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  1. Wow. It seems really early to be testing if it isn't opening until Memorial Day weekend. Then again, we don't know how involved the re-theming aspect will be.
  2. Confirmed: SFGAm Kennywood Lakemont DelGrossos Dutch Wonderland Hersheypark Knoebels Dorney Park SFGAdv Casino Pier Funtown Pier Jenkinson's Boardwalk Bowcraft Playland Keansburg Amusement Park Astroland Playland Park Quassy Lake Compounce SFNE Waldameer Holiday World Possible: Idlewild Darien Lake Seabreeze The Great Escape
  3. All kiddy coasters (except Spacely's at SFGAm) Goliath at SFMM (closed because the person who had an aneurism) Deja Vu at SFMM (construction) X at SFMM (construction) Flashback at SFMM (SBNO) Underground at Adventureland in Iowa (I didn't know it was there )
  4. ^^ Raging Bull is being repainted the same colors, also Raging Bull will be one of the 6 coasters (others being Batman, Superman, Iron Wolf, Eagle, and Dark Knight) to have mandatory lockers for loose items. Shows returning in 2008 are Show Stoppin', Marvin The Martian, Reflections: Sounds of the 80s, Get Ready To Wiggle, both Parades (though bothe are in the front of the park this year), Spirit of America, Manny B., and Country Rocks.
  5. Flight Deck just lost its title for lamest name ever. Seriously, Drop Tower? They should have renamed Drop Zone as "Roto-Drop 1"
  6. Clones are grouped together (ie. The 2 steel at Indiana Beach are represented by Favorite Galaxi and Favorite Jet Star)
  7. Even funnier is the fact that SFGAm's Demon has a 42 inch height restriction. I am almost positive it is the only Arrow looper that isn't 48" or 54".
  8. Six Flags Great America neglected Deja Vu?!?!? Puh-lease You have no idea how many hours maintenence spent on that ride every single day.
  9. They're building the building first. At No Coaster Con, they said foundation in January, the building in February, and the ride in March.
  10. ^ It is currently a rectangle of dirt. Also, you definitely heard wrong on the Season Pass thing. It is scheduled to open in May, with SP rides shortly before it opens (either a day before, or early on its opening day). I can 100% guarantee you that no non-employees will be in the park in March.
  11. ^ and ^^ That is not an E-Stop. That is a Tower 2 miscatch. The loop brakes stay closed until the train reaches the top of the tower. (Same idea regarding Tower 1 and the Boomerang brakes) If those brakes did not stop it there, there is a possibility that the train could make it through the loop and valley between the loop and boomerang. If that happened, they would have to evac, and the ride would be down for days instead of 15 - 30 minutes
  12. That occurs because, in 2006, SFGAm added a policy of only 3 adults per car. Apparently, with 4 adults per car, there was too great a chance of exceeding the manufacturer's weight limit per car. They only painted the blue catwalks and red handrails. They never touched the white, and it looks like #&%@. I didn't want them to take out Deja Vu, I'm just saying, now that it is dead, put something else there.
  13. SFGAm: Paint the supports on American Eagle, it should be Red, White, and Blue, not Red, Grease, and Blue Paint Iron Wolf and Whizzer. Retrack the final helix on American Eagle Blue. Replace TrailBlazer, Splashwater Falls, Space Shuttle America, and Deja Vu. Repave Hometown Square, all other sections were repaved in 04/05. Then they stopped. Get more cars on Cajun. Find a way, or get rid of it. Railroad must run, and be themed during Fright Fest. Move the Area 51 Fright Fest area back to Hometown Square. Fix the E in "Elixer" on Viper's station.
  14. SFGAm: Shock Wave, Deja Vu SFMM: Psyclone Geauga Lake: X-Flight, Steel Venom, Head Spin, Double Loop, Big Dipper, Villain, Thunderhawk, Dominator
  15. 2003: Top Thrill Dragster (Barely, it was not supposed to open that day) 3 hours and 2 rollbacks later, it opened 2004: Storm Runner 2005: Hades 2006: None 2007: None Home Park (SFGAm): Raging Bull, Vertical Velocity, Deja Vu (R.I.P.), Superman: Ultimate Flight (1st GP train), Ragin' Cajun
  16. Just a note, you need to have Time Twister to open the parks. Sucks for me
  17. "The ride attendant was standing in a place that was typically off limits to employees and was hit by a moving ride car" Do people ever learn? Danger Zone means DANGER zone. It would be nice if the article mentioned why the employee was there when the ride was running, but still wouldn't justify it. Seems a lot of people dont realize how the cars are wider than the track on the Reverchon / Zamperla Mice.
  18. ^ SFMM got the Blue and Yellow trains from Shock Wave. SFGAdv got the Red train
  19. In 1999, I got stuck on Batman (SFGAm) on the lift because of an unbuckled seatbelt. This was about 10 minutes after the park closed, and I was freaked out because I didn't yet know about the evacuation platform and thought we had to jump to the stairs if it didnt restart Had a total of 3 misparks on Deja Vu at SFGAm. 1 in 2001, 1 in 2002, and 1 in 2007. Unfortunately, no miscatches In 2001 at SFMM, I had a 32 minute ride on Colossus (Red). I got first train of the day. For some unknown reason, they were actually running 3 trains on Red side So we start going up the lift, and I notice the 3rd train is not advancing, we get to the turn before the block brake, still hasnt advanced. We spend 15 minutes in the block brake. They restart it, then we get stuck in the next brake for another 15 minutes. Of course, because this is SFMM, there was no compensation In 2003 at CP, I had a set-up on the 2nd lift of Cedar Creek Mine Ride, stuck 3 minutes. In 2004 at GL, got stuck on Steel Venom. Launced, then the brakes immediately came down. Was stuck in the Transfer Brake of Raging Bull for about 10 minutes in 2005. In 2006, I was stuck in the final brake of American Eagle. About 10 minutes. The issue was, someone in the previous train undid their seatbelt in the brakes and tossed it outside the car, so it got jammed between the car and the platform. Idiot, lol. 2 almost stuck: In 2003, green train on TTD, barely cleared the tower, BARELY. In 2007, almost valleyed on Whizzer at SFGAm. For some reason, one of the trains was running really slow, just creeping over the tops of the hills. Probably the slowest Whizzer ride I will ever have. After I got off, they sent the train empty so maintenence could transfer that train off. With no people in it, it got stuck on the anti-rollbacks at the top of the 2nd hill.
  20. ^ Raging Bull, Batman: The Ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Iron Wolf, Vertical Velocity, Whizzer, Giant Drop, Roaring Rapids, and Logger's Run.
  21. ^ Picking up trash is still a policy at all Six Flags parks. "Don't Pass it up, Pick it up". Regarding low wage as an excuse for slow operations and bad attitudes, not a valid excuse at all. They were told what they would be payed when they were hired. If they are not willing to WORK for that wage, then they should just go home. The fence issue is bad. The author exaggerated greatly, that definitely isn't a 6 foot gap, but still, the employees should have taken action. It wouldn't even have been that hard. Just move a couple garbage cans in front of it until maintenance can fix it.
  22. Extremely empty? That suprises me. I was thinking about going today, maybe I should have
  23. ^ Almost. Whizzer is still missing a train.
  24. The rule on lapbars at Eagle and Viper is that if both seats in the row are empty, the lapbars don't need to be closed.
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