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  1. That's true, but bad weather or breakdowns can happen at any point in the day. My general park strategy (without a flashpass) is to work against the crowds going the opposite direction, but maybe if you're worried about not fitting everything in at a park organized like SFGA, Robb and Elissa are right. But if you get a Gold Flashpass, than definitely go to the left side of the park and get a lot of rides on El Toro, as you won't really have to worry about lines.
  2. In my opinion it's best to start on the right side of the park with Batman and Nitro, get several rides on each, go through the middle (which is mostly less thrilling rides), go on anything that interests you, than hit Bizarro, El Toro, Superman, Green Lantern, and Kingda Ka in order. This will allow you to be going against the general movement of the crowds. The downside of this is that you'll probably get less rides on Toro. SFGA is an overwhelmingly coaster-heavy park, and there are no must-ride flats, however if something looks interesting, go ahead and ride it. There is Twister, which is a HUSS Top Spin. And it is definitely possible to do the majority of the park in a day without a Flash Pass, depending on when you go. But if you're worried about crowds, it might be best to be safe and get one. And most importantly, have fun!
  3. By no means do I love it, but I find Volares to be tolerable. In my limited experience, I love SLC's, they never get enough credit for their very intense and compact layout. Other rides that haven't quite reached hate status that I enjoy are Minebuster and Skull Mountain. So basically, 3 out of the five most disliked coasters at CW.
  4. ^Really? You're complaining that Hershey consistently adds new, quality rides? I personally think it's awesome that they show a commitment to pleasing their customers, not to mention the fun games that increase the anticipation for whatever the new coaster is going to be. The park has always been pressed for space, and I think the plot that they chose won't affect the atmosphere much. One thing I know, I'm going to be bothering my parents for a Hershey trip in 2012.
  5. Did you ride it in the back row? The forces differ a bit depending on where you sit, and I've found my backseat rides to be much more intense than a front seat ride. I actually love the batman clones, I find them to be very good a forceful old-school inverts. As for an overrated coaster? I'd say (don't kill me) Superman Escape from Kypton. Don't get me wrong, they made some fantastic improvements to the ride, but people seem to think it's the best ride ever.... I honestly liked the ride, but I can easily name 15-20 coasters that I've ridden that I'd rate higher than it... Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely sit back row next time I'm at SFGADV
  6. Batman: The Ride. There's nothing wrong with it, it's a 7/10 B&M invert, but I don't see how it gets away with being called OMG forceful, or the best invert ever. For the most part, rides exactly fulfill my expectations, so there aren't too many coasters I would put in this category.
  7. Same, I love Doom, but have yet to ride an Intamin.
  8. I saw a POV of SFMM's Goliath that said "tallest in the world." How deliriously ironic.
  9. I love both equally. Intamin probably makes the best rides on the planet, but B&M consistently makes more good rides. B&M's are reliable, high-capacity, and for the most part uniform in quality. Intamins push the envelope, have more extreme forces, and have more one-of-a-kind elements. However, in the US at least, I can think of only around five or six Intamin's that I would consider to be top coasters, while I can think of maybe 15 B&M's that would fit into that category. Overseas, it's probably different though. But when an Intamin design hits, it's pretty amazing (prefabs, megas/megalites, gigas, twisty launchers). One argument that I dislike is the "B&M hasn't made anything good in the last decade." This may hold true for the inverts, but Behemoth is the best hyper in my opinion (not to mention the way it put CW on the map), and the flyer has been perfected with Tatsu and Manta. B&M can still make awesome rides. My feeling is that each company completes the other, and without one or the other, coaster enthusiasm would be quite unsatisfying.
  10. Nice! How much better is it than Believe in your opinion?
  11. IF the layout is indeed similar to GeForce or Goliath, there's no reason why there would be OTSR's. I305 only has them because the twisties at 90 mph with LBR's would be much too intense. I do also think that a B&M hyper would have been a better fit for the park, but this probably would be a better coaster. However, I still wouldn't take any leaked layout as a given, I have a feeling Hershey will be throwing a curveball our way pretty soon.
