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  1. I'm considering a trip too. Just not sure I want to commit to a 2 hour drive. I'm itching for a real coaster ride and I don't think I can wait for WCB. My kiddo got a season pass for Christmas she wants to go through the gate with. So maybe we'll (Calicoasters, his girlfriend, my daughter and myself) see you tomorrow.
  2. Ditto all that except you forgot Universal Studios:Hollywood (I've never been!). Work in Carlsbad, live in San Marcos. I currently have season passes to Legoland for the kid and I and SFMM for myself and the kid gets to tag along.
  3. I am currently sitting at 388 as a pickle... haven't been able to play it yet. Damn firewall at work is the bane of my existence and I fell asleep before my turn last night.
  4. www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/jan/07/santa-monica-pier-amusement-park-sold-for-34m/ Interesting story that just posted. I've never actually been up there to the park, but it looks like a fun little place. 2 acres that gross $20m a year doesn't sound too horrible. I wonder what the operating costs are.
  5. I'll definitely go take pictures when it opens. Love Star Wars and Legos.
  6. Here I'll play. LegoLand: California January 2, 2011 for all of 1 hour before it started to rain. Rode Technic Coaster and Dragon Coaster. Ate some apple fries and split. Six Flags: Magic Mountain January 9, 2011 (Had a pretty good day keeping to the 48" rides). LegoLand: California January 23, 2011 Just rode a couple things before softball practice. Six Flags: Magic Mountain February 21, 2011 Went to ride Superman Backwards. Waited most of the day, but it was well worth the wait. Sealife Aqaurium: Carlsbad California February 26, 2011. Got a great deal to get 6 people in for $5 and took the family. Six Flags: Magic Mountain March 19, 2011. Day #1 of West Coast Bash. What a wonderful, exhausting day. Knotts Berry Farm March 20, 2011 Day #2 of West Coast Bash. What a soaking wet, freezing cold day... but I got to stand in the log flume!!! Weather didn't kill us it made us stronger. Legoland: California April 3, 2011 Went to check out the new Star Wars areas of Miniland. Really nicely put together. Disneyland and California Adventure April 8 & 9, 2011. Spent a couple of days at Disneyland for my birthday and loved it even with California Adventure completely under construction. Edited 5/4/2011 - I haven't been keeping up with this, there's trips I've already forgotten about. I know I've been to Legoland more times than I remember and have pictures for, but we usually just pop in and out of there for about an hour at a time. I have some things planned that are coming up, can't wait to get out of southern California and ride some new things.
  7. Just asked for both days off at work today even though I work Monday through Friday, want to be covered in case my schedule changes. Can't wait for this weekend!
  8. SFMM is open February 21st (Monday) but other than that, its all weekends for 2011 until March 27th, then its back to daily with varying hours (Mostly 10:30-6 on weekdays). Good luck planning your trip, if you can avoid the spring break crowds, I've had a lot of luck with going to all those parks in April, even Disneyland on a Saturday (April 4th) last year wasn't insanely crowded.
  9. I believe Deejays Vu is closed because it doesn't have a train on the track, not cause of winds. Good thing I didn't go today, I'm not willing to drive out unless I know I can get a ride on X2, otherwise, the trip just don't feel right to me. Will probably go Sunday instead, I'm guessing the crowds will be low. Lol well thats very true, and I of course know its Deja Vu, but my Android phone wanted to call it Deejays I guess. Scream did end up opening at about 3pm, but I never got over there to ride it and the little one cant. I try to avoid taking rides on things she can't get on yet when I'm with her, but I did indulge in some Tatsu and Riddler's greatness today. Overall a great ride day in the park. After the nightmare of riding Ghostrider at Knotts a couple weeks ago it was really nice to get a ride on a couple of woodies that don't make it hard to turn my head for a couple weeks. My eight year old had an excellent day and got to experience four new coasters today, its the first time she's been since hitting that wonderful 48" mark. She started off with a classic, Revolution (#19), then Terminator (#20), Goldrusher (#21 and even she hates it), then a great ride on Colossus for number 22, though we had the bad luck of being in the queue when they decided they really did need to run 2 trains today and it took about 40 minutes before anyone new was boarded on either train. Then for #23 and right at sunset, Goliath. We then went for rides in the dark of Colossus in the front and then Terminator and she agrees its even better at night. #20 Coaster, Terminator Salvation! #22 "I am not a crook!" Colossus 23 Goliath, though we didn't get to ride then because of what happened below for the second time today that we saw.... Awww it didn't make the whole lift hill again... Oh and did I forget to mention Superman's paint job update!? Hrm... through the trees while on Goldrusher... is that blue, why yes it is. As zoomed in as my crappy camera can get. Definitely blue going up on that tower, though it was way too breezy for them to paint today.
