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  1. My guess is an S&S El Loco. Also I like the new logo. Looks much cleaner than the old one. Will your roadside sign get renovated to show it?
  2. Heaven forbid if the lake effect snow machine gets going early this year - Buffalo is pretty much ground zero for snow storms due to where it's located on the lake. As for Harvest Fest, sounds like a scaled back version of Geauga Lake's old Oktoberfest, which I could see Darien Lake expand in the future. It's how GL used to end its season prior to Premier buying the park and adding Haunt in the mid-90's. It was always a good time.
  3. ^Ditto. I did my very first Haunt back in 2013 on a Friday night. It was very strange and unreal that I was queuing for Diamondback at 12:30 AM. That was a GREAT night ride and the Beast was running at "near religious experience" levels.
  4. I like Beaver Brothers even though it is a bit pricey but it also is decent quality for what you get. Plus you get to somewhat see some Boomerang action if you sit in the right spot. Did they ever remodel Maria's? I went there once and had an excellent meatball sandwich but the place was in dire need of a makeover. The one place I do miss was Timber Ridge Pizza. It was located next to Predator's entrance. They had some very good fresh pizza there, not the cardboard kind some parks server you.
  5. It's also very sad that the Columbus Zoo totally went beyond what CF did and created what WWK could have been with Zoombezi Bay. The first time I saw their water park I was like "Oh, crap, now that's a water park!"
  6. In the 11 years that WWK had existed they did nothing to it other than add new wave pool in 2006. It's obvious there was no plan to keep it going long term. I'm not much of a water park person but if they would have added something interesting I would have visited. Plus add in the fact the very little advertising they did for the park.
  7. ^ It's a very bad simulator attraction that sort of has you flying around some of Europe's major cities and landmarks. If it's still there whenever you get a chance to go - avoid it all costs!
  8. The old Tomb Raider/Crypt building would be great for a new dark ride of some sorts but it is a small area wise to fit a decent dark ride in it. If they kept the cave entrance it already has and maybe add on to the existing structure (there's plenty of room behind the huge building to do so) then it would be possible and not cost as much as an entirely new build.
  9. I think the boomerang at Walibi Rhone Alpes is the one with lap bars when they turned it into Eqwalizer.
  10. With the amount of negativity in this forum I can't help but think that if Joker was sent to St. Louis instead of Great America people would still be unhappy about it. Granted SFStL isn't the coaster mecca that a lot of the other Six Flags parks have become but I think that's what makes it a great park; makes it stand out from the others in the chain. As for Spinsanity, I think it's a welcome addition even if your closest competitor has the same ride. Even though I can't do a lot of spinning rides anymore a park can never have enough flat rides.
  11. Having finally caught up on all the announcements this one is my favorite - totally not expected amongst all the Justice Leagues and 4D Free Spins (also nice to see a couple Zamperla Giant Discovery rides though I admit I originally thought this Wonder Woman was one of them). Now if Six Flags could just get away from all the superhero themed rides and actually come up with something, dare I say it, original it would be a welcome relief.
  12. So would that have made I-305 a bad decision to install at KD? At least that 's how I'm reading into it. A company that spends that kind of money for what is basically the park's marquee attraction yet doesn't bring in the results they had hoped makes it sound like it was a failure from the start. I, personally, loved the ride and consider it better than Millennium Force.
  13. There was one planned for sometime around the 2004/2005 season. From my recollection Six Flags got a height variance cleared to go 210 feet on the Wild Life side as part of a deal with Bainbridge Township (the deal meant that certain sections were off limits for new rides, which would be closest to the nearby residents). They wanted to add more attractions on that side (hence the rides in Happy Harbor plus Starfish from Discovery Kingdom and Thriller Bees from Kentucky Kingdom being located there). The original site for the hyper would have been where Woods Arena used to be, which currently is the hill behind the Tidal Wave Bay wave pool in WWK. It would have spanned across Squires Road and run along side the parking lot. There were a lot of people against that idea so the hyper was then relocated to go behind the waterski stadium (then home of the Batman Water Thrill Spectacular show) and head towards Happy Harbor.
