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  1. Aw, nice one Chonriq! At least I made it into the final round!
  2. YES!!! Sorry about the spelling, I was typing fast to make sure I was first.
  3. F***, I was going to guess that but thought it had already been guessed.
  4. ^^^^^The point he was making was that many enthusiasts consider Blue Streak to be a great little ride with lots of air, and he thinks differently, therefore he considers it overrated. You clearly disagree. Now I'm not taking any sides here, as I ran out of time to ride Blue Streak on my August trip. However, I'm not sure what your point is about Mean Streak. Almost every enthusiast, with very few exceptions, hates that ride like it killed their family. Therefore, nobody is overrating it. And just because a park has one terrible ride doesn't mean that other rides at the same park can't be overrated. He thinks Blue Streak is overrated, you clearly don't. In the end, they're all just opinions.
  5. Superbowl Sunday. Christmas or New Year's?
  6. Yes, but not the ones you mentioned. Do you like bacon?
  7. No, but I wish I had ridden more than one ride at night (and it was a Volare) Do you have 3 or more laps on your #1 coaster?
  8. Yes, Maverick. Are you proud to be a citizen of your home country?
  9. Hold on Red Sox! Rays down 6-0, Sox up 3-2. I feel dirty rooting for the Yanks, but oh well.
  10. 200th post! Mosquitos breeding in your backyard can be a nuisance when the windows are open.
  11. I'm in an extended good mood because the Giants got revenge on the Eagles and knocked Vick out of the game.
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