  10. It really hasn't been that windy here today. It was really bad driving through orange county this morning Still because of the possible gusts x2, scream, and deejays vu were closed. Unrelated to weather, Goliath has fallen short of the top of the lift hill twice today that I've seen but we are currently in line so my little monkey can get her first ride on it. I hope she doesn't talk herself out of it. She's a huge fan of terminator now that she finally hit 48" and she can't wait for WCB.
  11. On the way to the Mountain today. Told the little one we were just going to Knotts for the free Veteran's entrance. Hope its not as windy as the weather report says.
  12. And Hot Dog on a Stick has some of the best lemonade ever... mmmm makes me want some now.
  13. So I cruised to the Belmont Park website today, considering going down there tonight for some fun. And see a big notice on the front. Belmont Park I can't believe they would raise the rent over 700% and it is directly because of mismanagement of funds and not being able to tap San Diego residents for even more taxes.
  14. Wow, nice pictures. Shockwave was my first standup when it was at SFMM of course. Though I think its time has come and gone, it just can't compare to its replacement, Riddler's Revenge.
  15. Really awesome pictures. I just moved away from Phoenix and we always had zoo passes when we lived there. The Mexican wolves are my favorite, they are completely silent and hard to spot if they aren't doing their laps at the front of the enclosure, great shots. What kind of camera do you use?
  16. I just moved out of Phoenix after a six year stay. If you can handle the heat, its a pretty neat place to live, you can go hiking within city limits, I dont know very many big cities that you can say that for. Also, being from Southern California, the 'traffic' in Phoenix is extremely light compared to what I'm used to in LA/Orange/San Diego County. I love Tempe, but it is a very college atmosphere, I lived there about 3 years and the other 3 years in downtown Phoenix. Both have their upsides for outdoor activity and downtown culture. If you live in Phoenix the commute to the westside of town would be opposite the traffic congestion in the morning and afternoon assuming you work normal business hours and you can take the light rail train directly into Tempe for any concerts or fun (and not get a DUI). Chase field is the best and cheapest place to enjoy baseball in the MLB and even I fell in love with the never winning diamondbacks, it must have been the $5 seats and $1.50 beer.
  17. Went back to Legoland's Brick or Treat night tonight with the little one. Thought she might have the chance to win the costume contest for the Lego category, she didn't, but we still had fun. Ready to head to Legoland Die Vadar! These guys are great. Lots of entertainers rolling around on balls, unicycles, stilts, jugglers etc.
  18. I went to Knotts last Sunday, but didn't stay for Scary Farm because I had a kiddo with me. We've been to Brick or Treat at Legoland, CA and we are going back this Saturday so she can be in a costume contest. I will take pictures when we go this week. It was a lot of fun for the smaller crowd and they give out candy and treats to the kids. The entertainment is pretty nice too and we liked riding the coasters in the dark, such a rare treat for Legoland. The little monkey is going to be dressed up as a Legobrick Vampire. Almost done make the legobrick part of the costume now.
  19. Yeah was at Knotts today and Pointless Express is open again. Rode it with the kiddo. One of the ride ops told Cody that they used pieces from both trains to make one working one. The other train was still covered up, but missing the front car. The train that is running has a dent in the back. Ghostrider was great in the morning, rough in the late afternoon. But was so smooth in the morning, almost felt like Collosus.
  20. Just start walking. I've just started a job where I have hour long lunches and I'm only about a mile from Legoland so I've been walking around there for lunch. The only full sized meal I eat is dinner, the rest is broken up into small portion healthy 'snacks' throughout the day. Banana and some juice for breakfast (or wheat toast or some healthy cereal), some peanuts and yogurt at my first break, maybe some grilled chicken and salad at lunch (find some fat free dressings you like), some fruit and more peanuts at second break. And besides maybe some juice or coffee (no sugar or creamer) drink water! I used to drink at least 3 cans of coke a day, it took a long time to wean myself off, but I really do feel better without it now. Just from cutting soda out earlier this year I shed 20 pounds without the walking and diet changes, so hopefully I can get back down to where I was when I was in the military again with more effort. Good luck.
  21. Wow, really neat looking area. Wish they'd replace Toon Town at Disneyland with that.
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