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  1. Nice trip report, my daughter was drooling over this Cedar Fair offering. I wonder if all the Windseekers are down? Knotts is still down, not expected to open until Memorial day weekend. Must just be annual maintenance, getting it done before the height of the season.
  2. Awesome! I used to always look for the climbers when I was a kid.
  3. Cars land looked amazing last year in April when it wasn't even close to completed, gave me chills seeing how great the construction area looked. Can't wait to go see it completed.
  4. Amazing thread! Great pictures of the carousel too!
  5. Just never got on it, every time we passed the line was long. We have both been on it a lot and neither of us had the patience for any lines today. I think we're pretty spoiled at theme parks because anything looking to be past 30 minutes on something we've already been on is just waaaay too long of a line for us.
  6. Oh! And another thing I noticed on all rides except SIerra Sidewinder, our eyeglasses were allowed with straps on. That's a change I haven't noticed before. I search this forum a bit, but couldn't see any other mention of it. Any idea when that change came about? We both wore our glasses on Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, Ghostrider after the ride ops noticed they had straps, they said they were allowed.
  7. Mini Trip Report Sunday May 6th. For the most part Morgan and I have been taking a break this year. Our only season passes right now are to Universal Studios and we've only been once (but going on Mothers Day to preview Transformers). The poor kid has always been in the lower 10th percentile for height, she's a little over a month away from being ten and is just now looking at the 52" mark. She's been asking (read: begging) to go to a theme park and since she's a pretty fantastic kid and I had a knotts ticket from the Bert shoot last year, we went yesterday. But before consenting to go I stood her up to her custom height chart made by her Uncle Cody (calicoasters). You're over the 52" mark! Wow Morgan you're actually at the line! Went to check her coaster credits... hey you're at 39. Now I'm excited to go, I love Morgan's little milestone credits and to get Xcelerator for 40, well that's awesome. The big 40 Got there for park opening and the crowd was very light. My one and only complaint about the staff was their absolute lack of respect for the National Anthem (along with most of the crowd). But I'm a Veteran and grew up military so I probably expect more. We headed straight back to the credit of the day before she could overthink it and want to back out. She loved Xcelerator and we rode it twice, both in the very back, but X2 is still her favorite ride, then New Texas Giant and either Xcelerator or Goliath, she can't decide. The park crowd was still light so we moved to the exact opposite corner of the park and went for Ghostrider. I have found that if you're on the first trains of the day, the ride isn't horribly shaky. They were running gold and silver trains and we waited three trains to get on Gold It was rough, but I still love the drops on Ghostrider. Next the frog hopper lover put on her big girl pants and did supreme scream declaring after, "That was nothing". Windseeker was still closed Been there 4 times since its been opened and the ride hasn't operated once when I was there (maybe November :fingers crossed:). Monte was closed too, a shame we both love it. Things started to get busy about 11am there were a bunch of cheer and dance squads running around. We had a leisurely day, getting on three things we rarely do, Perilous Plunge, the Sky Tower and the stagecoach ride. Had a fun day out, got wet a lot. Though the crowd was heavy, we only waited 30 minutes for Sierra Sidewinder and that was the longest wait of the day. Xcelerator and Silver bullet both had incredibly long lines and were running single trains. Ate lunch at Portillos, went back to the park briefly for a train ride and a carousel ride. The park was clean and the staff was outgoing and friendly, smiling and greeting and wishing you a good rest of the day. I love Knotts! Really? Up on the sky tower (scariest ride in the park for me) Morgan on wipeout Silly rabbit rider I'm becoming a carousal geek (must be old age). Knotts has a fantastic 1902 Denztel menagerie carousel (used to be at Hersey Park until 1936). Here is the flag horse, most carousels have them as the lead.
  8. What!? You're not going to check out Castles and Coasters? I'll pass. I'm not interested in credits... I was mostly kidding, but honestly Desert Storm isn't a bad coaster. Double loop with no over the shoulder restraint, its fun.
  9. Gorgeous shot! Looks like a perfectly calm, balmy Orlando night.
  10. Awesome thread Hanno, love seeing how you capture people's expressions. And unless you have some boobs I just don't think you can understand what a coaster can do to them.
  11. I was sad at work this morning thinking about you all being there... if it wasn't the first day of school I might have ditched work and responded to the email. *Sigh* being a responsible adult sucks.
  12. Is Deja Vu still running right now? I was there on the 7th and iut was going but I didn't get a chance to ride it. Will be there again this sunday and I want on! Haven't riden it since termination day in 2009
  13. Part of making sure you're hydrated is starting to get hydrated the day before. Jeans are no good during the summer. I have some nice hiking/river shorts from REI; pricey but so worth it and tons of zippered pockets. They dry fast and are cool all day. Drink water or light sports drinks all day and I avoid the grease at meals. Also if I have a hat I usually soak it in water throughout the day. Always take a break during the height of the day.
  14. I lost a cheap pair of sunglasses on deja vu at sfmm. I want wearing them though, was holding them, guess I squeezed too tight, got of the ride and they were in pieces.
  15. Just a little tip for the people who dont have a discover card and dont want another credit card, arco has a discover debit card that links straight to your checking account it also gets rid of those $.45 frees they have. I guess you earn cash back every quarter too but I only use it for gas.
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