  14. I somewhat disagree as a combined park there was plenty to do for two days. Six Flags didn't market it that way. I spent a lot of time there during what I term the "magic years" (2000-2003) and once Shouka was brought in and started performing people were coming back. I remember sitting in the stadium with healthy crowds watching the show. It's a shame that Six Flags was not able to get Kshament, the male orca from South America, to breed with Shouka. That would have been a serious win for Six Flags if that happened. I agree with this however I don't blame Six Flags for the huge expansion in 2000. They were going to go head to head with Millennium Force and, to a certain degree, Son of Beast, both huge attractions that were drawing a LOT of attention. How was little ol' Geauga Lake going to compete with that? Playing Monday morning park president, they could have waited a year to "Flag" the park and then all the attention would have been on them. There are plenty who think CF bought it to get rid of it. Did they seriously think they would be able to turn the park around and make it profitable in the short time they owned it? Also take into account the Paramount deal also killed any chance for the park to be saved. It did suck that Six Flags got the okay from Bainbridge Township for that hyper, with a few stipulations of course, and that would have been awesome on the Wild Life side. When I rode SFOG's Goliath I couldn't help but think that it was SFWoA's hyper. The way it sits above the midway was exactly how it would have been in Ohio. With the Skyscraper and monorail basically out of commission at the time they could have expanded into the former midway area with no problem after Steel Venom and X Flight were gone. They could have just relocated Head Spin elsewhere. I was one of those who boycotted Cedar Fair parks at the time of the closing but my boycott was only until Kinzel was gone. He was being compared to Art Modell when he took the Browns to Baltimore. My anger toward him and Cedar Fair was based on how they handled the closing. They totally disrespected the 119 year history of the park at the time by not saying anything about closing it. I would have been okay with the downsizing of the park, i.e. moving some of the big Six Flags additions to other parks, if it meant the park would still be open today.
  15. WOW, that photo of Monster's lighting is spectacular! Now that's how you light up a ride. Strange that Oktoberfest is adults only. When Geauga Lake had their annual Oktoberfest (which was awesome - rides till midnight!) it was more of a family event despite all the beer flowing.
  16. Oh, HELL NO!!! The parks were dying under Kinzel's watch. He was stuck in the 80's when running the parks (whereas Six Flags was using the latest technology to help move the parks forward). Matt Ouimet came in and did things that Kinzel would never have done therefore bringing the parks up to where they can be more competitive. Six Flags may get picked on for various reasons but they are willing to try something new. We have yet to see CF use RMC 's services or put in an S&S 4D Free Fly. Cedar Fair is usually more conservative, using their 2017 announcements as an example. I get it that SF is more thrill oriented, that appears to be their niche compared to CF. I'm not expecting anything mind blowing from Six Flags' announcement but I always like it when they announce something totally unexpected. BTW under Kinzel Fury 325 would have been Fury 306 and not receive the praise the ride has been receiving.
  17. What are the chances that the hotel could be expanded into a year round indoor water park resort? Is there even a market for something like that in the Buffalo/Rochester/Niagara Falls region? Certainly could help bring revenue in during the off season.
  18. So they are finally putting the final nail in the Geauga Lake coffin. Long overdue. They didn't seem to do much in trying to get people to visit the park. I don't expect them to sell it anyone else to keep it going. I'm sure that lakefront property would sell for a nice price for some condos. It's in better condition than the ride side.
  19. What's with all the red Troikas? I would think that Dorney's would match the logo and at least have a yellow and a green wheel.
  20. I don't get the complaining. The original Winterfest they held basically had the same attractions open - carousel and the train - and it was still very popular. This is basically what they are doing here. Given that winters up here can be harsher compared to places like Dollywood and Carowinds, this will at least be something to look forward to during the holiday season and would be worth the drive from Cleveland.
  21. Love this whole new County Fair area as, IIRC, this was one of the deadest areas of the park as far as attractions go. My thinking is the current County Fair back by Afterburn will eventually be integrated into Carolina Harbor.
  22. I don't do the water parks that much anymore though there are still a few slides I want to try. Of the ones I have visited I have always liked Kings Island's water park the most. I've been to Holiday World but never Splashin' Safari (this was back when Voyage was new). I've always wanted to visit The Beach across the freeway from Kings Island since they've reopened but it's hard when KI is the focus of any trip to SW Ohio. When we used to have Geauga Lake I would hit WWK first thing for a few hours then spend the rest of the day on the rides.
  23. RollerManic, thanks for the photo. I knew I wasn't dreaming it. There is no mention of the ride on their website so I wonder if it's something that they are still working on or if they have dropped the concept altogether. It looks to have much better capacity than the regular Free Fly, which is what I believe is the reason why they came up with this version.
  24. Didn't S&S introduce a newer Free Fly at IAAPA several years ago that had rocking cars that eventually would spin 360 degrees - I think they called it the Free Fly X?
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