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  1. Now THAT is impressive! 60 rides! That must have taken a long time too. A couple of hours at least. Must've been REALLY dead that day! I was on from opening at 5pm? until 9:30-10PM when I finally decided to run over and marathon El Toro for the rest of the night! It was dead and the station never had more than a 1 train wait. El Toro was walk on in the back as usual because everyone crowds the front for some reason. Even then the Front didn't have more than a 2-3 train wait, with both running.
  2. Granted this was almost 10 years ago (holy crap, El Toro is gonna be 10 years old) in 2006, I used to know someone that was the Supervisor of the Ride Department, and on one rainy Friday during Fright Fest, he was encouraging people to stay on Nitro, and I managed to get 60 consecutive rides on Nitro without having to get off. It's my proudest moment. I counted each one. They were just like "Get up and find an empty seat and you'll be fine"
  3. It was still a great ride, but it just felt like it was missing a little extra something. I can't really explain it. Maybe I'm just so used to Nitro running with a little edge to it that I was thrown by its newfound smoothness. I love when a B&M is smooth, idk, I rode Diamondback primarily in the front because it was better in the front for me, and it was so smooth, not one rough patch or shake and it felt like I was flying, and that's how Nitro is, but I know Nitro is better in the back, so if it's that smooth in the back, well I'm sold!
  4. Imagine this in the summer when it really heats up. It's going to FLY
  5. Wow, this is absolutely flying, the turnaround looks really forceful and dare I say there might even be mild ejector from the 90* turn drop thing-a-majig
  6. I wish they'd crest the lift with the lights until the catwalk ends, but other than that it looks freaking amazing. I bet the photos at night with professional cameras are gonna look stellar, kind of like the windseekers.
  7. Also, if the park really really wanted to, I'm sure they could add more to the peninsula via man made extensions
  8. I always thought the 91 degree turn would have been amazing if they had it roll at the top, it still starts the same way in the climbing turn, but at it levels out, it rolls inverted, and continues down into the tunnel as the second half of a zero g roll. Sorta like X-Flight's turn/zero g after the Immelmann...
  9. Wow, that color is amazing. It's like a dark sea green/blue, I wonder what it'll look like on a bright sunny day.
  10. Added more to my leg. Same artist, I'm now 12+ hours in, and I have about 2-3 more 6 hour sessions left until I'm done.
  11. Got this Peregrine Falcon done today on the side of my right calf. Sat for 6 and half hours in the most uncomfortable position, no pain until the white ink at the very end. But it turned out gorgeous.
  12. Nitro and Diamondback are so smooth in the front. (Granted last time I rode them was in 2010, but it was like glass)
  13. It seems Cedar Fair is out to get Six Flags for getting all the new RMC hotness this year by setting all Six Flags parks a blaze
  14. Drop towers still put that fear into me, but I love the adrenaline. Being on a Skyscraper and being stopped at the top while someone loads/unloads is terrifying because you're swaying all around, but once it starts moving, it's amazing.
  15. They could just remove the shoulder parts and they'd be lapbars. It's basically what the new multilooper trains are using.
  16. Zippers are the best flat rides, period. They insane, and trying to flip while loading is so much fun. Me and my friend got 35 flips before we were unloaded, you could hear people in line counting.
  17. Kind of looks like a high pass filter, it's what I use to sharpen stuff up sometimes. http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/sharpen-high-pass/
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