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  1. Really? Every cruise I've been on (and the last one was just this summer in the Mediterranean) people dress up for formal night. At least a coat and tie. Those that don't want to, just stay away from the formal dining room that night. I'll try to use small words so that you can understand; Some people actually LIKE to dress up occasionally. We are one of them. And 1985? I'm sorry, was there some sort of decree passed then that formal evenings are to be ignored? Or was that just the last time you decided to wear your clip on tie out?
  2. We're spending New Year's on a Cruise!! Just booked the Navigator of the Seas out of New Orleans on Dec. 29th. So, has anyone done a New Year's eve cruise? This is our first time doing a "holiday" on board a ship and was wondering if we could expect anything out of the ordinary? I'm guessing that one of the formal evenings will be on the 31st and of course we always dress up for that, but should I consider getting a tux or is that too much? Very excited to be doing this! Just hope a renagade tidal wave doesn't hit us!
  3. Wow, the ship looks spectacular! Glad you had a great time. Rebecca and I sailed on the Wonder about 12 years ago and as much as we really love Royal Caribbean, it still is one of the best cruise experiences we've had. Maybe it's time to do another one...
  4. Awesome start to the trip! Can't wait to see more! (One more week, just one more week.)
  5. Just booked a Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean! It's on the Liberty of the Seas, so it's the biggest ship we've sailed on so far. Looking forward to finally trying a flowrider on board a ship!
  6. So I just came back from Jamaica and got to ride the Mysic Mountain Bobsled and let me just say it was tons of fun! They have a package tour where you get to ride a fairly long chairlift up, zip line, and ride the bobsled. There is also a pool and waterslide that you can stay in as long as you want. We went early on a Sunday morning and got to do everything a couple of times (even though your're only supposed to do the zipline and bobsled once.) Here are a couple of pictures. My sister-in-law taking off ahead of the rest For the lift hill enthusists They give you the option of running a single bobsled or attaching two together Just push forward and forget the brakes!
  7. Loving the TR Robb, fantastic job as always. I just had the whole office geeking out at the TDS Fantasmic video. I really hate you all right now. Can I sign up for next year's trip now?
  8. I think I may have to come out and play that weekend. Everyone's been warned!
  9. This is awesome Joey. Although I problably shouldn't have looked at it with out having breakfast, now I really want Waffle House!!
  10. This is awesme Joey! Can't wait till you get to Silver Dollar City. (I think you need to tease the "pork cracklins'" shot)
  11. You know, that's not really what an Osprey looks like...
  12. I think you should stock up on cheese and send along a sample in the TPR bags o' crap. Now that should ensure some smelly mail! And I hope you gave Piers lots to drink so that he does a really fabulous job on Elissa's hair! Hope you guys are having a great time! Oh yeah...DIE!
  13. So I have a client who would like to recreate portions of the Batman Arkham Asylum video game for a live event they're doing next year. if you've played the game and have time to answer a couple of questions it would really help out. We're there any really memorable levels or bosses that absolutly have to be in a live version? What was your favorite part of the game? What would you be dissapointed in, if it wasnt' there? Would a haunt "maze" like idea work to bring this to life? We're in blue sky mode right now and just trying to get some ideas of what fans of the game might want to see. Thanks for all your help everybody!
  14. No matter what happens tonight, Lost will always be one of the greatest TV series. As I watched the pilot episode last night I realized how far these characters and this show has come in the last 6 years. I think this was the first show ever that made me actually go out and look for stuff (Character names, quantum physics, religion, etc.) and engage in conversations and debates with people all over the world about themes like good vs. evil, religion vs. science, even women wanting the bad boy over the good guy. Because of the internet, this show truly became a worldwide phenomenon, and I will certainly miss it very much. I think it's going to be a long time until we have something as great as this on TV again. Was it perfect? Nope. Was it frustrating? Hell yes. Did it piss me off with episodes that seemed totally pointless? Yep. But then I think back and remember that for every "What Kate Does" there are many more "Through the Looking Glass" and "The Constant". To make up for Nikki and Paulo we have "Walkabout" and "Ab Aterno". And I don't think that any TV viewing moment will ever top the total mind f*%! that was the last scene in the season 3 finale when we got introduced to the flash FORWARD. So that's why I know, that no matter what happens tonight, I'll be satisfied. I'll still have those memories and those great episodes on DVD. I know some people will be disappointed tonight. You can't please everyone. Personally I think they're going to leave the ending a little ambiguous and open to debate. I think this would be great because that means that even years from now when you meet a fellow Lost fan, you will still be able to discuss and debate about the show that never felt it had to talk down to it's audience. The show that was willing to go from theoretical physics to deep questions about theology to debates about the essence of the human spirit, and let each of us take from it what we will. So for all that, thank you Lost; it has been a real pleasure getting to know you these last 6 years.
  15. ^Wise guy, eh?! Dammit, where's the "poke your eyes with my fingers" smiley when you need it!
