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  1. Great Trip Report. Where is Story Land located?
  2. Really nice pics, never seen some of those attractions.
  3. Looks like an awesome trip so far. Cant wait to see more.
  4. I can't fold paper to save my life... I know that sounds lame. But that looks awesome.
  5. Lol Nice Trip report. You are brave, those are the kinds of places I usually pass up. My 8 year old doesn't beg too hard to go to them because she hasn't had any luck with me giving in over the years.
  6. Heights, one of the scariest things I can think of doing is going to the top of the observation tower at SFMM. Also used to snowboard in the Alps, I'm fine once I get up there, but damn that ride to the top.
  7. ^ Thats not a color, its a pattern. BLUE is my favorite.
  8. I was really looking forward to Lost Kingdom of Adventure... it didn't live up to even the Buzz Lightyear lazer ride at Disneyland. But the theming was really nice. Entrance, never noticed a line sign... will have to look on Sunday. Hieroglyphics everywhere. More Inside the ride itself. Some lego mummies. Was on a second time because our friends missed out on the first run and noticed this. Nice themed ride rules sign. Dune Raiders Sign Just your average fair slide Beatle Bounce sign Her friend wasn't as happy to be on the ride as she was. She loves the King The Governator! Visiting the White House Downtown NY Vegas Baby! Coast Cruise going past Mount Rushmore And we end where we began. It was a great day, but I can't wait to be back on Sunday for Star Wars Day!
  9. Its Shark Week! Too hot for Legoland Caught the Big Test Show at Fun Town Stage Very athletic stuntman. Volvo Driving Shcool. Last time she was here, she had to do the Jr. section. Some trimming needed View of the track Ready to get started I swear she was speeding The last one I'm buying, this makes three. So lets head to Dino Island for Coaster Credit number 11 for the little one. Coastersaurus view from the outside Hrm, I wonder if the gardeners all took vacation at the same time... Lifthill of Coastersaurus from the exit. Very blurry shot of the train from the exit Coaster credit number 12! Lego Technic Coaster Line reading. Picture of some of the track from the line queue Technic Track lift hill Someone is a little apprehensive about that big first drop. But once she got it over with, she loved the ride. Daylight is fading... lets get over to Land of Adventure and then cruise through Miniland USA before heading out the gate.
  10. First stop is my favorite theme park snack, Granny's Apple Fries. Mmmm tasty. Caught the Grand Tournament of Champions Show More Grand Tournament of Champions. Red team won! Dragon Goodiness! These poor Knights and Nobles were slayed Dragon is too fast for me... to get a good shot. Locked up for being stinky Batman? Is that you? Dragon in front of Knights Tournament. Its pretty big, my daughter is just a hair under 4 feet. If only they would stay there all day... Later in the day we headed back up the hill to eat at The Knight's Table BBQ. Legoland is doing free kids meals after 5pm until the end of August. I was starving and ate the chicken before I took a picture, but it was good. Kiddo had spare ribs and liked them. I never buy drinks at Legoland, they will of course give you free water after reminding you that they have bottled, but everything there was less than . Land of Adventure was insanely crowded so we decided to turn back around and head to Fun Town instead.
  11. First View of Pirate Shore is Captain Cranky's Challenge Captain Cranky himself Ride Entrance Me and my daughter on the ride. Not very much air time compared to others. Still fun. Very small log flume ride. Treasure Falls. Treasure Falls Entrance, the line was deceptively short. There are four boats and they run really slow. Took about 40 mins to get to the front. My Monkey in the front Treasure Falls Monkeys The enormous lift hill /sarcasm Water park peeking through the trees Might come back later and take his napping spot Want to get extremely wet? The Soak N Sail wasn't too busy yet as it was still a cool morning. Swabbies Deck, another get very wet area aimed at toddlers. Splash Battle Sign Nice Theming in ride for Splash Battle One of the three information signs that they had in the queue. A lot of rides had these and kept my 8 year old busy for a few minutes. Splash Battle boats. Ended up getting very wet on Splash Battle, not from the ride spraying me, or other boats, but from the people at the side of the ride, their cannons had much more pressure than anything else. Next up is Castle Hill, my personal favorite area of the park.