  12. I love how we can see a single possible blueprint, and everyone assumes that they know what the coaster is. Guys, this is Hersheypark, the game has just gotten started. Granted, I would love it to be a megalite, based on the reviews, I really want to ride one.
  13. I love the loose restraints on Doom that allow a ton of airtime at the top. Another uber-important tip that I forgot to mention is to use single rider lines whenever possible. A 2+ hour line for Spiderman was 10 minutes, Universal does a great job running these lines, especially with the crowd levels in the park.
  14. When you get to the park, RUN don't walk to Wizarding World before the whole area fills to capacity. After you ride Forbidden Journey and Dragons, you should also definitely check out Hulk, Spiderman, Fearfall, and all three water rides. IOA has the best selection of water rides at any park I've been to, if you don't mind getting wet, you MUST ride them. If you like fun and goofy theming, also check out Seuss Landing. Most importantly, have fun!
  15. It is quite alarming how much rattle was in Diamondback after only a season... Hope it doesn't keep getting worse. Pun intended?
  16. This ride intrigues me a lot because Vancouver is a stunningly beautiful city, and the view should be amazing. Good for Playland, they definitely needed a new ride, and this should help bring more people to the park. Coaster is a woodie that I want to ride really badly.
  17. Foolproof strategy: zippered pockets. I agree that $1 for a ffbfwmag is stupid and annoying, but it's really not that big of a deal. Sorry about your visit, but it seems like you hit it on a bad day. It seems like you were able to get on most of the major rides even with the operations, so it couldn't have been that bad. I think it helps to have realistic expectations going in for a Six Flags park in the offseason. Better luck next time, I guess.
  18. Hulk For non-coasters, Ripsaw Falls is just an amazing flume ride.
  19. 1. Pretzel loops 2. Heartline rolls 3. Steep first drops 4. Airtime hills 5. Zero-G rolls
  20. 1- West Coaster at Santa Monica Pier 25- El Toro at SFGA yeah, that's it If I'm lucky, I'll get to 50 this summer.
  21. I've ridden two; Superflight at Playland and Time Warp at Canada's Wonderland. Far from great rides, but I found them to be unique and not very painful, and they have some great hangtime in the heartline rolls. Maybe I found them tolerable because I'm small, so I have enough room in the cage as to not smash into the side on the sharp turns. Still, I'll take Superman or any other B&M flyer over a Volare any day of the week.
  22. Today I was at Duane Reade to buy creme eggs and there was only one person buying something at the cashier, so I stood behind him instead of using the main line, it wasn't like I was cutting anyone. Then this guy turned around and started telling me to use the main line and stop skipping people, so I told him I was waiting behind him, I wasn't doing anything wrong. At that point a different cashier was open, so I walked over there to buy my eggs, and that should have been the end of it. A few seconds later, this a$$hole starts yelling at me saying that "kids should stop thinking they're special" and "don't be a smarta$$" before accusing me of skipping some other people who had just gotten in line. Of course, these people pointed out that I hadn't skipped them, so then he said "excuse me, this has nothing to do with you." You would really think that people should have something better to do then pick on a random teenager, but I guess not.
  23. A person at my camp called Flight Deck at Canada's Wonderland (SLC) "greatest coaster ever." Though to be fair, I found it to be a really good one, but still. Another one came on that same trip when we were at Marineland, and saw Dragon Mountain being advertised as "the world's largest steel coaster." My friend and I agreed that there was no way a park like Marineland could hold any major record, so I said, "I know a few coasters are made out of wood, what else are they made out of?" (I wasn't into coasters at this point.) My friend replied, "I don't know, titanium?"
  24. I've been fortunate to avoid some of the worst so far, but of the ones I've ridden, Rolling Thunder. A disgrace to the presence of El Toro, and there are so many better ways that GAdv could use the land.
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