  16. Hi all So my wife and I are going to DLP for the first time this June and I was wondering if anyone has any comments on the following three hotels: Santa Fe Cheyenne Sequoia Lodge My biggest question is if the Sequoia Lodge is really worth the extra $125 a night? We're pretty much just in our rooms for the evening to sleep in, so we don't need a bunch of amenities in the room. Thanks everyone!
  17. I'm going to have to disagree that "The Package" was crap. I think some people are just judging too harshly in light of the awesomeness that was last weeks episode. But I really enjoyed the episode. Here are my thoughts. The sideways world is a completely parallel universe. If we go with the idea that there is a multi-verse out there, then there are billions of versions of ourselves out there, each living in their own universe where things are slightly different. I think what the "jughead" blast did was blast a hole in two of those universes, and those two are slowly starting to bleed into each other. I've been suspecting this since the first episode of the season when Jack saw the cut on his neck and couldn't figure out how it got there. That's why Sun couldn't speak English, not because she bumped her head, but because she never bothered to learn it in the sideways world. Likewise, Sayid's attitude towards freeing Jin in the freezer seemed more like what he's becoming on the island (not being able to feel and uncaring) rather than the concerned brother we saw in his episode earlier in the season. I think in the weeks to come we're going to see more and more of this "bleeding" into each universe. Which according to all the good and bad sci-fi novels I've read, would be really bad. Something about how two universes can exist at the same place and same time and the end of everything if this were to ever happen. So what does that mean? My best guess at this point is that the "merging" of the two is going to be the way the writers illustrate the point of what would happen if Man in Black gets his way and escapes the island. I think he want's to rip the multiverse apart and just let everything cease to be. That means our lostaways need to not only stop the Man in Black but also repair this rift that they've created, which I think is where Desmond (Who we've been told over and over is special and unique) comes in. This episode also confirm a bunch of stuff. MIB needs to get all the canidates together. Weather this is to get them off the island or kill them all in one feel swoop, is yet TBD. MIB doesn't have complete control of Claire, or Sayid. He can certainly influence them, but they are not his puppets. He had to do some pretty fast talking with Claire to keep her on his side. There may be hope for redemption for her and Sayid yet. It seems the MIB can't cross the water directly. He needs to take a canoe over to Hydra Island instead of just turning into Smokey and shooting on over there. Is this another weakness of MIB, water? Does he not like it? Is the MIB really DAN??!! But I digress. So could the season be moved along faster? Absolutely, but I think they're trying to give each major character their own episode and they can only fit so many answers in each one. Is it frustrating for those of us watching? Yes! But it's still my favorite show on TV right now and as long as it keeps entertaining me, then I'm in.
  18. Not just cooler, but super, ultra uber cool! Because we all know that "cool" is all about numbers, right? Seriously, this is looking awesome Robb, can't wait to join in on the fun.
  19. Although I'm enjoying the two storyline "plot device" they're using this year, there has to be something of significance to showing the non-crashing world. Could it be that our characters are always fated to meet? I like this idea, that even though they tried to change the past (or future, depending on your reference), our main characters are still going to meet up and the fate of the world still rests in their hands. Desmond showing up on the plane totally took me by surprise. But as I thought about it, could he possibly be "flashing" around time again? Could he have still met up with Faraday and be helping him out with his experiments? Also, where were Eko, Anna Lucia and Libby? Michael and Walt? Weren't they on the plane as well? I think that as the season progresses we're going to see the "non crash" world begin to implode. I think it's already started when Jack looked in the mirror and saw he was bleeding. I think that it's Island Jack's wounds beginning to bleed into this other world. Last, I think that Terry O'Quinn is doing a fantastic job as both Fake Locke and Locke. That is some superb acting right there, and he definitely earned an emmy nod with just last nights episode. No matter what it is, I'm so glad that Lost is back! Of course that also means I've watched the last season premiere of this truly awesome, mind bending show! Only 15 episodes left till the end!
  20. I think this has real potential at becoming a replacement for a laptop. I'm thinking the third generation (more computing power, memory, etc.) of this will be when most people really take notice and begin to buy. Didn't the IPOD take off around it's third gen? I do think that this will be the death of the Kindle. Color + the ability to surf the web. Those are the reasons why I haven't gotten a kindle. Unless they step up the Kindle 3 I think we may have another betamax or HDVD on our hands.
  21. So I know there are a ton of credit card rewards programs out there and I was just wondering which people have and if they are happy with the rewards system. My wife and I are looking to get a card that we would use only for vacation purposes. We figure if we're going to be putting anywhere between $5,000-$7,000 a year on this, we might as well get something back for it. So I put it out there; Do you have a credit card with a rewards system? If so, how do you like it and how quickly can you build up a reward?
  22. I know I'm coming into this a little late but this last design of n7's is my favorite. And the logo is great especially with it's versatility of being able to be on a black or white background. Great work!
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