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  1. Such a photogenic ride. The animal kingdom nerd in me liked the stuff about cheetahs in the queue. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Newark would probably be the closest major airport. As for hotels, there are none that I know of located in or near the park. However, there are some affordable chain hotels (Days Inn, Holiday Inn, etc.) in East Windsor, which is less than 10 miles from the park. Use tripadvisor or something to look into those. Have fun at SFGA!
  3. I also didn't realize how long it was. It looks much faster onride than offride, so that's a good sign. And I can definitely see the hill after the third launch giving some insane ejector. Yes.
  4. ^Interesting point about the trims, I noticed that they were there on the three hills after the hammerhead, but the train seemed to glide through them like they weren't there, and I believe many others haven't felt anything either. Sounds like it's one of those rides that you can go on once and have a great ride, then go on again and have it be trimmed to death. Very interesting.
  5. Am I the only one who likes Minebuster? ^As you can see from my signature, Behemoth is my favorite steel in my limited experience. The only other hyper that I've ridden is Nitro, and I feel that Behemoth has more airtime, is slightly smoother, and just feels amazing to ride overall.
  6. Great to hear! This is exactly what I thought when seeing the POV's, not quite as intense as say Maverick, but still an excellent 9/10 top-25 ride with great airtime and laterals. What coaster would you say is now the best at the park? Oh, and this ride is stunning to look at.
  7. SFGA is my current favorite, but I expect to like Cedar Point more when I go this summer
  8. ^Lol, but just because SFMM will have the most coasters doesn't make it the best park.
  9. 14 and my first coaster was WestCoaster at the Santa Monica Pier.
  10. ^Oh gosh I'm so sorry, I had no idea I wasn't allowed to say anything in my defense when in the presence of Hercules
  11. I vote Happy Valley Shanghai as the most creative ride namers on the planet. I mean, how do you get the inspiration for brilliant titles like Dive Machine or Mega-Lite? But in all seriousness, I like most of Busch Gardens' names; Alpengeist, Montu, Griffon, SheiKra, Kumba, as well as Nitro, Behemoth, X2, iSpeed, El Toro, Maverick, Katun, and Blue Fire. I only seem to like the names of good coasters.
  12. ^If the Intamin rumors are true, a 5,500 foot Intamin hyper sounds amazing. But that track length sounds more like B&M. Or maybe it means something else that we don't know about yet. *EDIT- Just did a quick search and discovered that Bizarro and the SROS clones are all 5,400 feet, so it could still be Intamin. But correct me if I'm wrong, the amount of space the footprint takes up seems to accommodate nothing more than a 3000-4500 foot ride right? Unless they got really creative with the space.
  13. From the Six Flags facebook page: Person A- Bizarro is obviously the BEST RIDE EVER!!!!!!!! Person B- No way! Gotta go with Superman: Escape From Krypton! Person A- But that was replaced at six flags: new england with Bizarro
  14. ^I knew that would end up here, I was really tired and wasn't thinking very well that day.
  15. Well, it will be on the Red Sea, so you'll be able to see across to Egypt and Sudan. It's not too much, but when you're in the middle of a desert, your options are kind of limited.
  16. ^^^^^Haven't ridden either Superman or Bizarro, but I know for a fact that there are plenty of enthusiasts who enjoy Bizarro just as much if not more. It probably didn't NEED the retheme, but from riding NJ Bizarro, the effects are cool, and NE Bizarro is still the same ride. Just because you think it sucks doesn't mean it only ranks high because of it's past.
  17. Good poll, can't really agree or disagree, as the highest ranked ride I've been on is only #15. One thing I do find interesting is how international coasters dominate the top ten, but US rides dominate all the other high tiers. Probably has something to do with America having more coasters in general, but Europe having most of the highly-ranked megalites.
  18. YES, the queue should be the entrance hall of the bank, than you get into a cart up a lifthill that takes you into the dark (indoors). Then after a long first drop, there should be lots of twists and turns and craziness in pitch blackness before the lights come on and you hit the brakes. Then there should be projection screens and on-board audio to follow the plotline of taking the Horcrux, then when the dragon comes, there should be a launch out of the building into an outdoor, airtime-filled finale. Or something along those lines. Great idea SCC!
  19. I agree with not bashing the ride until we ride it. And even better, let's not bash the layout until we even are sure of what it is!
  20. USA Canada Italy Vatican City (the powered coaster of country credits) Will probably change in the next few years, but that's it for now
  21. Awesome news! I wish it would be me, but I doubt it. Congrats Robb and Elissa!
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