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  1. Hulk at IOA over Christmas- The only coaster I was able to get on that day.
  2. I agree. I love the thought process, "What could be further from Western than Greek Mythology? Oh I know! Screwed up purple Superman that failed English class!" I do appreciate the mix of the well-themed (Plaza del Carnaval, Golden Kingdom), and the random (everything else). But yeah, obviously the main reason I go is for the amazing coaster collection.
  3. OMG! Looks incredible! However, I would rank it as a steel coaster, in my book it's the type of track, not supports. Nevertheless, I now have a reason to go to Texas.
  4. I wasn't necessarily thinking audio, more along the lines of fire or mist effects, or something along those lines. I mean they're going to have to do some interesting theming on the yellow section if their's a point in having a portion of track painted differently, right?
  5. How about a 500-foot Intamin dive machine type coaster that drops, then immediately hits the breaks? Due to the short track length, it wouldn't take up too much space, the cost would be at least somewhat reasonable, and the forces wouldn't be too intense. It would be very gimmicky, but the GP wouldn't care, and if a park wanted to break the height record it would probably be the easiest way to do it. Like everyone else here, I definitely prefer smaller rides that pack more of a punch. Kingda Ka is only my fourth favorite ride at Great Adventure.
  6. Having the wonderful idea of riding Rolling Thunder (SFGA) in the back seat.
  7. If I have one day in August for my first visit to the Point, when would be the best time to go? I don't care about credit whoring, I just want to get on everything good. I know I should spend more than one day, but it's not feasible. Thanks in advance.
  8. ^I agree, since the coaster is opening up around the same time as the movie, it wouldn't surprise me to see some Bizarro-like sensory effects onride. I still feel that Great Adventure is one of the better-themed Six Flags parks, but Six Flags is really strictly a thrill ride chain. American parks have plenty of theming, look at the Disney, Universal, and Busch parks. It all comes down to whether you prefer thrills or theme, but you really have such a great variety of different kinds of parks in America. Take your pick, Disney World or Cedar Point.
  9. Maverick El Toro (SFGA) Bizarro (SFNE) X2 Montu I suck at thinking of creative park names, but I would do different, elaborately themed lands like IOA, and have one coaster as the centerpiece of each land.
  10. ^Yeah, they would. Sad that people still have these attitudes today. Though they probably wouldn't be missing much from this campground. Great pictures of Lake Compounce, how did you manage to get so close to Boulder Dash?
  11. In addition to September Sundays, on the first Sunday in October (last day of the season before Fright Fest), the park will be EMPTY for a large portion of the day
  12. Remember that many ride ops say that El Toro runs 5 or 6 mph FASTER than it's supposed to.
  13. Bitten by a viper. Anaconda constriction is my greatest fear. Live 50 years and remain young, or live 100 years and be old the whole time?
  14. G-Forces is not a problem at all! if you just make a gentle accelleration, the G-Forces will not be that extreme. I think the problem is in the launching system, they will need to be more durable and strong. Also the tracks needs to be stronger as well as the train and the trainwheels! And i think we are gonna break both the speed, - and height record some day! Just use a steep cable lift as opposed to a launch,granted both MF & I305 use a 45 degree lift I don't think it's be practical to use a vertical lift ala feranheit at HP for most installations though.Just for reference how steep is the lift angle on the B&M dive coasters? I believe Griffon and Sheikra also have 45 degree lifts.
  15. Well I forgot to post here when I joined a month ago, but whatever. My name is Owen, I'm 14 years old, and from New York City. I've always liked theme parks, but was pretty scared of big coasters for most of my life. Last summer, my camp took a weeklong trip to the Niagra Falls/Toronto area, and on one of the days, we went to Canada's Wonderland. I was terrified at the sight of Behemoth, but I got up my courage to ride it, and absolutely loved it. After that, I started searching online for coaster information and watched POV"s, and became an enthusiast. I took my first trip to Great Adventure for my birthday in October, and had a simply amazing time with the awesomeness of El Toro, and the scariness of Kingda Ka. In 2011, I plan to hit several parks, including (hopefully) Cedar Point. Having parents that hate everything about theme parks can be an obstacle, but I'm good at asking repeatedly until they say yes. None of my friends share my passion, but I still bring up coasters as a counter to their own nerdy obsessions. So yeah.
  16. Bizarro has great theming (in my opinion, I know others will disagree), El Toro has a minimal but fitting theme, and Kingda Ka has a decent theme. With Plaza del Carnaval and Golden Kingdom, I would say GA is one of the better-themed Six Flags parks. I would like Green Lantern to have some special effects, but it's really isn't a big deal. By the way, loop looks great!
  17. He was probably referring to the proposed 700-foot Arrow Fish Hook coaster that never got built because of complaining neighbors.
  18. Yes, snakes Will Cheetah Hunt be the best coaster to open this year?
  19. Yes, I should be studying right now. Do you ever wonder if you shouldn't post a question because of the chance that it's already been asked?
  20. Agreed, it's really going to fir great in the park's skyline once it's complete. I think it'll be open on time, it's really coming along great.
  21. Wow, Hershey is really determined to leave us in the dark as long as possible. Thanks for putting in the effort to decode that page. I love these guessing games, too bad I suck at them. I'm waiting for the announcement anxiously, as I'm considering a trip towards the end of the season. If the coaster sounds good, I'll have to put it off until 2012. I'm hoping for a B&M hyper, Hershey needs an airtime machine and another B&M, so that would work perfectly, and would nicely complement the rest of the lineup.
  22. LOL, great TR. Not only do you have funny captions and pictures of fat people, but the actual photos of the park are great too! Can't wait for Indiana Beach and the Dells.
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