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  1. Thank you for these fabulous shots of Valravn. That first one from Perimeter Road is stunning!! I'm thrilled that we finally have a dive coaster close to home.
  2. Those are some bright lights under Valravn. I just noticed that it looks as though Blue Streak has its chaser lights extended along the return leg of the coaster. Was this new last year (I didn't go to CP last year)?
  3. ^Seabreeze would be the park to come out of left field with a new coaster before the other two. IIRC that area you mentioned is like a bluff with a great view of Lake Ontario and the road located below it? Would make an interesting location if they used it to its full potential. Speaking of the view I'm surprised Seabreeze hasn't added a decent sized Ferris Wheel to take advantage of it, sort of like how Waldameer's does. Between MFI and DL, I would think Fantasy Island would build a coaster before Darien Lake does. With the loss of the old log flume and the supposed sale of their Ferris Wheel that opens up a good chunk of land (unless they decide to expand their tiny water park in that direction).
  4. Good to see a lot of activity going on in the Australian parks. That DC villains area at Movie World has peaked my interest. Look forward to seeing photos of it when it opens later this year. Doomsday is a Suspended Twin Hammer? Thought it was going to be that huge tower ride. Too bad that didn't work out unless they plan on theming it to something else.
  5. Cedar Point posted their 2016 park map and I noticed that Ripcord is still in the same spot. I thought it was going to be moved or was that just my imagination? https://www.cedarpoint.com/plan-a-visit/park-map Valravn's lift hill looks like a Gerstlauer Euro-fighter lift.
  6. Just read the last few pages and the removal of Drop Tower would be a big loss for Kings Island. I'm all for relocating it elsewhere in the park (imagine looking down on Diamondback from the top if they were to move it to Rivertown).
  7. Thanks for the photos. Frontier City has become one those smaller parks that are on my radar to visit if I ever get around to going down to Dallas and driving up. I really like the look of the park.
  8. I've never really been a fan of the lime green color for a coaster but on Monster it really "pops" in its surroundings. The ride looks fantastic.
  9. With all the attention being on the waterpark as of late, and it has been necessary additions due to the capacity of Splashtown I'm hoping that a small two or three flat ride package is in the works soon. Even though they just got Rolling Thunder and some of the current flats are starting to show their age, i.e. Corn Popper, they shouldn't leave the dry side feeling stagnant for too much longer.
  10. Forget Winnie Witch's Cauldrons - bring back Der Spinnin Keggars to Oktoberfest - an area that really needs new life brought back to it. My hope is that Kings Island gets the Kings Dominion treatment for its next big anniversary by bringing back some of the attractions that once called the park home. With CF going out getting rides in Europe I'm hoping that this will be the case.
  11. Every time I've been at KI there is always a line for the log flume and White Water Canyon but hardly anyone bothers with Congo Falls, which is generally a walk-on. I think the ride gets its "spurts" of ridership where the boats are decently filled, but in the long run I don't think Congo Falls would be missed if it was taken out.
  12. What's missing is a campground area since Great Wolf Lodge sits on the old one. Would CF be interested in a Lighthouse Point-type resort with cabins and an area for trailer hook-ups?
  13. I thought the old KI Resort was sold when Paramount came into the picture. As dated as it might have been it will be strange not seeing it there this year.
  14. Do you think that some of the park owners buy rides in bulk is the reason for so many clones? When the first version of Premier Parks was buying up parks left and right in the 90's/00's what where the first attractions they would add - boomerangs and SLCs.
  15. While Kings Island could use an entirely new main entrance a gate coaster would ruin International Street. A Sky Roller/Sky Fly would be perfect for the old Flight Commander location.
  16. Does Storm Chaser have the same night lighting as the CF Windseekers?
  17. Love the photo of the Frontier Lift. I liked it better than the Main Midway one just because you traversed over all those trees. I think CP has an adequate transportation system with the Sky Ride at the front and the train ride that goes to the back. It's just a short walk from the Corkscrew end of the Sky Ride to the train station by Iron Dragon. The pain in the a$$ might be the long stretch between Corkscrew/Dragster back to Gemini.
  18. it doesn't matter. If CP and Kennywood can have both a Giant Frisbee and a Screamin' Swing I can't see why Valleyfair couldn't. They are two very different ride experiences. Plus whether it's a Mondial, Zamperla, or Huss model they swing much, much higher than the ones you mentioned.
  19. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking this or I'm way out in left field but In regards to the three original Six Flags parks - Texas, Georgia and St. Louis (I'm not including the ones they bought afterwards) it was become my understanding that because St. Louis is solely owned by Six Flags while Texas and Georgia are owned by partnerships and only operated by the company is the reason they haven't added more marquee rides at St. Louis where they may be are expected to add more capital at the other two based on the partnership deal.
  20. Is Skyhawk a taller version of the standard Gerstlauer Sky Roller? That aerial photo makes it look like it might be.
  21. When I first heard about the removal of the go-carts and Skyscraper at CP along with the possible relocation of Ripcord my first thought was that WWK would be gone soon - would be easy to move Thunder Falls and/or Liquid Lightning to CP.
  22. Oh, I remember the original Shoot the Rapids quite well. I always hated waiting for it as a kid. I'd like to see CP invest in a Mack water ride for a change, maybe something like Poseidon at Europa Park.
  23. Don't forget Vekoma - after all they did do Battlestar Galactica at USS and this looks like a similar invert/sit down combo type ride. The loop in loop is very interesting. Sorry, Garet beat me to it.
  24. Yes it does look taller but what a beautiful backdrop it gives to the park from I-44.
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