy. The Fairy will be in charge of passing judgement and accessing a persons worthiness. They will have absolute power in granting a title to everyone who asks. Just don’t piss them off.” And so god created all the peoples of the earth, followed by the creation of the Title Fairy. And he saw that it was all good. So be good to others because the title fairy is always watching.
  5. ^^Who says that Locke can't still be alive on the island? Remember the Doctor on the freighter? Time is different on the island. I thought it was a great two hours last night and I'll be waiting anxiously for next Jan. I know I've said before that I though Jin was dead, but what I failed to take into account is that Sun THINKS Jin is dead. I believe he is very much alive and was/will be picked up by Daniel in the zodiac he was using to ferry people to the freighter. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how the narrative will pick up in Jan. Will the "present" now be on the mainland with "flashbacks" to the island? Or do they have something totally new in store for us? Theories people!
  6. My understanding is that they have added footage of the press conference. I don't think it's going to be anything earth shattering since I'm sure it was cut initially because it wasn't really needed in the narrative. As to if it's worth it or not, I guess it depends on if you usually watch the deleted scenes on DVD's or not. Of course the additional scenes could also be the key to the WHOLE THING!
  7. It's finally here! Tonight is the season finale and I'll have to watch the repeat of the last episode since they are adding extra scenes or some such. MMMMMM...3 hours of lost goodness. And Larry, my bet is on Ben being in the coffin.
  8. That looks like so much fun. If I were closer to Chicago I would totally join you.
  9. Okay, I finally got to catch up after a crazy weekend at work and I have to say that I actually really liked it. Here are my reasons why, We now have a time bomb in Jin. He's going to die at some point before the O6 get off the island. And yes, I think he's dead. For him not to be dead would invalidate the emotion of the last scene with Sun at the gravestone, and I would hope the producers are smart enough to realize that. So now we're sort of back to where we were with Charlie last season except, unlike Desmond, we the viewer have absolutely no ability to try and change the future. Juliet showed how ruthless she could be by telling Jin about Sun's affair. I think Juliet is a great character. Any character that can make me root for her one week and absolutely hate her the next is the kind of character that makes for great stories because they are the most human. Not all good people are good all the time and vice versa. Making characters "grey" is the greatest achievement of Lost as a whole. Yeah, okay Michael is annoying. And yes, I was reminded of that as well even though he only had like one line. Unfortunately he's one of the loose threads that need to be wrapped up in order to keep the fans (us) happy. The fact that he's on the ship with an assumed name though, got me to thinking. There is no way that the ship just happened to pick him up in the middle of the ocean. I think he had to have gotten onboard when they left port. The timing wouldn't make sense unless...the co ordinates that Ben gave Michael actually took him out of the island bubble and brought him into the past. Into a past where Ben was able to manipulate him (like he's doing to Sayid in the future), give him a new identity, and able to make him part of the crew even before the crash happened. I know it's a little far fetched but hey, it's Lost. Who could have guessed when watching the pilot episode in 2004, where we would end up in 2008? At the very least this show has stimulated some great conversations I've had in the last four years concerning religion, science, faith, good and evil, conspiricy theories, our perception of time and even quantum physics! I, for one am really looking forward to this weeks episode even though it is centered on Michael. Because sometime you have to ride a Dragon Wagon in order to get to ride the Intamin Hyper, and in the end it's fun to talk about both.
  10. Happy Birthday Kristen! And congrats on surviving one year living with Robb!
  11. I finally got to watch the episode last night and I think it was one of the best so far this season. Okay, here's some things I noticed: The number that Faraday told Desmond was 2.342 @ 11 Hertz, that equation made the time displacement roughly one hour. Now 2+3+4+2+11. So if 4+8+15+16+24+42=108, does that mean that setting "the machine" at 48.15162442 @ 108 Hertz make the time displacement 8 years? (The time between 1996 and 2004) Just a thought. There doesn't seem to be physical time travel, rather its your mind that actually goes on the mind trip, after you've been exposed to radiation (or masses of electromagnatism, which I believe is a form of radiation) Given this, I think we may have a couple of others who might be able to visit their past just like Desmond did. First we have Faraday himself, who used to expose himself to radiation all the time. He may be able to do the mind jump if he's exposed to the right trigger (Like Desmond was when the helicopter deviated slightly). The other person is Locke. Remember Locke was near the hatch when it exploded. He may not have gotten as concentrated a dose as Desmond did but he was irradiated. So I think that Locke at some point will also do the mind trip and that we've already seen him do it a couple of times. He said to Jack "You're not supposed to this." at the end of last season. He also told Hurly (I think) that the rain was about to stop, and it did. These could be Lockes flashes back to the past from the future. Obviously there is some sort of funky time on the island, but the superphones that the boat people brought seem to be able to communicate with each other instantly, with no time lag. How are they going to explain that? I'm on board with the idea that you can warp time or at least your perception of time, but wouldn't radio signals be affected too? This is the one thing that's bugging me currently but I hope they can come up with something plausible. Anyways, just some random crap that has been running around my head today since I watch it last night. I'm really glad that LOST had gotten back to being one of the best shows on TV and I can't wait for Thurs. to get my next fix!
