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  1. Holy crap, that looks awesome. I cannot wait for this to be completely themed and opened
  2. LEHV-EYE-A-THIN This coaster is a monster, and I need to ride it next year!
  3. Because Robb said to "something about IAAPA in this thread" No, but really, all this stuff is so awesome, I wish I could go to IAAPA in the future, it would be so awesome to see all the new stuff in the industry and talk with the designers.
  4. Oh I know, I was just doing the rough sketch up, I was trying to photoshop the one where you can see the hill/drop basically perfect from the side, but it wasn't working out for me, but regardless, it's still going to be a tighter crest than the B&M hypers.
  5. Quickly edited and estimated the crest/height of the ride It looks pretty tight, (obviously this is only a quick photoshop guesstimation, but you can get the point).
  6. Seeing one of the prior updates, it still seems there's one long piece of track for the lift before the crest. In which case, the crest is going to be really tight. Could we be looking at B&M's version of ejector air monsters?
  7. To me it looks like it's about 95-100 degrees but nothing more than that. This ride is going to be so awesome though. I wish I could get out there and ride it in the near future
  8. Am I the only person that thinks this ride doesn't look as tall as they're claiming it to be right now? They're claiming the tallest support is 240 feet without the cap, but it just doesn't look 240 feet to me. It barely looks 200 feet.
  9. Also, if it was a helix like Goliath's the heartline would be closer to a perfect circle. The heartline in the drawing is more of a squished oblong shape, which indicates that it has significant height change, which is leading me to believe the drawing is correct. Especially if it's a drawing from PA Community, they've been right about everything all along.
  10. I don't think this is fair, not only to enthusiasts, but to the GP themselves. I'm sure the ride is known for dueling and even with the announcement, how many of the GP actually is going to hear about it? Hardly any, they're going to go to Florida in hopes of having those awesome near miss dueling elements that they heard about through friends or family, and when they get on, they're going to be disappointed. The rides been open forever without problems, and now because of two freak accidents the ride is being neutered. It's not fair, and could cost them money, not much, but enough.
  11. Osprey Supporting is finished, currently working on landscaping/foliage around the ride, then I'll add buildings/paths and eventually peeps! (Ignore the glitchy supports, it was the only way to make them attach to the track and look realistic :/)
  12. Currently working on "Osprey" (B&M Wing Coaster) with the inverting first drop. I want it to have at least five or six inversions, and I know that I want the inline twist to have a near miss and go straight through a tree, basically like Raptor, but I'm stumped on how to create the tree and still have it look awesome. Can anyone give me suggestions or a quick example I can work off of? I want it to be set in the woods, basically because that's the habitat of real ospreys. The diving first drop emulates their stoop for fish into the lake, pond, river, etc. Followed by a loop, immelman, zero g roll, inclined helix, and maybe a corkscrew, and the inline through the tree as the finale. I kind of want to theme the station as a log cabin, and have the queue line tell the story of passengers getting scooped up by the osprey and taking on the crazy flight that it would take its prey on.
  13. I would like to see them attempt to recreate a Beemer, it would be very entertaining and also sad to see, what would probably be a really pretty ride (since all B&M's are photogenic) but turn out to be such pain (unlike real B&M's). But isn't B&M's track patented or something so that no other company can use the box track style they use?
  14. More of "Osprey" has been completed. It's going to have 5 or 6 inversions, I'm not sure yet. -Twist N Dive first drop -Loop -Immelmann -Zero G Roll -(Possibly another immelmann) -Inline twist (near miss with custom tree) As of right now, the supports up to the loop have been finished, I'm currently working on the landscaping and stuff around that area, as you can see.
  15. Just a little B&M wing rider I'm working on called "Osprey"
  16. I doubt B&M would go with a computer controlled system, if it malfunctions during a ride, the seats won't rotate and the position the riders are stuck it makes the forces out of wack.
  17. Maybe the track would look something like this, the normal box track with a rail on the outside underneath that the B&M wing rider attaches too. It would use the same technology as the Arrow/S&S but on the outside.
  18. Eastern State Penitentiary. Scared the crap out of me, and it's hard to scare me. http://www.easternstate.org/halloween
  19. I actually really like Nitro's color scheme. I really hate the one Mr. Freeze clone that's red and blue, it was much better all blue. I also never really cared for Bizarro (SFGAdv's) new colors. I prefered it as Medusa (and still call it that) with the neon yellow/green and purple. I wish they would have just repainted it with those colors. I'm also not too fond of Griffon's red and yellow trains on blue track with white supports.
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