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  1. So why are they taking out GL if they are fixing it anyway for a diff park?
  2. How has it been at the park lately, crowd wise? Thinking about going Friday, if it's not craz. Any thoughts or opinions?
  3. Sad. I wonder if the mountain itself was in such bad shape, it wasnt worth saving the coaster...?
  4. MineBlower is a bit more intense fun with a few shuffling spots and Lightning has more airtime and reride-ability.
  5. I went there this summer for the first time in 10 years! I had so much fun, I was so mad that I waited that long to go back!
  6. On Monday while I was in line for SV, they had 3 trains going and noticed they were always dispatcheing the next train right after the other left the MCBR.
  7. At the park now, asked a worker about lightning rod and that person said at a meetimg, a company is coming in this week for it but diddnt know who.
  8. Or is it more worth going to kentucky kingdom instead?
  9. Good point but 10 and half hours to drive in one day back from SFOG is too much/not worth my opinion
  10. Yes I'll be in nashville next weekend so I'll be not too far but very sad lightning rod wont be open :/
  11. Is it worth visiting dollywood for the first time even if lightning rod isn't open?
  12. Have all the major coasters been operating normally the past few days before I make the 7 hour trek there tomorrow!?
  13. I rode gatekeeper last week in the back seat and can say it was running good/intense.
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