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  1. I think it's because the land was "valuable", and Six Flags couldn't afford to use it anymore. Not sure, though.
  2. Journey to Atlantis, Whitwater Landing at Dorney, Top Spin at MBP, and a Wacky Worm, which was embarrassing
  3. That's a bunch of bull that was completely and utterly blown out of proportion... being gay and having worked at Target for several years myself, I can honestly say there are not many companies of their size who do AS MUCH for the larger community as a whole than Target. They offer full Partner benefits, including insurance and discounts... It's a very gay friendly company that did not deserve the flak they received for it. Could they have done more research on it? Definitely. But I don't think a donation to a PAC should erase 20 years of Target promoting the gay community, personally. I agree completely. The gay community is overreacting. I mean, a letter of concern to the company is not out of line, but all this is just crazy.
  4. I just beat Red Dead Redemption. I have never been this satisfied with a game in my entire life. It goes to show that Rockstar Games is the greatest gaming company in the industry.
  5. I'm sure you've all seen this, but it still made me lol
  6. I wouldn't count on it, because who from the far right even watches Glee? Maybe the Log Cabin Republicans, but hey, who knows?
  7. I hate being the oldest one in my math class Why didn't I take advanced math like everybody else?
  8. In 'Lord of the Flies', the character Piggy has ass-mar.
  9. Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton, Ryan Murphy, Michael Moore, Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O'Donnel, Jane Fonda, Snooki, Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Pamela Anderson. (dis)Honorable Mention: Justin Tranter, for being an ass to my favorite musician interviewer-
  10. When I saw that they were touring last year, I bought tickets to the Orlando show. Then I read the tickets, it said it was "a special family show" It was awkward going to that show...
  11. Every park chain has it's fanboys. All fanboys suck.
  12. Today I saw a guido in a punch buggy, a gangsta midget, and 4 sea gulls fighting over a potato. So far this has been a pretty good day.
  13. If a gun were pointed at me, then all bets are off. From then on, I'd follow instinct. Company policy would be the last thing to go through my mind.
  14. Fired for potentially saving lives? Even if they did violate the rules, they should be honored for their brave actions, not punished. Things like this make me think "what has the world come to?"
  15. It's being built pretty quickly! Hopefully, but unlikely, it will be done by late March
  16. If you're so mad, then don't see it.
  17. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/chatter/2011/02/white-stripes-break-up.html
  18. Tempting... Even though I already took advantage of the 6-shirt deal a few months ago
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