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  1. I didn't catch the live stream so how do you pronounce the name? I've been calling it Val-ravn. I'm glad that they are going to make the ride guest friendly, i.e. bring the ride up close to midways so that guests can have some interaction with it unlike Gatekeeper. I'm actually quite surprised by the new midway that goes behind Cadillac Cars - will make it easier to get to Blue Streak and Valravn without having to go all the way to Raptor to access them. Great job CP!
  2. That's interesting. I was recently wondering how Cinecitta World and Rainbow Magicland were doing since they are newer and haven't heard much about them since then. Hopefully things will turn around for them.
  3. Though the internet has basically ruined the excitement of any new attraction I also can't wait for tomorrow and see how Valravn is going to fit in that spot. The color of the track is a bit darker from the rest of the coasters in the skyline except Millennium Force so it will be a nice change from the usual reds and yellows CP is known for.
  4. Looking at the aerial photo where the ride construction is marked for some reason I think we're going to see something similar to what Plopsaland De Panne is getting next year.
  5. I've come to expect in park versions of chain restaurants to be either an express version (limited menu) or same menu but elevated prices. I also don't expect having the same quality as establishments outside of the parks. For example I used to get Skyline Chili at Kings Island but now I wait until I leave the park since the in park stands are not up to the same quality (overcooked spaghetti on a three-way Is too soggy for my liking).
  6. The only place I've felt rattle on Banshee is in the back. The middle is pretty smooth. As for Diamondback the only part that bothers me is after coming out of the hammerhead turnaround the train gets a bad vibrating rattle as it begins to climb the hill before the mid-course. It doesn't affect how I feel about the ride, I love Diamondback, but that particular section is one I don't look forward to with each ride.
  7. I guess Psyclone at Canada's Wonderland has been running well and it's been there over ten years.
  8. It wouldn't be a bad thing to happen but then you would probably wait another 15-20 years for another world class coaster. Darien doesn't draw 2 to 3 million guests every year to quickly pay off a big investment. Sure you would probably have a decent increase at the gate the first year or two but then after the newness has worn off a bit then what? Let's play armchair theme park owner. Let's say a world class coaster runs anywhere between $17 and $25 million, depending on manufacturer, what would you rather spend that money on if you owned DL? A. One roller coaster that is equal to or superior to your star attraction Ride of Steel, or B. Investing in upgrades to infrastructure, replacing and/or restoring current attractions, add a non world class yet excellent roller coaster and/or water park expansion all in the effort to improve guest satisfaction. Personally my choice would be "B" as those kind of investments would go a lot further than adding just one big attraction for the price. I still think doing in-park guest surveys is the way to go - get their opinion while at the same time they are enjoying the park. May make the guests feel as though the park cares about what they think. BTW, I've always kind of liked Darien Lake Fun Country. I get a kick out of seeing the manhole covers in the park with Fun Country on them.
  9. Dorney, though not quite neglected, has had nothing but hand-me-downs since Hydra was added in 2005 (though I miss Superman/Steel Venom now Possessed) though they did get a new set of flyers this year. Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure was added at the expense of losing Geauga in 2007 so you're right that TImbers would be the last big investment at that park. What I find ironic is that after all the years that Six Flags was blamed on focusing only on their bigger parks and somewhat neglecting their smaller properties Cedar Fair is pretty much doing the same thing. After reading everything from today's big Six Flags announcements it seems they did things very right for 2016 by giving at least something to all the parks in the chain, even if it was just one or two flats. Still waiting for Valleyfair, Dorney Park, California's Great America and Michigan's Adventure to say something though I've read that Valleyfair should be announcing soon. Getting back on topic with DL it hasn't been totally neglected either as there has been some reinvestment over the past few years. The only thing that somewhat bothers me, and it's a minor issue, is that if Darien wanted to create a buzz and start selling passes for next year they would announce their new additions around this time of year.
  10. Um, living within the "almighty" Cedar Point and seeing what they did to a nice park called Geauga Lake, I would not be so quick to think that Cedar Fair would be the greatest thing that has ever happened at Darien Lake. Not saying that they would do the same to Darien Lake but being rather close to their most profitable park do you seriously think they would put a lot of investment into Darien? Ask the fans with Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, Dorney Park, or Michigan's Adventure as their home parks what they think, especially after the Paramount Parks purchase. Who's been getting all the big stuff since then? Sure isn't the smaller parks in the chain. Yes, Cedar Fair are pretty much tops in terms of working at full capacity on their rides, have top notch operations and would seriously clean up the park as well as put a fresh coat of paint on everything but after seeing what had happened only 40 minutes from my house I would be careful what you ask for.
