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  1. For some rason, I enjoy Demon at SFGAM even though it is rough. While it doesn't rank high on my list, I still enjoy this coaster, and it sits all forgotten which is sad. I really like the tunnel into the corkscrews since there is a breeze going through there, and themist cools you off on a hot day.
  2. This sounds intresting, and hopefully it is themed well, but considering what park it is at, I'm sure it will. Like Robb said, it is nice that they will have to consecutive years with new attractions.
  3. It's too bad that all these are closeing, but it is costly to keep running, and they are very loud. They seem to be really fun, and I wish I got the chance to ride the on at CP when I was there.
  4. I guess this is the random smile thread now.
  5. Viper is amazing in the rain since it feels so out of control, and the air time is so intense. The only better time to ride it is in the cold.
  6. It may not have any hills, but the first drop should give some air time, and the turns should pull some nice G's. Remember, you will be going at least 60+mph through the course of this coaster. It will be unique, and even if there isn't an air time hill, it should be a great ride.
  7. Every time I go to SFGAM, I always hear someone in line for Viper/Bull: "Let's sit in the back since it is the fastest." I also heard a guy in line for Viper say it was for Bull. That didn't annoy me so much since the coasters ar next to one another.
  8. It was a good article, and it didn't do the typical media story where the ride is blamed. They explained why they get so much attention and why there is no reason for laws against intense rides.
  9. "I think it's green then blue." "Does anyone know how this works?" "I just got out of prison." "This ride failed the safety test, but since this is SFMM, we will let you ride."
  10. Probably the rapids ride at CP, or Yankee Clipper at SFGAM. You actually get air time on the double drop.
  11. This sounds like a nice addition to the park, and it sounds like it will have some good themeing. However, I thought that they were going to get a spinning coaster, but I guess that is for a later time.
  12. Exxpedition GeForce at Holiday Park since it would be that or a vekoma.
  13. It's the end of the world as we know it-R.E.M.
  14. Boomerang at SFEG, this is actually the smoothest sit down looper I've been on, and it was almost the smoothest looping coaster I've been on.
  15. Keep reading this, but you will soon see that there is nothing to read. The only thing there is to read is keep reading this, but you will soon see that there is nothing to read. If you still have not realized that there is nothing to read, then keep reading this. Keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, and keep reading. If you are done reading, then you must realize that there is nothing to read except: keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, and now realize that you just wasted your time.
  16. "Are you sure the lap bar should be in the down posistion?" "Thank you for ridding Boomerang, sadly we ran out of asprin." 'I am in no way capable of opperating this ride"
  17. " I'll start the ride as soon as I'm finished talking on my cell phone" -SFMM employee
  18. The best would be any Intamin being launched, and the worst is almost all brakes. However, there are some wooden coasters that don't sound so bad when they hit the brakes.
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