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  1. Serves her right. She shouldn't be texting while walking. Why don't people just stop and find a place to sit down before texting?
  2. If this counts as physical, I would really like to get rid of my acid reflux.
  3. My shirts finally came today. I was expecting 6...and got 8
  4. Cheetah at Wild Adventures 42 times without getting up. I can't really remember it that well though On my 10th birthday, I rode Kraken 16 times. 2 years ago, I rode Manhattan Express 14 times (hey, I had an all day pass, and needed something to do while my family gambled ). More recently, I rode El Toro 10 times
  5. Sad to see it go but, if it cannot be saved, then it cannot be saved. Simple as that.
  6. Just saw Superman Returns. It's not good, but not bad either.
  7. Even after going to Knoebel's each summer for years, I've NEVER seen it that crowded. Its good that the lines were still fairly short though
  8. I'm curious if this coaster is running as good as it used to, if you rode, please report back.
  9. I bought a metal detector yesterday for only $35 Went to the park with it and found $2.52 in change, and 4 bullets (used to be a training camp in WWII)
  10. Especially the caption "New construction at the GCI Office | Added August 26, 2010"
  11. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender then realizes that a horse has just entered his bar and quickly escorts it out, because the horse does not have any money and therefore cannot drink alcohol.
  12. Hopefully the theory of the relocation of Wildcat to Wild Adventures will be true
  13. It's about a bunch of douchebag guidos and their idiotic girlfriends...I'll pass
  14. Maverick (I think 2 or 3 days after it opened) Hydra Kozmo's Kurves ...I'm pretty sure thats it
  15. I still don't understand why they would replace Camp Snoopy. Given, an expansion with more rides is nice, but Camp Snoopy actually had a theme (campy, outdoors, etc). Planet Snoopy just seems to me like a bland, generic area of the park with kids rides and Peanuts characters.
  16. Sea World Orlando Knoebel's Six Flags Great Adventure Dorney Park Semi-Parks: Universal Citywalk Downtown Disney (Both for concerts)
  17. Probably Cheetah at Wild Adventures (no line and they let me go through many cycles) About 80+ times (within a two-day park visit)
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