  11. I like the little details to Fireball like making the vehicle look like a car with flames. I wonder if SFStL's will be similar.
  12. A dark ride is something that SFGAm had missing from its lineup so adding another Justice League makes perfect sense to me.
  13. I have always had a fascination with Revolution ever since I first saw it in the move Roller Coaster back in 1977 and I was excited to finally get to ride it in 2001. Love the layout, love the dense foliage that has grown around it, but the trains really ruined it. I am thrilled that the ride will be back to its original state.
  14. Darien Square still feels like it's not a part of the park because it seems so distant from the other park midways. It feels like you're leaving the park to get to some of the attractions. Motocoaster only works because the entrance is located there. I don't think a slight re-design of the area would fix it. How much longer do you think the laser show will last? I understand it's fairly popular but that is also a nice little chunk of property ripe for development just like the go-cart area.
  15. Thanks for the photos. Nice to see a picture of the Funtime drop tower. That thing is huge to be portable. I also can imagine how awesome the Polyp would be at night with all the lights on it.
  16. What about new small to mid-sized parks? Jew pointed out giant FEC's but what about something the size of a Waldameer, Michigan's Adventure, or even a Santa's Village?
  17. I miss Villain a lot. I didn't think the Gerstlauers were all that bad on it and on the plus side there were no seat dividers like on PTC's. I'm sure PTC's would have beaten up the track more and I can't imagine how the trick track after the second drop would have been in one of those trains, especially since the ride did deteriorate a bit in the following years after opening. All of a sudden I'm taken back to my final ride on it on the very last day in September 2007. It was running great that day. As for the Boss some of the turns were a bit much in those Gersts but I didn't think it was as bad as some have made it out to be. Maybe I had caught it on a good day.
  18. Not to change the subject but of all the products B&M offers I just find it interesting how the flyer has really taken off in Asia with this, Acrobat at Nagashima, and the various Superman clones in China. With the money they've spent on some of those newer parks they would have gone with an invert over the Vekoma SLC or the Chinese rip offs.
  19. Carowinds has 3 coasters in Planet Snoopy. It wouldn't be overkill at KD to add a 2nd. I think adding the newer model Vekoma Jr Suspended coaster would be a perfect fit to add to PS there at KD. The one at Fun Spot America in Orlando was quite comfortable. I don't see anything wrong with adding another kid friendly/family coaster to Planet Snoopy. That new Gerstlauer Rewind Racers in California would also be a unique and nice addition as well. I would think anything B&M includes a higher than normal height restriction to classify as a family coaster and wonder what the height limit is for that family suspended coaster in China.
  20. Oh, Excalibur, the creaks and moans as the ride made its one single rotation as we spun - it's all coming back to me. One of the few rides that left me a bit dizzy afterwards. It is a great ride but doesn't it also have a lot of maintenance issues? A Frisbee would be a fine replacement.
  21. Wouldn't it be funny if they announced Valravn the same day as Six Flags' announcement even though I think Iron Roar would more than steal its thunder.
  22. I have ridden the one at Darien Lake and was quite surprised how fun it was since I had never ridden one before. It's not scary but I also sat in the middle since the end seats filled up first. I found it comfortable and the restraints were fine.
  23. I downloaded the campground map (seriously it has to be one of the biggest campgrounds ever) and even if they expanded into the area directly behind Twister and go-carts you'd still have plenty of campground left to fill up with resort guests. They can always add a buffer instead of a fence to separate the two properties and maybe move the Darien Square entrance to where Twister is (that little plaza in front of the ride would make for a nice second entrance). An idea for redoing the parking lot is relocating the entrance down Rte. 77 towards the end of the lot. All they would need to do is extend the causeway to where it will cross the road further down. Not a huge expense but it would certainly free up a little more space for Splashtown.
  24. ^I did a Friday night at Haunt back in 2013 and it was busy but not anywhere near a Saturday type crowd. I remember Beast had a full queue and Diamondback had almost a 3/4 full queue. All coasters were running and majority of the flats. Despite the crowd it was one of the best park visits I've had in a looong time.
  25. Every time I've been at the park I've hardly seen anyone at the batting cages or go-carts. Personally I think go-carts inside theme parks are past their prime. The real estate they sit on can be used for better things. I don't see why a roller coaster could not go there - it doesn't have to be a big coaster. A ride lik SFOG's Dare Devil Dive, a Gerstlauer Eurofighter, would be perfect on that spot. Galaxy Theater was looking a bit worn when I was there earlier this month. This is another "attraction" that sits on a site that could be better used for something else. Have Viper's exit empty out into the plaza and add a couple flats. As for Redhawk it is way overpriced. I'd be willing to fork over $50 if it included Sling Shot but not as a single attraction.
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