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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I thought after Brain Drain they would be set for a few years so in a sense I was surprised that they would install the racing slide so soon. Last year was ideal as at least both sides got something new, even if it was a Larson Super Loop. With the water park basically right by the main gate I wonder how many people actually stay after the water park closes for rides rather then just go ahead and leave. That seems to be the biggest draw back of having the water park up towards the front.
  2. But what looks more enticing - a boomerang at SFStL or a shiny wing coaster at HW? The wing coaster would certainly grab my attention (and that's not from an enthusiast standpoint). Not trying to knock SFStL as I love the park but Six Flags needs to start stepping it up a bit in Eureka before HW and SDC start moving ahead and they will be too busy trying to play catch up later on. .
  3. ^They actually marketed Rougarou as a brand new ride, not as a remodeled Mantis. At this point though I would much rather they do a Son of Beast to Mean Streak and start over with something new.
  4. I've been reading your excellent TR and it's great that Mack has a couple of winners with Pulsar and Lost Gravity. Compared to Intamin and B&M they have seemed a little lost among the other manufacturers, at least in the States. I'm hoping we see more from them in the U.S. in the near future. Spinning Vibe is a Huss Magic, which they no longer produce. I believe Marineland in Niagara Falls is the only North American park with one. With Huss bringing out 2nd generation rides for their Enterprise and Condor I hope we see more of their former rides like the Magic get a 2G remake.
  5. It saddens me to hear of the state of DL this year and how it seems to be going downhill rather quickly. It sounds like Twister is on its way out if pieces are continuing to be removed. RoS with only one train that seems to break down too often is an embarrassment given the fact that they don't have a second train to use as a backup. I have no plans on visiting this year with hopes of returning next year but reading all these negative things going on makes me want to postpone any future visits.
  6. For me it's about the atmosphere once I enter the park. At certain parks it hits me immediately after going through the gates (BGW, KI, Hershey, SFGAm) that I immediately put a smile on my face and am excited to be there. Landscaping and the abundance of shade areas truly helps which is one of the reasons BGW is my favorite park. I also like seeing the employees enjoying what they do and interacting with guests. I see that a lot when I go to Kings Island.
  7. Thank you so much for the TR and the photos. I found out about this park a few years ago and was instantly intrigued since there really isn't a lot on the Net about it. Blowing Rock does seem quite a bit out of the way from any freeway based on maps so it's great that Tweetsie is still, pardon the pun, chugging right along. It looks like a very nice family park.
  8. Despite the high price tag I'm surprised Six Flags hasn't put another X Flight clone in another park. SFOG would be a good candidate for a wing coaster.
  9. You haven't lived until you've swallowed a few bugs while riding Millennium Force.
  10. Hate to interrupt our regularly scheduled GCI 2017 talk but I was at the park today and I must have missed something from reports earlier in the season but when did KI install security at the front gate? It somewhat blew my mind when I first saw it this morning. Strange that CF buys the parks from Paramount and removes all traces of security the former owners installed and now they have reinstalled it. Have any of the other parks installed security check points at their front gates?
  11. ^^At least Boss is more thrilling than Mean Streak. I'm actually one of those who likes The Boss.
  12. For me Volcano in the front seat and being launched up and out of the hole at the top of the mountain is one of the best coaster moments. That ending, though, is a bit anticlimactic - it just leaves you with wanting more.
  13. I'd hate to see Maurer quit their coaster division. I like their spinning coasters and they seem to have a lot potential in expanding the X-Car/Train model. With this new single rail track they could try to market a new improved Steeplechase-type ride. Put three or four lanes together and you could have a new version of the Soap Box Derby Racers.
  14. I'm leaning towards that track going to Kings Dominion or Canada's Wonderland.
  15. Wish Kings Island's Delirium had a light package like that. It sure would draw attention from I-71, not that the ride already does that with its high visibility.
  16. Went to CP yesterday. Memorial Day Monday seems to be a very good day to hit the park as the lines were quite manageable except for Valravn with its one hour wait and the ever slow moving Maverick line. Most lines were at least 30-45 minutes but I still got the Fast Pass Plus to avoid the lines at those two rides. At $93 (I go to parks alone) it's quite steep but to it was well worth the investment (got three on Valravn and two on Maverick - which would not have happened if I didn't get FPP). Loved Valravn but I'm not a fan of the restraints. IMO they felt too restrictive as far as getting that full freefall effect on the first drop. I was surprised by how fast the train loses momentum entering the zero-G at the end but the feeling of "hang time" became one of my favorite parts of the ride. The new midway is very well done and I love how the coaster is so photogenic. I also got to try Rougarou for the first time since I didn't go to the park last year. The remake from stand up to sit-down floorless is definitely a vast improvement but I still got a nice pop to the ears in the transition from the corkscrew/flat spin into the first turn of the figure eight ending. Left my ears stinging for a short time after exiting the ride. The coaster is still a one time a year only ride unless I get in the mood to ride it again. Very happy to see Raptor's trains freshly repainted, probably the best improvement of the year.
  17. Speaking of cramming it down their throats I'm kind of surprised that Kellogg's didn't jump on the IP bandwagon back in the 70's and 80's. Imagine walking into a theme park to see Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Dig'Em, Trix Rabbit, and Lucky the Leprechaun greeting guests. They are/were just as identifiable as Looney Tunes and Disney thanks to the supermarket shelves and TV commercials and could have lead to a lot of cross promotion.
