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  1. Been looking for plane tickets for weeks. I'm cheap but holding out paid off, southwest pulled out the cheap stuff. $79 from. San Diego to Dallas.
  2. Oh no I think it was Pony Express... I try not leave a park with a ride I dont really like... damn maybe it was Ghostrider? Too tired to recall.
  3. One more flipping work shift left. I decided I really dont want to get up at 4am on Saturday so I booked a room in Valencia for Friday night... ugh LA Friday evening traffic... kill me now.
  4. Don't get me wrong I love that park, but I only live a few miles from it and we go way too often so it loses its charm after too many repeat visits. I'm a little lego'd out right now and have been avoiding it for the past couple of months to recover. I work a few blocks away and sometimes grab lunch there when I have the time. We will be there for the new stuff opening soon though. If you haven't been since it opened, Wow its changed and its a great park. I was shocked after only a three year absence. Oh and my last coaster was Superman...
  5. Wish I could make it... come on southwest do one of your famous sales...
  6. I am so flipping excited for this weekend. Seriously just got chills reading this thread. I have two more miserable days to squeeze through at work and I'm not sure I'll make it... maybe I'll get *exaggerated cough* sick on Friday... must resist... My kiddo will be there this weekend too, she has already planned her park outfits and can't wait to wear her new snoopy shirt to Knotts and her new batman shirt to Six Flags. See you guys there! 3 down... 2 to go.
  7. Not like I trust southern california weather men but we are scheduled for about a 30% chance of rain on saturday and 40s% on sunday. Which means it'll be about 85° and sunny.
  8. I don't use priceline when I know I'll be arriving late (like on saturday night after SFMM). I booked Courtyard on Beach for $89 with AAA discount. I'm still debating staying in Valencia on Friday....
  9. ^^ LOL, I did the same, the kiddo will bounce back from the weekend better. I however will be enjoying my Monday off.
  10. Two things overheard at SFMM last weekend (Feb 21, 2011). While waiting in line for Apocalypse... "They got rid of the Terminator theme because Disney bought the Terminator license." While waiting for Superman to open and sitting next to the 'There's some kind of Magic happening here' sign that explains the ride is closed. "So uh... when is the magic show?"
  11. It's barely rained down south either. Maybe you guys up near sfmm will get a shot at getting on supe again. I'm taking my extended family family to sealife aquarium today.
  12. Superman: Escape from Krypton. I love that I can say that before most people!
  13. Ohhh please please please please please be finished with Deja Vu's rehab by then! Its been far too long since that ride has scared me. (in fact its been since Termination Day 2009).
  14. No kidding. I'm still debating my intinary. I get off work at 4 pm friday. Home by 5. If I drive to valencia that night it's 150 miles fighting traffic and paying for a hotel. If I wait to drive saturday there shouldn't be traffic, just an early wake up. Will be getting a hotel in buena park for both saturday and sunday night but haven't booked it yet.
  15. What a unique report. Thanks for sharing it looks like a nice little park.
  16. Yes! The design guys were actually there on monday while we were waiting. They had their plans rolled up right but the six flags employees that had seen it were impressed.
  17. Interested. Never been to hershy park. Not sure yet if it's doable for me but I'm interested.
  18. I'm sure its very selective. They only need 20 people or so probably and I know employees got the chance to sign up if it was their day off.
  19. What an amazing report! Looks like you guys had a great time. It must suck for it to come to an end, but thanks for sharing it. I've never really considered a cruise before, but this looks like a must do vacation at some point in the next few years. Amazing.
  20. You should have seen my 8 year old yesterday. She got on, front row, one of the Six Flags Managers Donald said we could ride again after the first ride... she's got her 'I'm brave, but scared' face on. She straps in fine, grabs my hand like she does every new coaster and holds on tight. We take off, I'm loving it, she squeezing and holding on for dear life. We're zooming back to the station and all she says, very loudly and very fast, repeating over and over again, "I dont want to ride again! I dont want to ride again!" I had to laugh, but that poor child, as soon as they unlocked the restraints she was up and trying to climb over the other two people that were next to us that we didn't even know, scrambling to get off as if they were about to launch it again. I wont make her ride it again, its the fastest she's ever been of course, but she promises she'll try again for WCB. We'll see... there's a funnel cake in for her if she does it without tears.
  21. Just like everyone else has said. Backwards and 100+ MPH is hot. A much better ride turned around and faster. The new cars are awesome, a lot more leg room, the restraints were comfortable. I thought front seat was best, only got two rides (ha! only, was lucky to get two). Front was first and give a real cheek flapping experience. Next ride was second to last and was still great, but I preferred the front. We had tickets for a 12-1 ride, but there were some issues with getting the ride going and the staff was very honest, telling us not to wait around, go ride other stuff, come back when we see it launching. So we did and in line for Goliath after we ate lunch we saw about 5 test runs, get on goliath and could see from the lift hill the car was stuck just at the curve like it wanted to go up but didn't fire right. Watched them *VERY* slowly reel the car back in and headed up the hill (My calves are killing me right now, climbed that hill too many times today). The staff was again very honest and told us to go ride other stuff and not wait around, thanks for our patience etc. We'd hit just about everything we wanted to, so we decided to sit up there and finally got treated to the ride at about 4pm, they let us go twice and I'm sure we could have done another circuit through the exit if we wanted. Thanks Six Flags, was a great day, love the revamp.
  22. This isn't the best picture because I just had my cell phone with me, but they were making some big progress on the Star Wars zone in miniland today. The park was crowded, but not horrible. Rode a few things, walked through the aquarium and called it a day after a couple of hours.
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