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  1. It makes sense, considering Batman is 'the dark knight' and that all of the original Batman coasters were painted black. I think it should look good.
  2. ^ Yeah, he definitely is! And I'm jealous of both the costume and his working at my favorite ride in my favorite park. I <3 Soarin'! DCA's Soarin'
  3. I think your comments about the trims on the rides are far exaggerated. When I went on Apollo's Chariot, there was plenty of air on the hills in the back rows--some very nice floater air. In addition, the trims before the tunnel hardly slowed the train on Loch Ness on all of my rides.
  4. I actually really enjoyed the Dole Plantation... the train, while very corny, is actually pretty fun. The views of the area that you get on the train are quite cool, and it was a nice, relaxing ride. They also have a giant maze in the shape of a pineapple that was very cool as well.
  5. ^ Yeah, defacing park stuff with ugly stickers is definitely a good way to protray enthusiasts!
  6. ^^ I know exactly what you're talking about! The atmosphere that the employees create is just great. Not only do the employees do their jobs in a friendly manner, but also in a very efficient manner. They really keep the lines moving on the rides, which is great! They can easily send out trains in about a minute (or less!) What I love, though, is the great relationship between the teens and the elderly working at the park together. They work very well together and keep the friendliness and efficiency high throughout the park. They have the sweetest people working there--people who genuinely care about your day and your experience Anyway, thanks for all of the great comments, guys! I hope to get a new camera soon, so when I'm up there next time, the pictures will be of much higher quality--I have a 4.1mp Gateway right now, and the quality just isn't that great. The good thing is that it was free, so I'm definitely not complaining about it. However, these are scaled down from their original size, so be sure to let me know if you'd like a larger (and better quality) file of the photo.
  7. So, lo and behold, I received an e-mail from Robb saying that he and Elissa would be going to Adventureland. Of course, I had to go... it's very rare to get any coaster nerds going to Adventureland. Also, I took the opportunity to bring my friend, Michal-Marie, who had never been to Adventureland before (well, the last time she was there was when she was 4, so, yeah). We all had a great time and got plenty of rides on a bunch of different rides. At the beginning of the day, I was a little worried because it was quite crowded; however, the crowds died down after about noon or one o'clock, so we were all able to ride everything that we wanted multiple times. (Oh, and sorry about the small number of 'people pictures'... lol. We didn't bother taking a lot of pictures when we were meeting up.) In the car... We're here! But take this picture as proof that Michal-Marie cannot take pictures... at all. This is before the awesomeness that is the blooming onion, which was totally delicious. That girl looks like she's going to hurl... before the ride! The floor drops... This ride is actually very fun and forceful. Second piece of proof that Michal-Marie cannot take pictures. Oh, I'm sure that's good... this mechanic was checking all of the wheels on Dragon's train every time it came back into the station. Dragon sucks as much as ever... you know a ride is horrible if it hurts even before the lift. We found that there were over eight different necessary 'brace positions' for a ride on Dragon. Awww... Outlaw was kicking some serious ass! There was some great, crazy lateral air to be had! Ah, I love the sight of deserted midways. Oh, and we all got soaked on the spinny waterside called Saw Mill Splash. That never happens. The operator told us all to lean left to spin really fast, and we did... holy cow, that was intense. This ride always amuses me. It's a purdy ride. Adventureland looks great... Awww... how cute! Brace position #8! The nosebleed helices of doom... brace positions 5, 6, and 7 The Tornado was okay... it wasn't running very impressively, though. Yeah, I don't know what she's doing. Tornado... The ops were rocking, as usual. They're very friendly AND very efficient! Think of that! Turning onto the lift... Dragon looks nice... It's too bad that it kills you during your ride. Emptiness, and a well-maintained park. Through that doorway lies the OD Hopkins coaster of supreme death and pain. An interesting shot... The sky looked really strange towards the end of the day. Purdy... Tornado's killer turn... Lovely setting for a park... This turn is the roughest thing I have ever experienced on a coaster. The train literally sounds like a trash can being thrown down a hill during these little bunny hills and during this horrid turn. Skyride time! These following shots are from the Skyride, one of the coolest attractions at Adventureland... it's a great ride. Sometimes, I can actually get perfectly synced with a log... but alas, not this time. You get totally drenched during this dip. It's probably the only log ride in the world with some crazy rapids! Adventureland's Main Street... with BINGO! Prepare for landing... And we close with a shot of the ferris wheel. We all had a great deal of fun, and that's what Adventureland is all about. I simply wish more parks could have the great atmosphere and workforce that Adventureland does. This is a true family-friendly park. We had a great time meeting with everyone at Advetureland--it was a lot of fun!
