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  1. Yes, on the bottom. Have you been to Europe?
  2. SEC: LSU Big 10: Nebraska Big East: South Florida ACC: Florida State Pac 10: Oregon Big 12: Oklahoma National Championship Game: LSU v Oklahoma National Champion: LSU
  3. Yeah, the launch is 70. This is just my guess, but I feel like the trims slow it down to the low 50's, and after the drop, it's back in the mid 60's. I don't mind the trims at all, they give you half a second to catch your breath after the insane twist following the launch, before plunging you back down for more awesomeness.
  4. Adidas Sambas mostly, or Croc flip-flops. They don't actually look like normal Crocs, most people are surprised when I tell them.
  5. Now I have! Do you follow sports?
  6. ^^Stanford has a great chance to challenge Oregon for the Pac-12. As for Michigan, yay we beat Western Michigan! Granted the game was called in the third quarter, and opposing quarterbacks are still able to complete passes at will, but a win's a win. Huge game against Notre Dame next week, who looked really awful last week, however they badly need a win this week, and will have plenty of motivation to make up for their two straight losses to Michigan. First night game at the Big House ever, should be a good one. LSU was the team that impressed me the most. I thought Oregon was the best team in the country coming in, and the Tigers dominated them. I dislike the SEC, but you can't deny that it's the best conference in the country.
  7. If you watch this video, it seems that the heartline roll was very abrupt, the transition from the banked track to the inversion was too fast, which would probably result in a g-force spike causing extremely intense and painful headbanging. If it worked, the roll would have made an incredible ride even better, but I really think Intamin made the right decision with this one.
  8. ^^^^I also agree. Since I went on it two weeks ago, I've become a massive Maverick fanboy. I understand that many find it to be too intense, but if there are enough CP fanboys to put TTD in the top ten of the Golden Tickets (a great ride, but just too short to be that high IMO), you would think there would be enough people who love Maverick. Maverick actually does better in the Mitch Hawker poll (#14 this year) than the Golden Tickets, which simply stuns me because it's at Cedar Point. But at the same time, I like having a #1 coaster that isn't in everyone's top ten. Makes me feel like I'm not the same as every other enthusiast. ^That article was the one on The Coaster Critic, right? That was a really good review, you did a great job capturing the essence of Maverick's twisted awesomeness.
  9. Hey, so I'm planning a trip to SFNE on the first Sunday in October. I'm aware that Fright Fest starts that weekend, how do you think that will impact lines? Also, I'm assuming that running to Bizarro, taking a few rides at opening, quickly working backwards to get the other credits, then going back to Bizarro is a good strategy, am I right? Thanks.
  10. No, CP is awesome. Does your #1 coaster have inversions?
  11. But then Prince Desmond would never have been able to save it!
  12. The last movie I saw was 30 Minutes or Less. The plot was a bit of a mess, but it was still hilarious, and the actors were great.
  13. ^Seems like the wrong thread to post that, no? Anyway of the few parks that I've been to, these are my favorites. 1. Cedar Point 2. Six Flags Great Adventure 3. Islands of Adventure 4. Canada's Wonderland
  14. For me it's the hypers, Behemoth is an amazingly smooth airtime machine that got me into coasters, and Nitro is almost as good. I like the inverts too, but they haven't been as special as the hypers. I suppose I haven't ridden the most highly regarded ones (my favorite is Raptor). I've liked every B&M I've ridden a lot except for Mantis, so the standups would be my least favorite.
  15. I agree with this, there are some other coaster websites that I like, but one of the (many) reasons I like TPR best is because 95%+ of the posters are well-informed and knowledgeable, some of the other sites have intelligent people mixed in with GP and people that generally don't know what they're talking about.
  16. Times Square is pretty close to both stations, so that's a good choice. Everything else already mentioned is good. Have fun!
  17. Dear Great and Wonderful Title Fairy, I have waited a long time to reach 150 posts so that I could finally have the honor of being graced by one of your witty and creative titles. I know that you will come up with something perfectly fitting for me, so I have nothing specific in mind. However, a title relating to Maverick at CP and how much I love it would be most excellent, if that is what your greatness desires. Thank you in advance for your consideration of my modest request, O Great One. -Owen.
  18. Anaconda at KD. Is a steel coaster with bolts attached, it's near DC, and it has a tunnel that goes underwater.
  19. Shot in the dark here, but Apollo's Chariot? Apollo is a Greek God, like Zeus, who is the god of lightning. And Williamsburg is fairly near DC, where Lincoln was president, and where the Lincoln Memorial is.
  20. The amount of bitching on the FB page is unbelievable. Anyway, I always like when thrill parks round out their collection of non-coasters, and this could make more people buy park tickets to get free waterpark admission, so I like this move.
  21. Probably Six Flags New England for my birthday in early October, though there's a chance it could be Lake Compounce.
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