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  1. It's kinda sad really. I think "IOA theming level" was part of the goal. Bad location, not enough rides, cost way too much to build, but we enjoyed our trip to the park. If it had opened in, say, 2002, it would've had a number of good years, and added a few more coasters in the interim. While I can't debate the owner's misguided intentions, the *result* had potential. (Certainly more than, say, Wild West World.)
  2. Dude, if Dollywood could afford Led Zeppelin, I might need a tissue. All Dollywood needs to go from AWESOME to FLAWLESS would be a nice B&M. H
  3. Don't be nervous. The ride is quite tame compared to Dragster. It is, however, fun.
  4. It's also a very unimaginative B&M, with the worst rattle of any B&M I've been on. We still had fun, but only because we were already in Myrtle Beach. Without a decent hypercoaster or something more interesting, the park is toast.
  5. I think HRP was uniquely hit by the "American kids go back to college, exchange students tend to still need a gig" vibe. Everyone I ran into had an Eastern European accent. W/e. Probably would've been much better in May.
  6. Thirded. We went last week, and while we had a good time -- when the sun came out, there was not nearly enough protection anywhere. Granted, there's Slippery When Wet, and Reggae River Falls, but they're only worth a few moments of cooling ability. (plus you are assaulted by children) Zep really does have a bit of a rattle to it, but it's still a good ride. I'd rather be on Patriot any day of the week, though. Nights in White Satin is surprisingly good. I expected it to be fairly dull but it was *really* trippy and quite a visual delight if you like that sort of thing. Maximum RPM loads FOREVER but the Karaoke Queue is worth a chuckle (and the hostesses are hot). Food is pretty good, too, although service is exceedingly slow. Props to them for not serving just the basics! (I had a Black & Blue Burger, My Mom and Wife had really good Fish & Chips, and another in our party had a Prime Rib Sandwich.) They have dropped the daily price to $45 -- not a good sign for the park's stamina -- and while it's still more than some parks, it's a BARGAIN for a Myrtle Beach attraction. Also note if you would be going with kids who are too old for kiddie rides but not yet 48", they're gonna be real bored. They can't ride even Slippery When Wet, which is extremely tame. I would *NOT* ever take a trip just to go there -- but if you're IN MB for any other reason, it's **definitely** worth going. H
  7. This season had a really sweet mama duck near the Wave Swinger and Maverick, nesting in the spring. 8 eggs, if I recall. She just sat there and sat there.. Really sweet temperment. My wife gave her some bread.. all the red tags and blue tags knew the duck was there, too, and occasionally would check in on her. qwak qwak
  8. OK, so I'm in Southern California for a conference. I went to California Adventure... I enjoyed it quite a bit. Screamin is great. The single rider line is *fantastic*. I imagine the fact that it was a Wednesday and there were no lines over 15min anyways helped. However, I don't think it needs a "face lift". It needs more rides. Period. That alone would make it way more fun once you're in there. Ariel whatever. Cars whatever. Less High School Musical. People want things to *do*. .. and maybe a little less sponsorship.. The "Hand washing tips brought to you by Brawny" was ridiculous -- especially since the paper towels weren't Brawny. .. and what's with the vomit guards on Maliboomer? H
  9. Oh.. is that what that is? I thought it was just a new ride from Vekoma. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I plan to only go during the day. I'm not that mobile and the thought of braving a big crowd in the dark sounds unfun.
  10. Hey folks. How crowded do you think Knott's will be during the day *before* Haunt? Specifically, it looks like I can go next Friday. H
  11. .. and this one is only 85 seconds... while longer than Storm Runner... it doesn't have a whole lot of track. I'll still ride it and love it, i think I think maybe a little GAdv -> Dorney -> Hershey -> Kennywood -> CP action is in order for next summer.
  12. That looks like the greenery around Paddlewheel Excursions and near Mantis. Makes sense, as that's the least developed remaining land.
  13. If people are line jumping, I say PLEASE report them. Enforcement is the only way we policy-abiding decent people will have a good time. Confronting them yourself is unwise -- but the ride ops are there not only to ensure everyone's safety, but to ensure your *enjoyment*.
  14. http://www.rialtoplus.com/rialtoplus/ConsumerControlServlet/home/initialise?webId=AltonTowers ?? Google rocks
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