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  1. Continuing on, I saved the best for last. I didn't realize I had this many photos of Drachen Fire. Hmmm, I wonder what lies ahead. Entering the batwing (Arrow's name for the cobra roll). The lighting was not that great in this view of the batwing/cobra roll. Don't know what I was thinking when I took this photo. My favorite photo. Another view of the cutback element. I was in ACE at the time and we had a catered lunch behind the Festhaus. They had a display car. View from the picnic area. I'd like to see B&M re-do this ride. I dug out my old DF souvenir bottle. It's never been used.
  2. Taking the cue from some of the members on TPR I decided to take a look through some of my old photos from past park trips and scan them to post here. I figured this would be a good way to start my first ever topic. I was not into taking a lot of photos at parks at first, just get enough to have some memories of my visits. Nowadays I try to document as much as possible in between rides. To start this thread off I'm posting a few random pics I took at BGW back in 1992. This was the first time I was ever at the park and I instantly fell in love with the place. The infamous Drachen Fire was brand new and became my favorite Arrow looper at the time due to the uniqueness of it compared to their other coasters. I still rank it rather high due to Arrow trying to do something "out of the box". Unfortunately it didn't work out for them. It took me eleven years to finally get back and the park sits solidly at number one of my all-time favorites. With my last visit being 2003 I really need to get back down there again. I just wish it wasn't so far away. Well start with the legend that has now been laid to rest. Wish I could have had one last ride. Even though everyone seems to have this shot you still can't get enough of it. Racing up from the river below. Festhaus. One of the most beautiful bulidngs I've seen in a park anywhere. But, IMO, BGW is beautiful in every aspect of the park. Gladiator's Gauntlet. From what I remember it was a unique ride that was also not very thrilling. Loch Ness from the Sky Ride. Drachen Fire towers in the horizon. The iconic shot of LNM's interlocked loops. Hastings from the Sky Ride. Now Killarney, Ireland. I always liked the arched entry into this area from the stables. The Rhine River view from the San Marco bridge. Looks odd without Alpie and Griffon. Roman Rapids (for Rapids Nerd).
  3. That Fabbri Hard Rock looks similar to the Zamperla Mixer. My current favorites are the Huss Giant Frisbee and Mondial Top Scan. As for the old school flats my favorites are the Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve, Mack Musik Express, Mack Matterhorn, Mack Sea Storm, Huss UFO and the Huss Troika.
  4. Screamin' Eagle at SFStL. This classic was running fast and smooth during my two day visit back in June and the almost-standing up pop of air in the back seat coming off the far turn next to the Boss was sweet and unexpected.
  5. Evel Knievel surprised me with the amount of air you get. Such a great ride for its size.
  6. I'm not sure what the file name was but I remember a custom ride that looked like a Huss Swing Around. Does anyone have this file? Thanks in advance.
  7. The Predator at Darien Lake. What a difference the Voyage trains make compared to the old trailered PTC's.
  8. A Mega-Lite may get lost in a park crowded with coasters but how does one explain Maverick? For over a decade CP was breaking height and speed records and then they build a ride that's only 120 feet high. Should Maverick be considered lost among the giants in Sandusky? It seems to be a pretty popular ride. I believe these Mega-Lites are more or less marketed towards the small to medium sized parks and sort of fit the "we can't afford a hyper but this is the next best thing" mode. Many mention Holiday World and I agree with the need for at least one steelie there. What about Dollywood or Silver Dollar City? I don't recall anyone mentioning them (or I just completely missed it). Having never been to either one it seems they are pretty smart with their ride installations and it seems everyone likes what they are doing at those parks.
  9. Not to change the subject but when was this? I went to Martin's in May and rode Silver Comet a few times and they didn't make me remove my glasses.
  10. 1. Alpengeist 2. Talon 3. Raptor 4. Batman 5. Top Gun/Flight Deck
  11. 1. SFGAdv Medusa 2. Dominator when it was at GL 3. SFMW Medusa (park was still Marine World when I visited) 4. Hydra
  12. That is rather odd because I've had no glasses issues with Motocoaster at Darien Lake. I would think if it came from the manufacturer that it would also apply to that ride. Is there anything different about Pony Express where it would warrant that restriction?
  13. If they really wanted another kiddie coaster then they should have held onto Roadrunner Express/Beaver Land Mine Ride from Geauga Lake. As for this having the so called record for the most coasters I highly doubt anyone in Northeast Ohio has any idea, outside of the enthusiast community, that Magic Mountain even exists or even knows how many coasters they have. Same with the West Coast regarding Cedar Point.
  14. Phantom Theater was a good ride. I always loved the old Earthquake ride at CP when I was a kid. Thought it was better than the Pirate Ride. Currently my favorites are Indiana Jones at Disneyland, Ghostwood Estate at Kennywood, and Scooby Doo and the Scary Swamp at SFStL.
  15. I've really enjoyed your thread and a lot of that brings back many memories. You have quite a collect and just want to thank you for sharing. As for the videos, I have three of those that you've posted including the 1977 "Rollercoaster" movie. I must be a true geek.
  16. Yes, I've read the past two to three pages prior to my registering here. If CP wasn't the first then someone else would have topped 200 feet eventually. Once we hit 200 feet it seemed the sky was the limit as it wasn't long before we were seeing rides 225 feet high (Desperado) and drops of near equal length (Steel Phantom). And how is MF not like Magnum other than manufacturer and statistics? MF is Magnum without all the bunny hills and with more banked turns. You just agreed with me that WT is not innovative. It was more or less trying to one up CP's former competition with a similar ride. You're focused on the size and not what makes the ride different or unique from rides of a similar nature. The cobra roll is what made Raptor unique when it was built. Hydraulic technology is hydraulic technology no matter how it is used. Xcellerator still trumps Dragster. Since you want to refer to taking things to the next level, is Kingda Ka groundbreaking despite being a near clone of Dragster and how does Storm Runner fit into this equation since it was the first in the U.S. with inversions? Does it make the ride groundbreaking as well? Hope I'm not trying to stir up ill-feelings being a newbie here.
  17. Been a long time lurker but I had to register to tell Thrillrider that I understand his side of the discussion. Having grown up going to CP for most of my life, except for the last couple of years, I have to agree that CP hasn't exactly been in the forefront of doing groundbreaking rides. They have always been the ones to have someone else do the work and then they just improve on it by making it a little different. I don't consider breaking height records as being groundbreaking since these records are/were being broken all the time. The only rides they have installed were groundbreaking only for minor reasons, not because the ride experience was new or unique. Magnum was the first to top 200 feet but overall Magnum is basically taking the concept of a traditional out and back coaster and supersizing it. Millennium Force, to me, was just taking the concept of Magnum and supersizing it to 310 feet. The only real groundbreaking feature was the cable lift hill, other than that it's still basically a traditional out and back freeform coaster. Wicked Twister is not groundbreaking. That honor goes to the impulse that was an hour and a half east of the park at what was Six Flags Ohio/Worlds of Adventure. So they added a second twisted spike, big deal, but Superman had the stronger launch and actually went almost all the way to the top of the spikes, unlike Wicked Twister. Raptor was not groundbreaking. Batman at SFGAm was. It has the same inversions except for the then-new cobra roll, which would have eventually been made for the inverted coaster anyway. Dragster, isn't exactly groundbreaking. For hydraulic launches I would think Xcellerator would be the likely candidate. Personally, I'd love to have a 4th Dimension but I know that will never happen however I wouldn't be surprised if CF took a closer look at X-Raptor at Gardaland once that ride opens.
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