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  1. They've dealt with worse floods. This probably won't do much harm
  2. Imagine. Wiener dogs born without legs. Worm dog. Wiggle dog. Roll dog.
  3. In this old comic book from 1968, they are advertising x-ray glasses, a nine foot hot air balloon, a carbide cannon, an electrostatic generator, a live chameleon, replica Nazi medals, and a spy camera. All are under $6. BRB GETTING WALLET.
  4. ...A wedding? At South Of The Border? LOL I remember driving past it all the time, and even stopping there once. My family went up the observation tower. It was so filthy. It just seems too tacky and outdated to last much longer. I hope that one day someone will buy the property and put something new there. Perhaps a small REAL amusement/thrill park? I mean, it's the perfect spot, right off of I-95.
  5. ^ Henegar Center in Downtown Melbourne, FL. I only went to see it because a lot of my friends were in it, including one who played Millie.
  6. Just saw Thoroughly Modern Millie. It was surprisingly enjoyable, considering that I normally hate theatrical productions.
  7. Uh-oh, 50 Cent just cancelled his new album. Now we'll never know if he likes to have sex with women, and kill people.
  8. Found a Halloween Horror Nights t-shirt from 1996 at a thrift store today Now I can add it to the list of my collection! (1992, 1996, 2001, 2002, and 2006) The ironic part is, I've never actually been to any Halloween Horror Nights
  9. I remember a couple of years back, my family stayed at the Hyatt hotel in Atlanta. If most Hyatt hotels are like that one, then it is easily one of the best chains. The best non-chain hotel I've stayed at, though, was the Flamingo in Vegas. My room was in one of the higher floors, with a beautiful view of the strip.
  10. A sad day for classic rock fans... http://www.billboard.com/news/dan-peek-co-founder-of-america-dead-at-60-1005293252.story#/news/dan-peek-co-founder-of-america-dead-at-60-1005293252.story
  11. It's like they never left http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAAirNeKWxQ
  12. Most recently I volunteered at my Church's thrift store.
  13. After a year of AP Psych, with a crapload of work, constant studying, maintaining an A average in the class, and exam preparation, I only ended up with a 2 on the national exam
  14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Holy crap...it was amazing! Highly recommended.
  15. No particular order: Limp Bizkit Army of the Pharaohs (kind of a band) Reel Big Fish Korn They Might Be Giants Napalm Death Zebrahead Van Halen Rob Zombie (the band, not just the person)
  16. My dog just barfed a large amount of a transparent, slimy substance with grass in it ._. I don't think I should be concerned though, she probably drank too much water and her body rejected the grass.
  17. If M. Night Shyamalan directed a movie about the Casey Anthony trial, he would have revealed that Caylee was never actually killed, but that Casey is really Caylee from the future.
  18. When college comes, I hope to Major in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Civil Engineering if I can (you can basically guess what career I'm striving for). My first college choices would be University of Central Florida or Florida Institute of Technology (provided I get a scholarship, FIT is expensive). However, I'll take any college in Florida with a great engineering program.
  19. Currently, in no particular order Wango Tango - Ted Nugent Hotdog - Limp Bizkit K@#0%! - Korn Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd Superbeast - Rob Zombie Pollution - Limp Bizkit Dumb - Nirvana Battle Cry - Army Of The Pharaohs Dragula - Rob Zombie Frontier Psychiatry - The Avalanches Clothes Off - Gym Class Heroes Dead Bodies Everywhere - Korn More Human Than Human - White Zombie Battery - Metallica Open Letter to NYC - Beastie Boys I, Palindrome, I - They Might Be Giants Blind - Korn Every song made by Reel Big Fish Dead Cell - Papa Roach Fish Heads - Barnes and Barnes (It's hilarious)
  20. 10. Pokemon Gold/Silver 9. Conker's Bad Fur Day 8. RCT 2 7. Super Mario 64 6. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 5. The Warriors 4. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 3. Tetris 2. Pokemon Red/Blue 1. Red Dead Redemption
  21. Remember how bad Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was? Well, Transformers: Dark of the Moon definitely makes up for it. Best of the series, without a doubt.
  22. By definition, strawberries are not actual berries, but bananas are.
  23. Listened to Tyler The Creator. Although I don't like some of the Atheistic messages in his songs, his beats are awesome.
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