  12. Had some friends visiting from Arizona that wanted us to meet for the day at Legoland. I haven't been in a few years and a lot has changed in the park since my last visit in 2006. Plus my kiddo had two coasters there she hadn't been on yet (Coastersaurus & Lego Technic Coaster). I dont have the best digital camera and its old, so the pictures may not be the best. First off there's some great deals going on in the San Diego area. Burger King is giving out a buy an adult ticket and get a kids entrance free when you buy a value meal. But I randomly stopped at Subway and saw a better deal. Buy a 32oz drink and it has a park hopper coupon on it. Buy an adult ticket and get a kids free with choice of adding either the Water park or Sea Life Aquarium. They also had 25% admission ticket coupons on a cardboard stand-up. Subway Promo Cup We only live about ten miles from the park and got there about a half hour before opening. It was pretty crowded for a Thursday and by the time we got through the parking gate and up to the front gate the park had opened up. Crowded Park Entrance Price List Park Hopper, 2 Day Tickets Decided to upgrade to a yearly Membership that you pay monthly. Park Map showing the water park just off of Fun Town We got in and took a left towards Dino Island and as expected it was already packed and the line for Coastersaurus was over an hour long. So we decided to go head towards the back of the park where crowds would be sparse. The water park looked cool for younger kids, so its kind of unique for that. Legoland is good for the younger crowd who isn't ready for the big adult sized stuff. Water park entrance, not yet open for the day Our first real stop was Pirate Shores, this area wasn't around when we were last at the park. One thing I can say about Pirate Shores, prepare to get wet... (cont. on next post)
  13. Myself and my little mini me 8 year old Star Wars Geek are so excited to go to Legoland California this weekend. We're going on Sunday. http://california.legoland.com/Plan/shows_and_events/star_wars_days/?month=8&year=2010 We were at the park today, great day, will probably post a trip report once I get to editing all the pictures.
  14. I grew up a stone's throw from KBF when growing up. So in the 80's and early 90's we often went there, especially for free military family admission days. Growing up, I loved the western theming at Knotts better than a trip to Disneyland (which I was also spoiled with many many trips to). Also at the time, Corkscrew, Monte and even the really crappy Windjammer were bigger than life coasters to me. (Pre SFMM trips). Soapbox racers were a blast and the parachute drop was my first big introduction to drop rides that still scare me today. The last time I had been to Knotts was 1996 as a senior in High School and much of what I loved about Knotts was still there. Like the Haunted House, Steamboat, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. I was out of the country and out of California for most of the rest of the 90's and into the 2000's and when I was back on vacation visits I would go to Disneyland or SFMM as I felt I had 'grown out of' Knotts. So my next visit was after a 13 year absence, I went in November 2009 to take my 7 year old to the park I remembered with such fondness. I have to say I was really shocked and a bit sad that her memories would not match mine. I think most of the charm that made Knotts so unique is gone. But the bones of that park are still there, and I hope they never get rid of the Log Ride, though the Mine Ride I can't say I'd miss. The stunt show is still there, and its just as corny and fun as it always has been too. I appreciate the need to remain competitive and other than 'Pointless Express' as my brother calls it, I really enjoy their new rides. Camp Snoopy is still cute for the younger crowd and I'm surprised how much of the stuff I remember is still intact there too. I think Cedar Fair has done an okay job keeping Knotts alive, but its a stripped down version of what most of us remember. I'm always surprised though when I mention the park to friends who don't live in Southern California, nobody's ever heard of it or even have a clue its just miles from Disneyland.
  15. I dont wear prescription glasses at the park, I can get by without them. But I do still bring along some cheap under $10 sunglasses. I usually tuck them into my shirt collar, glasses on the inside for a coaster. Funny enough though I had them on top of my head on bumper cars last weekend and they popped right off when I got hit from the side. Luckily several people made a grab for them and I got them back.
  16. I kind of skipped this thread when I registered last week. Hi! My name is Jenn. My 32, live in San Diego County and usually go to parks with my little (big) brother Cody (Calicoasters). I have an 8 year old who likes to ride coasters too, but refuses to get to 48". I'm hoping she'll have a growth spurt and get that last inch by November when we can go to Knotts for free for Veteran's Appreciation month. I'm a vet, was in the Army, do really geeky stuff for a living. Went to Termination Day last year with you guys, had a blast. Cody took my shirt I thought I registered here last year, but I guess I was just lurking.
  17. Saturday's suck, but Sunday is usually quiet. We did a half day trip last sunday cause we hit up SFMM in the first half of the day and we got on everything we wanted multiple times.
  18. Great report! I miss going to German Fairs, I used to live in Mannheim for a few years and always looked forward to the summer when the fests would be rolling through. I collected more beer glasses than any human should own with the ping pong game.
  19. What a horrible experience for the family and even the people that must have witnessed it. I hope things turn out ok, but a head injury like that from such a drop has to be one of the worst things to get through. It does seem like something as simple as an airbag under the nets could prevent these kinds of accidents.
  20. I can't remember exactly, because I rode them both the same day, but it was either Corkscrew at KBF or Montezooma's Revenge.
  21. Goliath at SFMM, No matter how many times I've been on it I still love falling into that tunnel from the front car. Xcelerator at KBF that drop is pretty nice too.
  22. Drop rides are the only rides that scare me to the edge of death and I can only go on them when someone I'm with begs. My first was Free Fall at SFMM, I know it doesn't sound like much but I was probably 8 at the time. Most recently I've been avoiding them until my brother Cody convinced me to go on Supreme Scream at KBF and I screamed his ear off. Still enjoyed it, but doubt I'd do it again, had bruises on the insides of my arms from gripping the restraints so tight.
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