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  1. ^ The arcade hasn't been there since 2006. The past 3 seasons, that spot was used for the Wii Experience.
  2. The park has added new photos on their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/album.php?aid=156101&id=10583866355&ref=nf Construction has started on Little Dipper, with the removal of the BBNP net climb structure in progress. Pictures also show unrelated construction around Farmers Market (renamed County Fair Food Court) and County Fair Games Gallery. EDIT: Can't seem to get the link working, so copy and paste
  3. ^I'm just saying how much can you make automatic if the brakes are still manual.
  4. ^I should just clarify, all that was said is that the hand brake on Little Dipper will remain, not that it would necessarily be used. It was later said that a safety system will be installed as well. So it seems to me we'll be looking at a set up like Big Dipper at GL where the levers are there, but the brakes are automatic.
  5. ^I'd say from that photo, atleast 90% of the building is gone. The main part of the building is taller than the wall visible in the photo and should be blocking the view of that wall from that angle.
  6. ^While I've never seen one of the 2 train models, I can say for sure that Spacely's Sprocket Rockets at SFGAm does not have any anti-rollbacks.
  7. My guess is the ride will retain the current skid brakes, but be automatically operated. It would be nice if SFGAm atleast left the levers in place for looks (ala Big Dipper at Geauga Lake). I don't think SFGAm could add fin brakes even if they wanted to because of the curved platform.
  8. ^^^ Blue Streak lost the status due to headrests, seat dividers, and individual ratcheting lapbars. If you look at the list of Coaster Classics, you will notice Big Dipper at Geauga Lake is an ACE Coaster Classic, it is also no longer manually operated, and also has seatbelts.
  9. Neither of which are requirements to be an ACE Coaster Classic http://www.aceonline.org/CoasterAwards/?type=1
  10. I think it will retain the ACE Coaster Classic status. The only changes I see being made are eliminating manual operation and adding seatbelts.
  11. http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/11/kiddieland-amusement-park-auction-rides.html SFGAm has purchased Kiddieland's Little Dipper at the auction today for $33,000. It will be placed in one of the kiddie areas, hopefully in time for the 2010 season.
  12. ^ Regarding Goliath, SFMM's website now says Goliath is closed for repainting and will not reopen until December 19th.
  13. Should be an easy year for me, I ended my season with a pathetic 3 new credits (2 wooden). Ballot will be almost identicle to last year.
  14. If it is positioned that way, they will remove the asphalt or dump dirt on top of it. I think coasters look great at the front of the park. What seems wierd though is having a coaster in Carousel Plaza for the first time ever. I doubt they will add a 2nd entrance to Hurricane Harbor. The reason the entrance it where it is so that you are forced to go by games and merchandise loctations on your way to the water park.
  15. 7. Batman: The Ride Raging Bull Viper Demon Ragin' Cajun Whizzer And the one you both missed, you can see American Eagle's barrel through Demon's 2nd loop.
  16. ^ Actually, looking at his photoshop for the shuttle area (and sliding it out farther to clear the Pictorium) they would only lose 80-90 spaces, and they could easily get most of those back by repaving and reopening the section of parking lot over by the Tollway sign.
  17. Batman: The Ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Vertical Velocity, and Raging Bull all allow riders to leave shoes in the station.
  18. If true, I'm very suprised the monorail would be back in operation this soon. I would have expected atleast a month of downtime. Based on the general descriptions of the accident, it seems like quite a few things could/should be changed. The MAPO system should be adjusted. I would say MAPO override needs to have a slower speed limit. It also seems next time Disney gets new trains, the cars should be more sturdy. I was shocked that that amount of damage could result from a 15mph collision. Finally, those monorails need brighter headlights ASAP.
  19. ^ Both sides of Eagle have 2 trains running. Also, Hometown Fun Machine opened for the season yesterday, and has brand new seats.
  20. I don't understand why they had to evacuate. From the video, it doesn't look or sound like anything was mechanically wrong. Seems like they could have winched/pushed the train without unloading
  21. I was there last July. I would imagine early June wouldn't be too crowded. Certainly not crowded enough for Flash Pass to be needed. I got really lucky and ended up getting every credit except the 2 kiddie coasters in 3 hours the first night and spent the following full day just re-riding the good coasters. As for Nitro and El Toro, IMO, back row for both.
  22. ^^ Closer examination will reveal that was not an efficient dispatch. Right before the video cuts at the end, notice that in addition to the train going up the lift and the train entering the brake run, the 3rd train is pulling into the station which means they just narrowly avoided a triple stack.
  23. ^ Bull was repainted for 2008. As for Batman, basically, the Batman wheel covers are not a priority. They have no impact on the operation of the ride, they are purely for cosmetic reasons. They probably won't be put back on until the other B&M's have all their trains running.
  24. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that clock is no longer there. It fell off the wall and died. Its been gone since the end of 2007. It was a regular clock, the letters were stickers.
  25. Now we're going to need warning signs on every bench everywhere. "Warning, do NOT sit on this bench if you are pregnant, have had recent surgery, illness, back/neck problems, high blood pressure, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For your safety, you should be in good health to sit. Only you know your physical conditions or limitations. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could agravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, DO NOT SIT!"
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