  12. This is just my guess, but I think Jack will have something to do with Claire's death and that's the reason he won't go see Aaron ( who remember is also his nephew!) I think Aaron would be counted as part of the O6, which would only leave one spot left. I still think it will be Sun and Jin will be meeting an untimely demise along with Claire. And why mention there were 8 survivors and only 6 made it? Did they get rescued and bring back two bodies for "decent" buriels? Also I don't think that Ben was the one who created the story, but rather it was created by whatever corporation sent the freighter. Ben must have snuck off the island. The reason being that Ben is now trying to silence the heads of this corp. using Sayid. Remember that Elsa was trying to get information out of Sayid about who he worked for, if they knew Ben was off the island, they would already have a pretty good idea who was gunning for them. Next week we'll find out the fate of our helicopter expedition and hopefully find out more about the whole time displacement.
  13. Okay so that was an awesome episode! Things that caught my eye: The picture of Ben looks like it was taken that doesn't resemble anything we've seen on the island. It looked like a lab (maybe off the island in the real world?) and it looked like he was dressed in early 80's clothes. So maybe before the Dharma purge? Dan didn't know why he was so emotional when he saw the crash wreckage. Could he have somehow been involved in some of the experiments on the island and then been mind wiped? Now that the survivors are messing around on the island (blowing up the hatch) Dharma or Widmore need to bring him back to help fix things. The plane at the bottom of the ocean. Bear with me on this since it's not a completely thought out theory. Maybe it really is Oceanic 815 on the bottom of the ocean, but not the one we know. When the plane passed through the wave of electromagnetic energy created by Desmond not pushing the button on time, it ripped the fabric of space-time and allowed FLT 815 from another reality through. A reality that is close to ours but there are small differences. (Like the pilots wedding ring). THAT plane went down to the bottom of the ocean. OUR losties plane broke up over the island and we know what happened from that point on. I know that the alternate dimension theory isn't popular with a lot of people, but if you look at the Orchid training film in the bonus section of Season 3, you'll see that there is something on the island that can either produce a clone, intersect the same object from two different realities, or (and this goes into the time travel theory) make something go back or forward in time so that it exists in two places at the same time. (Sorry I let the geek in me out) There are still a ton of questions to be answered but I can wait, if the rest of the ride is as enjoyable as last nights episode.
  14. Here's a random thought. Everyone is talking about the "Oceanic 6" as if they are the survivors of FLT 815. But are they really? Right now there is a "contest" by Oceanic airlines to give away Golden Tickets which will let you fly anywhere anytime with them (Sound familiar?) What if the "Oceanic 6" are the winners of this contest? Further, what if the contest was rigged so that the six who made it back to civilization are the winners, because it's part of the payoff to make sure they stay silent about the island? Now, given what we know about the characters, (Especially Jack) it would seem that they would never just leave everyone else behind. So what happens that would convince Jack to shut up, even for a little while? I don't know, but I think that will be the real driving force of this season or perhaps next season.
  15. But could Ben and/or Juliet really be considered for the "Oceanic 6" considering they were not on the flight? I think Ben may be taken off the island as well but he's not included in the 6. It's the writers clever way of getting more people off the island than the 6 mentioned. My guesses for the O6 would be Jack Kate Hurly Sun Claire Aaron Also, what the hell happened with Michael and Walt?!
  16. This is one screwed up game http://www.snotr.com/video/774 I know we've all been there.
  17. Great report Lou! I don't know how I'm going to survive this year doing a TPR trip w/o you! And I totally forgot about the Tazmanian Devil rapids ride, I think that had to be one of the best rapids ever. I think it's the only one I've ever ridden twice, back to back. Can't wait to see what I missed out on since I was one of those "proper" people who left the party early.
  18. Great pictures Lou, I don't think I'll ever get the chance to post mine with the crazy work schedule I'm on. This was just the 'pick me up' I needed to come back to work after Christmas, many thanks!
  19. Great video Robb, it brought back a lot of memories. I think the last of my Stampida bruises just healed last week. Can't wait to see the rest of the trip. Oh, and Larry is lying. TPR trips really do suck and ugly babies are his favorite!
  20. What?! No one can prove anything! I'm innocent I tell ya!
  21. Great TR Guy! Rebecca and I visited Dollywood for the first time this past summer and it's one of our favorite parks now. Great to see it all decked out for Christmas. Hmmm, maybe I can convince Rebecca we need to have a smokey mountain Christmas. That peppermint hot cocoa just might do it!
  22. I get to work and find this! Dave, you've made my day, awesome PTR. Really wish I could have been there. Now, what am I going to do for the next 7.5 hours?
  23. Ha Elissa, I've got you beat, Castle Park is only 10 minutes from my house I and I have yet to get that credit! But Like everyone else said, if you have fun keeping track of your coasters then by all means do it. If that doesn't bong your banana then don't. And don't knock coaster whoring until you do it in a big group, then it can be a lot of fun. I guess I'm more into the Coaster Whoring Orgy!
  24. No ceilings....so are you more in an enloseure? It's like you're being herded to your destination. Just how tall are the "walls" on these "suites" anyways?
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