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  1. I love the Harry Potter-themed ones. Yo mommas so fat her Patronus is a cake. Yo mommas so fat/stupid she brought syrup to a Quidditch game because she heard there would be Quaffles.
  2. No. Are you happy with all of the announcements Six Flags made yesterday?
  3. Losing the resulting lawsuit. What's worse than all of your top 10 coasters being relocated to a theme park on Mars?
  4. Skyrush with Leviathan being a VERY close second. Then Superman: Ultimate Flight, followed by X-Flight. Whatever Dollywood is planning intrigues me a lot, but I'll refrain from passing judgement until it's announced. No matter what, 2012 looks to be an absolutely incredible year for new additions.
  5. This looks great, probably should be a lot more thrilling than Raptor. This feels like the next step in B&M's evolution of this concept, and if it works without problems as I fully expect it to, I think we'll see a model where the seats spin in the next few years. But in the meantime, this looks like a fun, awesome ride that I'd love to go on.
  6. Sky Screamer looks fun, and the park needs it so badly, but it's not something I'm going to be running to be first in line for. That's ok though, the park obviously isn't always marketing towards people like me. The other additions look like solid family attractions. I don't mind not getting a coaster this year, but I do hope that with the one new ride a year program, we get a great new coaster in 2013 or 2014.
  7. Yeah, this is definitely in my theoretical top 5, "Must ride coasters in 2012" list. Is it bad that I'm even going to put this above X-Flight in terms of epicness? No, it's not bad, it's currently my #3 for 2012, after Skyrush and Leviathan. X-Flight looks awesome, but it's not quite as unique, and it doesn't have the same OMFG WTF factor.
  8. Wow, I did not see this one coming. But it looks completely unique and awesome, and it makes the park that much more appealing to me for a trip to the Bay Area. Also, I like how in the video there appear to be brakes that stop the train before the heartline roll, should allow for massive hangtime, which will be awesome 150 feet in the air.
  9. The New Hotness trip sounds... hot. Too bad I have zero chance of going on a TPR trip until I no longer rely on my parents for income, but all of these trips look amazing.
  10. 1. Maverick (CP) 2. El Toro (SFGA) 3. Behemoth (CW) 4. Millennium Force (CP) 5. Nitro (SFGA) 6. Hulk (IOA) 7. Magnum XL-200 (CP) 8. Raptor (CP) 9. Bizarro (SFGA) 10. Top Thrill Dragster (CP)
  11. Harry Potter Maverick or Storm Runner?
  12. 1. Jon Stewart 2. Daniel Tosh 3. Seth Myers
  13. Well it looks like we're waiting for it to end here in Michigan, my parents changed their minds. If air travel shuts down, my dad has done the drive from Detroit to New York before, though I hope it doesn't come to that for his sake.
  14. Well I live in NY and am on vacation in Michigan at the moment, and I'm scheduled to come back on Sunday. So my mom has decided that it would be a great idea to come back before the hurricane hits instead of after, for some unfathomable reason. I just have to hope that all the flights today and tomorrow are fully booked, or someone talks her out of it.
  15. ^^^Cedar Point has multiple attractions over 300 feet as well, and a Windseeker was installed there. While I'm disappointed that this won't be a Giant Frisbee, Windseeker is still a solid addition that will bring people to the park, so there's nothing I can really complain about.
  16. Raptor at Cedar Point yesterday. Currently my favorite of the two B&M inverts that I've ridden.
  17. ^I know what you're saying, obviously the GP shouldn't be expected to know everything about coasters, or get the stats exactly right. But if somebody says that an SLC goes 200 mph for example, anyone can easily see that that's ridiculous. On the other hand, before I got into coasters, I always thought they were a lot slower and shorter than they actually are.
  18. Posted mine on IOA, finished it with one character left.
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