  8. Batman at Six Flags Great America also has the 'remove earrings' rule. It's posted somewhere in the tunnel and instructs riders to remove all earrings.
  9. Count me in as a total American Eagle lover. It's seriously a very fun, enjoyable ride. I love the retro station and feel of the entire ride. I've found that I enjoy rides on the red side in the front the most... it can be a very fun, airtime-filled ride up there. Also, when I went last year, the big helix was kicking some ass--you could feel a lot of forces towards the bottom of it. Also, it has one of the best first drops ever.
  10. That moving floor is really cool and seems to move very quickly in comparison to the floors of the other floorless coasters. I'm very excited to go ride this one!
  11. Yup! Oh, I'm so sorry. Why don't all of you just boycott Cedar Point and Intamin because they changed what you wanted. Perhaps if you realized that Intamin designs rides for the park and general public, not you, you would realize that this change in design is quite necessary. It's one small element that is being changed. Just ONE! I'm pretty sure that it's not going to have an unmanageably high effect on the ride itself.
  12. I'm sorry, but I'm totally going to have to disagree with you. I realize Adventureland doesn't have a crapload of big rides, but the smaller, well-run flats and the atmosphere totally make the park. The Falling Star, for example, is amazing! Underground is totally campy, cheesy, and hilarious. Dragon sucks, but it's fun because of its suckiness. Saw Mill Splash is crazy, if you lean to the left (you even get soaked on it, too!) The Log Ride is fun, and it's the only log ride I've seen that has rapids. The Sky Ride is totally relaxing and enjoyable--it has the best atmosphere of any ride that I have been on. I could continue blabbing about the rides, but you see my point. Even small rides that could be overlooked are great at Adventureland. Also, the park has character and a nice atmosphere, which is even more important in my book. The employees, mostly retirees, genuinely care about your experience--and they're totally efficient! Even the teens working beside them have a good attitude, just because of them! I mean, who doesn't love a park with $4 parking, crazy and fun old employees, blooming onions, tons of shade, BINGO, a pig-shaped food stand, and affordable food and souvenirs? I realize that's a horribly long post, but I, for one, could never get sick of Adventureland. I've gone every year of my life, multiple times per year, since I was four years old. While I wouldn't go there every week, I never get bored or sick of Adventureland. It's a park with heart, energy, and an amazing atmosphere--this is what Adventureland truly is.
  13. Well, here's the glorious picture of the man inspecting the Dragon. After each time the train would return to the station, he would walk down the entire train, looking at it very closely. It's obviously a great coaster... you know it's a good sign when the ride hurts even before the lift! Michal-Marie and I definitely had a lot of fun meeting up! Oh, Dragon...
  14. Some new pictures! So, yeah, for some reason my camera takes pictures only in magenta sometimes. But it still looks nice when converted to black and white. And a Myspace-stalker-ish photo. But I actually liked how it turned out!
  15. ^ I doubt that it matters. Anyway, nice TR! I love the fact that Raging Bull was running three trains, even though it was dead! The park looks very nice, and this is sure to be a very promising season, especially from an operations standpoint. They're always good at Great America, but they appear to be getting better each year.
  16. It's soooo sad that Danny and Oswald got eliminated. They were the ones who I was rooting for most. Oh well. I'll still be moderately happy if Charla and Mirna win.
  17. Very cute! The Wiggle's World additions seem to be very nice and good for younger kids--even if the one at Great America destroyed American Eagle's tent queue of doom Thanks for posting it!
  18. OMG, I can't believe that they made American Eagle's queue/exit worse than what they were before! Jeez! Damn you, Wiggles World!
  19. Does anyone know if Griffon will board two trains at once, like SheiKra? From what I saw, the dual boarding made the line move very quickly--it was very efficient.
  20. Even if it is a little awkard, it's an amazing show. I totally love it.
  21. Wow... I'm loving this idea. Spaceship Earth is one of favorite rides. It's theme is awesome and I just love it. I hope that these additions and improvements make the experience even better.
  22. ^ I definitely think Dustin and Candice have a good shot at winning also.
  23. LOL... I guess that's what happens when you work at an IMAX theatre. Universal probably just didn't take care of the projection and sound systems like they should have, which doesn't suprise me. A real IMAX experience is far better than what Universal demonstrated with Back to the Future; however, I still think it was a very cool concept.
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