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  1. ^Well there are plenty of American parks that focus on overall experience, just not Six Flags or Cedar Fair for the most part. But man, the Europa Park/Cedar Fair analogy is just...wow.
  2. Parks and ride manufacturers don't design rides for enthusiasts. No matter what they do, we'll never be happy. Very true.
  3. I honestly don't think it was meant for another park. Maybe there are some similarities to Behemoth because Behemoth is an incredibly popular ride at North America's most-attended seasonal park, so it could be that CF told B&M to give Leviathan some basic similarities, but also make it different enough that enthusiasts don't complain (didn't work). In the design, I see B&M being influenced by both Millennium and I305, with multiple overbanks, and high-speed directional changes. Besides, KBF, CGA, and MIA are the only other parks where this could work, if Behemoth is too similar. CGA and MIA don't have the justified attendance. And I suppose KBF could build outside the park, but they would need a lot more space than for Ghostrider, and it would be extremely expensive. And besides, the GP won't say that it's too similar to Behemoth. This is a park where a SLC is the second most popular ride (though I liked it too). 99% of parkgoers there have never seen a giga, and will be awestruck by the size instead of thinking "we already have this." CF is truly the best thing to ever happen to CW, and I expect to see more big additions in the next 5-10 years.
  4. QFT!!! Besides a few very basic similarities, they really are different types of rides, and I know that there are some parks in the chain that would kill to be in this position (cough CGA cough). Besides, most of Canada thinks that Behemoth is the fastest, longest, most awesome coaster in the world (my impression from when I went to CW), so I don't exactly think that the GP will complain about this too much.
  5. The layout looks great, I'd say this is completely different from Behemoth. The high-speed curves look vaguely like I305. Like Intamin's gigas, it looks like speed is emphasized, with a decent amount of airtime, and a lot of lateral forces. Honestly, the only thing I'm disappointed about is the cop-out on the record (tallest and fastest in Canada). This looks amazing, and I can't wait to get back to Canada.
  6. Not sure about that, first we have to wait and see if this design, whatever it is, is a success. Secondly, there's a reason that Intamin only built two in over a decade. They take up a huge amount of space, space that most parks don't have, and they also cost a bit more than hypers.
  7. OMG!!! Was not expecting this at all! I think we're going to be seeing something completely different from both Behemoth and the Intamin Gigas. Not exactly sure what they're going to do, but I'm looking for B&M to really push the envelope, maybe even consider a launch. Cedar Fair is really showing a commitment to CW, which is great for a country without very many coasters. I'm going to need to get back to ride this, as well as get all the other credits that I missed. Extremely excited for this.
  8. Yesterday I was in the car listening to a radio show about amusement parks, and this girl called in to talk about her experience at a fair in Texas where the ride op forgot to buckle her seatbelt (couldn't she do it herself?), and dispatched the train while she was screaming at him to stop. She then claimed that she would have fallen out during the "loop-de-loop" (I hate that term), but she managed to stay in by holding onto her friend sitting next to her. I mean even if she didn't have her seatbelt on, isn't there still a lapbar or OTSR? She also said she was considering suing the fair. Something that I've noticed is that half the posts in this thread are from CGA. Is that park a magnet for people to make stupid comments?
  9. Playing Madden 11 franchise mode on All-Pro.
  10. Four Seasons. We got a discount from a friend once when we went to Boston, and it was just amazing. But for non-ridiculously expensive chains, I would have to go with Hyatt.
  11. No matter how much everyone hates Volares, as long as Time Warp is in the park, this can't be a flyer. (I personally don't hate Volares). The floorless rumor seems to make the most sense, I've heard it floating around for a while, and it would be a great fit for the park. I'd love to see an Intamin at CW, but a reliable B&M as a solid #2 for the park that the GP will like and enthusiasts won't hate sounds like a great idea.
  12. ^You're right, I thought that Gemini was Mean Streak when I was looking at the park on Google Earth. Whoops. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the tips. I have one other question, can you access the park from the Soak City parking lot near Mean Streak?
  14. What should lines be like on Monday the 22nd? I know that it's impossible to be sure, but does anyone have a reasonable estimate? Also, does getting to the park at opening and hitting Maverick, Millenium, and Dragster in order first sound like a good plan? I'm a first-timer who only has one day, so any tips would be great. Thanks in advance.
  15. That was a really good report, it actually sounded like an accurate description of what I think the ride probably is like, which is so rare for the media. And I also got a laugh out of "enthusiASSts."
  16. ^^The front seat on Nitro really delivers, much stronger airtime than the rest of the train, plus you get a neat view.
  17. This sounds awesome, a true skip-the-line pass instead of just making a reservation, and at a reasonable price. If this comes to Cedar Point before August 22nd, I will be unbelievably happy.
  18. Well I haven't been on a coaster in almost 7 months and I've been drawing airtime hills with my finger on any flat surface as a force of habit. Cedar Point next month cannot come soon enough. Also 100th post
  19. ^Neither ride has loops, therefore they are the same thing.
  20. Haven't really been following this closely, but it sounds as though a Disney guy running CF is terrific news. If you could add some quality theming to CP, KI, KD, etc., then
  21. There needs to be a TR devoted entirely to Yakitori. Japan looks great, maybe someday I'll go.
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