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  1. Maybe this doesn't quite fit the question but for me it's Adventure Express at Kings Island. As many times as I might pass the entrance between Coney Mall and Action Zone it doesn't grab my attention thus I forget it's even there.
  2. Harvest Fest sounds like something similar to Geauga Lake's Oktoberfest back in the day - live entertainment, food vendors, beer. Maybe a second trip up there could be in the cards. Actually I think this is a better alternative than trying to put on a haunt since DL doesn't stay open all the way through Halloween.
  3. Just looked at your larger version of the souvenir park map - very well done! Looks better than the real Cedar Fair maps.
  4. I hope that if they include the Arrow suspended coaster that it will in fact have banked turns. The flat turns on all the previous versions of RCT have somewhat annoyed me. My other hope is that all steel coasters have catwalks on the lift hills. Otherwise from what I'm seeing it is a vast improvement from the previous incarnation of RCTW.
  5. Interesting...wasn't there a big discussion a few pages ago as to how CF has not invested in WoF and now you get several new additions to Planet Snoopy? My thinking is that maybe CF wants to market WoF as a more family style park than a big thrill park like CP, KI, KD, and CW, hence the lack of big thrilling additions as of late.
  6. This news really made my day. I am excited that KD is finally getting one of the best flat rides out there. It was long overdue.
  7. Though I like the ride as it is and don't want to see it transformed by RMC by pick would be Boss. It seems that RMC does their magic with a more twisted layout, see Steel Medusa and Wicked Cyclone as examples. The terrain is ideal for something truly special as well.
  8. Not sure I would approve of those style of restraints for RoS. If anything we'd see something along the lines of Intimidator 305 or Skyrush.
  9. It's a hassle during pre and post season that they only use the south entrance and coming from the north trying to turn into the parking lot can be a problem if there is a nice backup of cars coming from the south.
  10. I like the idea of moving the parking lot to across the street (which could be done by next year) since the turn off to cross Route 77 to the current parking entrance is already in place. Sunshine Lake would make a nice centerpiece to a new entrance. Put in a small fountain to keep the water from getting stagnant.
  11. Hmm, like the idea of a Coney Mall refurb. Racer repainted back to its original red, white, and blue paint scheme plus CF went looking for classic flats in Europe so maybe a couple will return next year as well.
  12. Before someone else mentions it - RMC is coming In and transforming Racer the same way they did Twisted Colossus.
  13. So Alpengeist still has that rattle that was prevalent back during my 2012 visit - . The ride is still my favorite but Griffon is very close to taking over. Yes, the idea that CP will get a dive coaster next year, even if it wasn't taller, faster, and had more inversions, has me excited as well. Loch Ness Monster surprises me every time I visit as to how it remains so smooth and continually looks new for a ride its age.
  14. Making such a nonchalant response to the incident, especially after having another accident with the swing ride not that long ago, really makes me question how this park operates. Could you imagine if it was on a higher section of track?
  15. I also rode it in 2012 and couldn't believe how much rattle it had. I didn't ride it much when I was there. Glad to hear that it seems to be fixed. I still greatly miss this ride, especially those night rides, on the lakefront at Geauga. That evening photo of 305 is fantastic!
  16. Sounds like Darien Lake is doing pretty good this year as it seems there are more reports of the park being packed than I can recall.
  17. I found out today that a fellow co-worker at my job has a daughter working at the Point and was at Raptor at the time of the incident and saw it happen. There was counseling available for the employees.
  18. The Maurer Flying Launch coasters have the ability to launch the train twice without stopping to re-launch and then, as A.J. stated stop the train by the launch motors. I believe that's how Freischutz (sp?) is run at Bayern Park in Germany.
  19. Wow, that is not a small gap either. How was this not caught before the ride began?
  20. I might be in the minority but I think they should go through with the announcement next week. It will help them move on and take the focus off of this tragic mistake.
  21. What if...since it seems that the Intimidator name may be on its way out couldn't they just rename it Thunder Road? It already has a car themed train.
  22. It's actually doing something they want - getting publicity and people talking. It's not costing CP a thing even though it does sort of ruin the "surprise" when the actual announcement happens.
  23. I'm not sure I can agree with that. Six Flags didn't invest in DL much, or at least it seemed like they didn't, during their tenure there. In the years after the "flagging" that included Superman (which is sort of funny that people still call it that after all these years) DL only got Twister, Tornado and Shipwreck Falls (help me if I'm missing something) but those three seem to be the only big additions and not much in between. Now that was the old regime and maybe the new regime might have done more with the property but it's still Six Flags. A Skyscreamer and Rolling Thunder would have been a given, and maybe a Tsunami Soaker, but I doubt the RMC makeover of Predator would happen. I doubt a Rowdy's Ridge or Boardwalk makeover would have ever happened. I doubt the park would have changed much from what it was. I think Herschend was the "God send" for the park, if that is the right term, and I don't mean that as a knock against Premier v2 since they haven't had a chance to really make their mark. Herschend and the atmosphere of Darien Lake seemed to be a perfect match and the few investments they did make showed they had a grand vision for what the park could be. BTW, what is up with the $50 for a single rider? I haven't seen a skycoaster priced that high even at CF and Six Flags parks. I like Skycoasters, would like to try Darien's, but that is a bit outrageous.
  24. Channel 5 here did a quick story about the Valravn leak yesterday and showed bits and pieces of the NL2 video of the ride. I also noticed downtown today on my way to work that one of those newer electronic billboards started showing the teaser with the ominous black/gray background and the phrase "It all comes down on 8-18-15".
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