  18. I don't expect a B&M either but remember Kentucky Kingdom, back in the 90's wasn't any bigger than Darien and they added Chang (and I realize that CNL will never foot the bill for even a mid-sized SFNE Batman: Dark Knight floorless type coaster). However with Premier's red hot Skyrocket II model popping up all over the place that would be a kick a$$ ride for Darien Lake. Now with Apex at the helm at Fantasy Island, and who knows what they have in store for the future there, it would be Darien's chance to up the thrills even more. Besides I would love to see one of those closer to me. I would have to agree that the track in question must have been a piece of old Batman track from across the street.
  19. Turbo Drop but lately when I'm at CP I'll hit the Space Shot side more since it usually has little to no line in comparison. The only other S&S I've been on is Supreme Scream. Would love to try a combo tower/double shot. Can CP Power Tower be reprogrammed to be all combo towers?
  20. I'm really surprised they'd consider building another coaster in what would only be three years after Banshee (and lately it seems it's every five years for a new coaster at majority of the CF parks). Second, now that John Peck said it, I could see a family coaster. It's close to Planet Snoopy and could be a great intermediate ride for kids (though Adventure Express and Racer both qualify as family coasters but aren't the height restrictions just as high as at Cedar Point?).
  21. http://www.apexparksgroup.com/news#16 Martin’s Fantasy Island is the Newest Addition to Apex Parks Group Aliso Viejo, CA – May 13, 2016 California-based Apex Parks Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Martin’s Fantasy Island theme park. This is Apex Parks Group’s first acquisition for 2016. Martin’s Fantasy Island is located in Grand Island, New York, less than 10 miles southeast of Niagara Falls in western New York. The park has over 25 rides and 7 water attractions; including the Silver Comet wooden roller coaster – one of Coaster Buzz’s Top 100 Roller Coasters in the US. The park’s attractions and live shows are geared toward family-oriented and thrilling entertainment for any age. Martin’s Fantasy Island is an ideal addition to Apex’s family of theme parks, water parks, and family entertainment centers. Apex Parks Group CEO, Al Weber, Jr. commented: “We’re excited to work with the Martin’s team to continue the successful operation of Martin’s Fantasy Island. The addition of this beautiful family-niche park is another step toward Apex’s goal of growing to become the leading company in the fragmented out-of-home entertainment business.” Former owner, Martin DiPietro adds, “I bought this park 22 years ago and it’s been a labor of love. I decided Apex Parks Group was the best choice to ensure that Martin’s Fantasy Island continues to be the best family fun park in the area. Their track record in the family-oriented amusement business is unmatched, and I have every confidence that their success will carry over to Martin’s Fantasy Island.” Martin’s Fantasy Island opens for the 2016 season on May 14 and will continue planned operations during the transition. For more information about the park, visit http://www.martinsfantasyisland.com About Martin’s Fantasy Island Martin’s Fantasy Island is a family-oriented, classic American theme park situated minutes from Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls. The park opened in July 1961 and has since grown to 75 acres of thrill rides, family fun rides, and a water park. Fantasy Island is home to The Silver Comet wood/steel hybrid roller coaster, a Wild Mouse roller coaster, and classic theme park attractions like bumper cars, a train ride, giant slide, and more. For more information about Martin’s Fantasy Island visit http://www.martinsfantasyisland.com About Apex Parks Group Apex is a privately held company based in Aliso Viejo, California with 13 Family Entertainment Centers, 2 Water Parks, and 1 Amusement Park Resort in California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Indiana. Apex Parks Group is currently one of the largest owners of Family Entertainment Centers in the United States. Apex Parks was founded in 2014 to acquire and operate best-in-class out-of-home entertainment assets and is committed to excellence, to the communities they serve, and to delivering value that exceeds expectation. For more information, please visit http://www.apexparksgroup.com. This is interesting news. As with any new owner there is that uncertainty as to what direction they will take the park. Granted MFI is a decent park that is just a little "rough around the edges", at least from my previous experiences there, so hopefully we'll see more positive changes, i.e. the whole operation of Silver Comet, come soon.
  22. That spot used to be home to Flight Commander, an Intamin Flight Trainer ride and it's been vacant since they took the ride out in the mid to late 90's. There have been other minor uses on that site like an extra charge trampoline attraction back when Paramount owned the park and most recently a dinosaur themed birthday party area. I've read that Drop Tower was supposed to go there but was moved to Action Zone. I'm hoping that a new ride will finally be added to that spot. Maybe if the Gerstlauer Sky Roller at Canada's Wonderland is a hit that would be an option.
  23. If anything I can see Magnum getting new track from Chance just like what they did with Phantom's Revenge. Fix those man part crushing hills on the return leg of the ride in the process. Both Hurlers could use a refurbishment. It seems KD's may be the first since it's closed for the season or will it be like SOB and eventually be torn down. Such a prime spot for something else.
  24. Thank you for the photos. Glad that you were brave enough to fight those crowds. After experiencing a so-called "season pass preview night" at Kings Island back in 2003 it never truly is a season pass preview night with the park already being open for most of the day. Friday night was very nice and it showed with all those people. The Blue Streak midway has not seen that kind of crowd in years so I hope that the ride will see a big increase in ridership this year. The different colored LED lights on Valravn's lift look sweet. Looking forward to my visit while on vacation in June.
  25. Is it just me or does that look a heck of a lot better with Ranger gone?
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