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  1. Does its name start with a letter before M in the alphabet?
  2. The Storm Runner picture in the puddle is amazing. Great TR, got me excited for my first ever trip to Hershey next year (and Skyrush!!!). And from the night pictures, I think I'll have to agree with you about HP being the best-looking night park.
  3. ^Interesting read. Of course I and many other enthusiasts would most happily debate the claim that MF is indisputably the best ride in the park, but to each his own. But I'm a bit confused over his obsession with the handrails. I don't routinely sit/stand on them, but I don't see what the big deal is, it's not harming anyone else, and I think they're pretty stable, they won't fall over if you sit on them. Maybe there's a factor I'm overlooking, but I didn't really get that.
  4. Definite- Hersheypark Possible- Six Flags Great Adventure Knoebels Lake Compounce Either SeaWorld Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa Closest park to wherever my family goes on summer vacation (looking like Port Aventura at the moment)
  5. ^^Thanks! Interesting about the Bizarro crew, I certainly hope that's the case. I guess that makes it understandable, though still unfortunate. But yeah, I had a good day.
  6. ^Yeah sorry, I didn't mean to be so long-winded, but sometimes it happens. I didn't get to ride Pandemonium though I wanted to, however I figured I'll get to ride one of the clones at some point, so it could be worse.
  7. Brief TR from yesterday- I had a pretty good time at SFNE, while the park has some obvious flaws, it has a decent coaster collection with one standout. We arrived at the park five minutes prior to opening, and through some er...maneuvering , I was able to get to the front of the human mass headed straight for Bizarro, and was on the first train out in the second to last row. And I got back to the station feeling a little disappointed. It was a great ride, but it didn't seem to be too much more than say a typical B&M hyper. I chalked it up to the ride not being warmed up and also getting stapled, so we decided to ride again. By this time, the line would have been 20-25 minutes if this was Cedar Point. But at SFNE, simply terrible operations turned it into over an hour wait. They were running two trains, but when one train hit the breaks, it would be almost five minutes before they returned to the station. But I finally got on, and avoided being stapled, thanks to a cool trick I figured out. And the difference was huge. Bizarro was running much faster, and I was being ejected on every hill. Definitely not as good as Maverick, but pretty close to El Toro to become my certain #3 coaster. After this, we headed to Mind Eraser. Let's just say I'm no longer baffled as to why enthusiasts hate SLC's. Next was Batman. The line was very short, and I was excited to try a B&M floorless in the front for the first time. Except that they were assigning seats. I get the logic of this when the line is long, but come on SFNE, it's not helping anyone in this instance. The ride was fun, but short, and also a bit rougher than I expected. Still a solid 7/10. We crossed to the other side of the park and had lunch at Panda Express. After lunch, I finally lost my Boomerang virginity with Flashback. Very rough, but it was fast and forceful enough to still be enjoyable. I planned to ride Cyclone next, but both it and Catapult were down, and Pandemonium had a 90 minute wait as a result. So we headed back to the middle of the park to ride Thunderbolt, hoping that the other two would reopen later. The line for Thunderbolt was the slowest moving line I've ever waited for in my life. But this time, I don't blame the ops. IT'S A FREAKING SEATBELT NOT NUCLEAR PHYSICS, YOU DON'T NEED A RIDE OP TO BUCKLE IT FOR YOU AND SLOW DOWN THE LOADING TIME BY 5 MINUTES EVERY TRAIN (end rant). But I finally got on, and you know what, Thunderbolt was completely awesome! It had a ton of ejector air all over the place, was fast, and was actually really smooth! My #2 woodie (out of 7) and my second favorite ride at the park. Why doesn't this classic woodie get more love? Anyway Cyclone reopened, so we checked that out. I had heard that there was great airtime in the back, so we sat there, but I didn't know when it was coming. So I was completely caught off guard when I was launched at least a foot up in the air on the first drop. The ride had some nice drops and a few other pops of air, but it didn't do too much else. Still a good ride on the whole. My parents were about to lose their minds by now, so we only had time for one more ride. The line for Pandemonium was still too long, so we rode Catapult instead. The restraints were truly awful, but the ride itself was very fun, especially the ridiculous amount of positive G's at the bottom. We were at the park a little over five hours. The main area the needs improvement is the operations on some rides. To have such bad operations on your main attraction with the longest lines is just inexcusable. The park layout was also very annoying, as it required a lot of doubling back. But other than that, I felt SFNE is a solid park that Six Flags should definitely invest some NEW rides in (not a used coaster that the park already has). Well...that ended up being not so brief. I'd definitely like to return for the missed credits and lots more rides on Bizarro.
  8. Cyclone at SFNE yesterday. One ridiculous moment of airtime and some fun drops, but the rest of it just meanders. Still a pretty good ride though.
  9. Only thing worse than watching Michigan fail to defend the option repeatedly is listening to the moronic announcers.
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