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  1. But that's the only thing you've done in this thread since becoming a member. Not to mention I've given you a pass on a couple of borderline rumors, including the Sherwin Williams Ride of Steel fiasco and asking 5 times what's new for 2017. If you're "not trying to start a rumor", please don't say anything, it is really just worsening the quality of this thread that's already stereotypically bad in most members' eyes.
  2. The map looks like last years to me... The one we got in the mail had viper 35th emblems on it. Ah, they must not have put it online yet, if they ever will
  3. Rest areas are generally every 35-40 miles outside cities, and theres only about 70 miles between PA and Buffalo.
  4. Mustve been a concert or special event, because what you described is not normal.
  5. Wow that was a rambling rant, with a lot of false info. Where do you live, because you dont need to take the Thruway all the way there and theres hardly any traffic on the mainline 90E even if you do. Tell me where you live (town or nearest landmark) and ill ease your driving troubles...
  6. I had a season pass in high school and a year or two after, and didnt get one again until I had kids old enough to ride. In between, the once a year company picnics or day at Kingdom Bound sufficed for us.
  7. What field? Look at 1299 Sumner Rd where the picture was taken but, look behind and there will be a feild that has been cleared recently and it looks to havesomething in it. Its firewood. The only relation it has to DL is campers buying it and burning it in a DL firepit.
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