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  1. No problem. I'll be keep dropping as I have breaks on the show I'm on right now.
  2. I'll take any eggs that anyone wants to throw my way. Dave T. I sent you a friend request so I can drop some off your way. I've got about 700 to give away.
  3. Thanks Elissa! I'll send some more Kristen's way during my lunch break. Anyone else? I still need about 700 or so for Willie.
  4. I'll drop off 100 on to Kristen. I'm about 1000 shy of bare chested Willie if anyone wants to drop some my way.
  5. Hey Shawn just dropped off about 150to to you.
  6. Hey Shawn, I keep checking back for your friend request but it never came through. I tried adding your name to my friend list and stupid EA is saying that it can't find it. Not sure what's going on, anyone else have problems with friending others?
  7. Hey Shawn, I don't think I have you on my friends list, but I can give you 200 eggs if you want to add me. Cre8tiveforce. Greg, I'll give you 100 as well. Who doesn't want a pet snake? Anyone else? Want to get rid of my excess.
  8. ^Just got done. Elissa, would you or Kristen like 100 as well?
  9. I've got about 100 if anyone wants to swap. My name is Cre8iveforce.
  10. Just signed up. Cre8iveforce. I'll start adding folks.
  11. Okay, finished Bioshock Infinite this weekend and I have to say it's one of the best stories I've ever experienced. My advice to anyone who is on the fence about this one is to just go out and buy it. This is one of the very few titles where I've been happy to hand over my $60 and I'm seriously thinking of adding the $20 DLC pack. If you like movies like Inception, or shows like Lost and Fringe, I think you would enjoy this one. My advice is to take the game slow. Look in every nook and cranny to find amazing artwork, clues and just rounding out the entire story. One other thing, I got my copy at Best Buy and it included a copy of the original Bioshock with it. So if you haven't played the original consider getting that and you're getting two for one.
  12. I don't think you could PAY me to go on a Carnival cruise. I'll stick to RCCL and Celebrity, thanks. But how much is this going to change the average person's view of Carnival? Will most people who would book on Carnival even hear about this? Yes, it's out on the cruise boards but I think it's a very small percentage of cruisers who actually use the boards and/or do any type of research other than price comparisons. It's unfortunate, but until their bookings really begin to suffer, I don't see them changing their ways.
  13. I'm cautiously optimistic about this and think it could bring back the Star Wars that I loved from my childhood. This deal puts Lucas in an executive producer role which is pretty much where he was for the both Empire and Return of the Jedi. As long as Lucas doesn't write the script and direct the movie, I think the potential for the franchise is huge. Not just another trilogy but an ongoing film series that would continue every 3 or 4 years. If they focus on character and story first, (Original trilogy) and not effects (prequels) then they have a winning formula. Disney is known for being able to pull off character and story driven movies, I wish them the best of luck because I really want to see them succeed. Thank you George Lucas for giving us such a rich and fun universe to play in. But thank you most of all for knowing it was time to let go and put others in charge of the sandbox.
  14. Very excited about Japan! "Arigatou gozaimasu" for all your hard work in advance!
  15. I think it's all cyclical. I remember a bunch of water parks being built in the 80's as well.
  16. Only sold in Florida and Honolulu and I'm stuck right in the middle! This doesn't seem right.
  17. Robb, you sound like a wide eyed 10 year kid on that Aquaduck video. I love it! Seriously need to look at doing this ship in the future.
  18. I think it's great. Splashing Safari is always one of those parks that I will take time out from riding coasters to enjoy. And the additions just make it a better experience by adding variety and keeping the lines down. Congrats to Holiday World for continuing to add to the guest experience. This will help ensure that it stays one of the premiere regional parks in the entire country!
  19. Thanks for the info Robb. And I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds with my own snarky remarks back. Rebecca and I are really excited about this trip and his remark really just left a sour taste. I don't know how you deal with people like this all the time and not go off on a rant every few minutes.
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