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  1. Yeah, but I liked the blue and white better. Lived by Knotts growing up, we'd go a lot, miss this ride there.
  2. Nice report. Here's an old picture of corkscrew at Knotts. (not mine).
  3. Nice trip report, love the small parks. My daughter's name is Morgan too.
  4. LOL, that "I'm 18 now" line didn't work so great for me many years ago. It got me my own car payment, insurance, food bill and share of the electricity/water. So just be cautious with that line, it was my first act of boldness and it bit me in the rear.
  5. Germany is awesome, I miss living there. Thanks for the report, hardly ever get to see the 'putting it together' phase of the traveling festivals.
  6. The best way to get an idea is to read the trip reports, past and present. I dont think anyone has any complaints when they go on a trip with TPR.
  7. Maybe you would fare better on craigslist. Most of us know how to get much better deals than that.
  8. Wow I'm actually shocked to see something like that in the US, just because of all the obvious safety hazards. Looks like tons of fun the yuppie crowd would never let their kids have.
  9. ^^ haha Great trip report. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Always fun to take kids to their first park.
  10. We were only doing a short day since we had been there last on Thursday and the night before was almost no sleep. So we went on a few rides and visited Sealife Aquarium on the way out. Spin me around and get my feet wet on the Aquazone And watch out for the water bombs by the bystanders outside the ride. Bioncle Blasters, typical spin around tea cup style flat ride Oh yeah, I get nauseous on these rides and my daughter thinks its *SO* funny. Rode on Lego Technic Coaster again and got in the front this time. I spy a Dragon in the trees Ice cream is always good. Of course there is a donkey! We also did Fun Town Fire Academy. I suggest at least 2 adults or at least one kid over 10 with you. Impossible to keep up without it. You pump to get the truck moving, once you get to the fire hydrant you jump out, hose down the fire and jump back into the truck to pump it back to the s tarting position. We headed to the aquarium on the way out of the park. My camera didn't take good pictures as I expected. The Map of the place A few of these around, it lets the kids get 'into' the action and get a great view of the sealife. Oh look, a pretty Starfish
  11. Star Wars Days at Legoland California this weekend. The 501st Legion was there and dressed up. Kids and their geek parents (myself included of course) were all excited and there were at times some decent lines to get a picture snapped, but especially for Vader. My daughter and I had a great time and will be happy to do it again next summer. Recommend it for any Star Wars fan near Legoland. Aayla Secura the Twi'lek. Nice costume. Boba Fett. The 501st really puts a lot of detail in their getups. He even had locks of Jedi Hair hanging off his gear. Proof of his kills. Some of the many Storm Troopers Who's better than Vader? Some Jawas, I'm sure some of the adult 501st' spawn Badge for the Droid Hunt. Wear the badge, get caught wearing it by a storm trooper they ask you, "Where did you get these droids?" and give you a raffle ticket for a drawing later in the day. Free brick they gave away for the day. Free mini poster with the star wars mini figures Really neat looking sign, all legos of course. Storm trooper that 'caught' us and gave us raffle tickets Now we have red 'caught' badges and raffle tickets. Prize package for both the raffle and the costume contest. They had 2 per and some smaller prizes they gave away as well. The package had 4 tickets to the park, a lego SW hat, several Lego SW sets, and some SW fridge magnets. The 9-15 year old contest winner. It was a nice getup and he wore it around the park all day. The Infant to 8 winner. He was really into his act and you could tell his geek parents didn't just dress him up, he really wanted to be there. They also did a contest for a prize to be announced later (by phone or email). They hid a bunch of Boba Fett Minifigures in Miniland holding letters that you have to unscramble to spell out the answer. It was easy to figure out without finding them all, but we had a lot of fun finding all the minifigures and it wasn't easy. A little zoomed out to show how small they are. If you've been to miniland you know how little the place is. Boba is sitting on a 6x1 size brick. I thought this was pretty cool. A fan made Jabba the Hut Fan made At-At's that were attacking... the Ice Fortress. cont. next post
  12. Me too and you better not go without me. If that is what they really intend to do I think it'll be awesome.
  13. Very nice reply and an intelligent and personal response from the park.
  14. Speak for yourself, I have a list. And can you imagine what kind of reaction this would get from the religious sect if this were ever attempted in the US? It would never happen here. LOL would be interesting to see though. I wonder how warm (cool) it was in Britain that day.
  15. What an awesome looking park, never seen SDC depicted so great, definitely want to check it out.
  16. Yeah, you're making me try and do the math on a minimum 10 day vacation. I've only been to WDW once, I was in the military stationed in GA and we went down for a weekend trip and only ended up at Magic Kingdom. There just wasn't time to do more. Now I got an 8 year old and I'm sure we'd have a blast on vacation there. Living in SoCal I'm spoiled on Disneyland Resort, and I've been to Disneyland Paris but I would love to head to Florida and check out their parks. Your pictures are just making me more thirsty.
  17. Why would you file a lawsuit? Not understanding how you were wronged?
  18. ^ I'm thinking it might be the latter. lol
  19. Great Trip Report. Where is Story Land located?
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