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  1. Trying to see if anyone else remembers this or if I'm just crazy and making up this image in my head. Did SFMM used to have a live coyote back in the now gone Critter Canyon? I seem to recall from the late 80's early 90's period that I ran through the area once and thought it was crazy and sad there was a coyote (s?) back there. I can recall the mental image quite well, but I can't seem to find anything online that backs it up.
  2. Great pictures, even though I live in Northern San Diego County I haven't been there in years.
  3. Really nice shirt design. Glad I bought one. I know the demand just isn't there, but any chance of a kids size one?
  4. Hey now! I don't care what you say, soapbox racers was awesome. Windjammer... well it sucked big time. Of course that's your opinion and we're all entitled to one, but I liked that old ride when I was a kid.
  5. I'm sure Riddler's will run with two trains again when things are busier.
  6. Knotts had a similar ride in the 90's called XK-1 (Intamin). It was one of my favorite rides there in the 90's, was just like the rocket ships at disneyland, but you could go all the way around 360 degrees. It was where Supreme Scream is now.
  7. Never had a restraint pop open before, but I remember being very young, probably 5 on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad sharing the seat and lap bar with my father and him having to yank me back down in the seat as the lap bar wasn't on me at all after a pop up and some air. There are very few rides that I worry about the restraints, but there is one of them that always makes me wonder... and its one of my favorite rides... Deju Vu, you get pulled up that first spike, especially sitting in the back and your full weight on that otsr staring down at the ground... man I love that ride.
  8. Pfft, I took an 8 year old who had never been on X2 and started the day and thats all she wanted to do all day. She usually talks herself out of rides too.
  9. I've seen that one other time. Ugh I only have an hour left... but I'm so tired... what to do what to do...
  10. This is always one of my favorite videos, wouldn't mind seeing this in the pre-show because everyone knows that werewolves are boys, naked. http://pandachute.com/video/2350/The-Special-Ed-Werewolf-Skit
  11. Cheetah hunt looks amazing... then again so did those tacos. Great trip report!
  12. The water park deal seemed like a good one. Don't know the prices on a season water park pass (and too lazy to look) but that seems like a higher value than the parking add-on. I'm so not a water park person though. There is a free admission coupon in the coupon book this year to try it out though. I went ahead and bought a parking add on for my pass. Its usually not needed because my brother gets the xtreme pass for Christmas every year, but there's been a couple times lately he couldn't make it when we planned on going. I figure 3 more trips without him and the add-on was worth it. (Seriously Cody, stop getting sick the morning of a six flags trip...)
  13. I think this comment you made speaks volumes into part of what we are talking about. If the park had a good selection of reasonably priced (for a park, at least) places to eat, people wouldn't have to leave the park to eat. The last time I was there, lunch cost me around $45 for me and my two sons, and that was just personal pizzas and sodas. Way too much! I'm not so opposed to the price of food as I am the selection, I expect amusement park pricing for food. I can't be at a park with a grease ball or dairy in my stomach and I don't find much at Six Flags that I like to eat, but I know that going in and plan accordingly, not a big deal to me really.
  14. So a final recap/thoughts from my day at the park. First of all I got there later than I usually do. Even coming from San Diego I usually arrive for opening but today I had a late start and didn't get to the front gate until 11:20. Season pass processing looked like a zoo so I skipped processing my parking pass add-on until later. I had an 8 year old with me who can only hit the 48" rides. So the only sfmm credit she can get and didn't have yet was X2. We went there right away and it had just opened, saw the running of empty trains from the parking lot as we came in. We waited a half hour and that was the longest wait of the day. Next we hit Apocalypse and rode it several times. The ride ops were letting us stay on as long as no one was waiting for the seat you were in. I couldn't believe how many half empty trains there were and got the impression that a lot more people would repeat if they weren't forced through the pre -show. I looked longingly at Riddler's and Batman as we walked past them, skipping them because of the shorty with me. But it took several minutes to even notice a train going on Riddler's, I had thought it was closed until I finally saw one heading up the lift hill. I'm surprised they are running Riddler's with one train, but they were doing this back in November when I was there last and I waited 45mins for single rider line with no one ahead of me because the ride ops completely ignored me and I didn't want to be rude. Anyway, I wasn't going to do that again. We headed to Colossus and it wasn't really surprising there wasn't a line for that and we rode it a couple times front and back. Then we went to Goliath and I got the mini me to hit the front train for the first time, she did it like a champ and there wasn't a wait there either. I love pirate ship rides and we hit up Buccaneer next. Left for lunch, came back and processed my dang parking pass addon, got out coupon books and went back in for round two. I indulged a little and went on Viper without the mini me. Love this ride but probably for sentimental reasons, I was 10 when it opened and it was the first really intense, scared me to death and left me wanting for me coaster I can remember. It was rough, train 2, front seat, the wheels looked worn down I noticed before I got on. We hit X2 again, no line at all, just walked up and got second row seats, mini me wasn't brave enough for first row and didn't really believe me that there wasn't much difference. Hit up Revolution at the little one's request, then up the hill to Ninja (Hi-ya!). Superman's paint looks amazing. Back for a few more rides on Apocalypse, again staying on for a few turns until there were people waiting and one last run on Goliath before calling it a day and heading to IHOP and back down the 5 to home. We had a good time, but I'm sure I would have been frustrated waiting for Tatsu and Riddler's, especially if I was there for park opening and those rides weren't ready. If you open at 10:30 the rides should be ready at 10, thats my opinion though and I dont run things. The park did look tired and run down today, but I do expect that in the dead of winter, I hardly ever go at this time of year, although for my experience today, can't beat the lack of lines. Here's hoping that the park seems more motivated for WCB. I know I can't wait.
  15. I hope it's just mid winter blues. We are still at the park and it's pretty dead. Ninja is open about to ride it's and doubled up on all rides we wanted. X2 is walkon and that is nice.
  16. Happy birthday Robb. Hopefully see you at SFMM.
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