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  1. Awesome report! I don't know how you did it. I did 10 and was done.
  2. Apocalypse was rough today. I loved riding Colossus, red train felt better than black. *yawn* I need to get to sleep, early check in tomorrow.
  3. Is it Friday yet!? For some reason I'm super excited to leave San Diego at 3pm and hit LA traffic all the way up to MM... So want to pull the kid out of school ... yet so want to be the good parent and keep her in . Ugh.
  4. Super excited, one week to go. Only 3 days at work this week and then a 4 day weekend. Woohoo!
  5. Morgan is jealous reading this. She's currently on 52. But 50 was Full Throttle. Morgan gets 50 June 24, 2013
  6. Nice report man. Saw a lot I haven't seen before. Thanks.
  7. You'll want the Flash Pass. It just makes the day so much nicer and you get to enjoy the rides more and multiple times. When I'm traveling, Flash Pass is in the budget, just makes the day nicer, especially when things like attendance can be unpredictable. As for food... I don't think the new BBQ place is too horrible. If you don't have a car, stay at the park for sure. Enjoy it, it's got thrills and lots of hills, but it's not Disney
  8. I'm torn on calling this park ghetto... but it kind of was. I have a lot of fond memories of it. Santa's Village in Sky Forest CA. I was reading the Wild Bill post on the really cool looking Ghost House Maze thing and someone linked an ebay listing for an awesome looking Car Themed Merry Go Round and at the bottom of that post was a current post for the pumpkin carriage from Santa's Village in Skyforest. I loved! Loved loved loved riding on this thing. Then again I was only like 4-6 when we went there. Pumpkin Coach from Santa's Village. So somehow that led me to this thread. circa 1982. Me on a white and gray dabbled pony and one of my younger brother's on the brown one. This place was magical for a 4-6 year old in the 80s.
  9. Not that it looked that exciting... but I never got to ride Windseeker. It was closed every one of the 5-6 times I've been to KBF since it opened. Oh well...
  10. I second that Courtyard recommendation. I stayed there on Saturday night a couple bashes ago. This year though I think I'm changing it up a bit. I'm heading up to SFMM on Friday night from San Diego, ready to sit through nasty LA traffic and just deal with it then. Booked two nights at the Courtyard in Valencia (Fri-Sat). Previous WCB experience is that we get out of the park so late and have to be up so early it really sucks to drive back to OC after SFMM all day and then get up super early on Sunday for KBF. So the thought this year is to still have the room on Saturday, nice air conditioned afternoon nap, or swim in the pool. Go back to the park for night time ERT and then crash there that night, getting to sleep at a decent time and just having to get up early the next day, which I'm fairly used to getting up at 5:30 am for work M-F.
  11. Yay! Can't wait for WCB, haven't been to a TPR event for a while. Stupid car crash kept me off coasters for a while, but I went to SFMM last month with no trouble. Morgan will be thrilled, Full Throttle is fun!!!
  12. My favorite coaster as a kid was Thunder Mountain Railroad. I'd say my new favorite 'family' coaster is Sierra Sidewinder, depending on how you balance it that ride can pack a hell of a punch.
  13. Hey that corkscrew shot looks pretty hot. Can't wait to see that POV.
  14. Wow that was quick. Way to go Knotts! Though I probably won't visit Knotts again until WCB I'm looking forward to it. I've loved Knotts for as long as I can remember, it's changed with the times, but I never have a bad time there.
  15. They tested LL:DOD most of the day Sunday as well and then opened it around 2pmish... I'm too much of a chicken to get on it.
  16. It's the #1 thing on my wish list! Hoping I can pull that off! --Robb That was the best thing ever!! Would love to do it again. Can't wait for a fall WCB, we will be there and the weather should be amazing and I hope both parks can have their new stuff open... lol we'll see... I expected to see a lot more track for the YOLOcoaster than I saw today.
  17. Very hard to decide. I probably won't ride Gatekeeper in the foreseeable future, but it looks really damn nice. I am fairly excited to try out a 160' tophat though, and I will actually be riding that one this year, so by a very fine margin, YOLOcoaster.
  18. Went to the park today for the first time in about 18 months. My kid Morgan has finally hit 54" (slowest growing 10 year old in the world) and it was well past time to hit up some new credits. I was expecting it to be crowded with spring break, but it wasn't that bad. We got to the still not open parking lot a little after 9:30 (after breaking a land speed record from San Diego). The worst line we waiting in all day was season pass processing. Over an hour. They really need to figure out something better than what they are doing. I didn't expect everything to be open so early in the season, but everything we went to was. And they were running multiple trains where needed. Load times are still slow compared to other parks, the park is still dirty, but we had a good time. Rode Tatsu, then Apocalypse, Riddler's, Batman, Green Lantern (ugh), Morgan rode the Flash and Wonder Woman flat rides, then over to Scream, Colossus, late lunch, Goliath, Viper, X2, Ninja, Superman, checked out the in place Full Throttle track and Orient back down the hill. Morgan grabbing the YOLOcoaster Pretty much the same picture that Greg posted. Love this twist
  19. I'm not sure what SFMM is trying to do with limiting the spin on the coaster. I have a thought though, based on an experience we had there when we rode it. Last summer my brother, his girl and I rode it with a single rider put in next to me. My brother's side was pointing down as we left the station and we never got a spin as we went through, what we got was violently moved back and forth and as we got off the ride he could barely walk, almost fell down the stairs leaving and looked like he was going to pass out, had to sit for several minutes, wasn't right the rest of the day with a bad headache. I honestly think he had a minor concussion from it and he is never really affected by rides like that. I haven't really seen anyone else reporting such a ride experience and I didn't enjoy the ride at all, but didn't experience what he did either, but maybe there have been a few others? Might be enough to make a California park really worry about liability.
  20. Ray Cammack Shows travels to some big ones here in the southwest. San Diego County Fair, Orange County Fair, LA County Fair, Pima County Fair in Tuscon AZ, Arizona State Fair in Pheonix, few more spots in CA and some events in Houston. www.rcsfun.com I didn't grab the names of all the coasters at the San Diego fair last year, will probably document them better this year, but the crazy mouse was pretty generic, as was a green coaster with gray supports, windstorm I hadn't seen before, but I have avoided the fair for a few years. I didn't get the best pictures but here they are. Crazy Mouse Crazy Mouse Car Windstorm Generic green thing
  21. I only vaguely remember the lake, must have only seen it on my first trip to Magic Mountain. My most memorable time at Magic Mountain was in 1990, being at the park with a YMCA group with one of my brothers, it was just before Viper opened to the public and we got to preview it. I was 12 and terrified! But they also gave us hats that day with the Viper logo on it. (wish I still had it!)
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