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  1. Being that we are people interested in the amusement industry, yes your opinion is completely valid. I think that to most guest who don't pay much attention to the industry, really aren't concerned if a ride is relocated or if there are 2 other coasters in the world like Batwing (one being an exact clone which opened the same year) nor know that Joker's Jinx is the same ride as Flight of Fear (sans the braking and building). I've personally have never been to Darien Lake but it doesn't bother me that there is a mirror located elsewhere in the US. Roar has a clone on the opposite coast but SFA's was the first. We could go down the list but overall, that valid point is is that many in the enthusiast community are simply saying, they want to to see SFA build something unique and specific to SFA. I am all for that! I think that it could only benefit SFA as it will help keep it competitive. I too know what people mean when they overhear people in line at Superman comparing the ride to Intimidator.... that just furthers the point that SFA needs something original.... which is also why I think it is great that SFA got approval from the county board to change some of the restrictions over the park. I also ditto the comment about the park lacking some of the appeal and TREES which is why im anxious to see how Mardis Gras turns out. Im interested in seeing what this new management puts out. Lastly, while Im sure we would want an original high thrill ride next year... I just want folks to remember that the park is finally filling in its holes. I rather them fill in their empty ride pads before they do something huge. Ragin Cajun and French Quarter Flyers takes care of two empty ride pads. That leaves 3 holes remaining the old sky escaper pad (which I think would be perfect for a 400ft sky screamer (I'd call it the "Star Spangled Sky Screamer" to fit the america theme.. plus that location is centered with the park entry gate ... " they also have the old Krypton Komet pad and The Tilt pad (if you want to include it). As far as something original that would compliment the park, I think a custom RMC would be perfect, a wing rider (probably too expensive), a custom el loco (not sure what those cost), if they went with a cloned el loco they should enclose it in the dark make it arkham asylum themed, another launch coaster sky loop or something something visually unique. I'm all for it... Building Custom probably Brings In Cash! So hopefully the park is positioning itself to afford custom.
  2. Awesome View! This ride will do well at this park ... the height difference makes the panorama so dramatic!
  3. With regard to Big Spin when it was at SFDK, the pad was not painted either so just because it wasn't painted at SFGAm doesn't mean it won't be. I think it was a brilliant idea on behalf of six flags because it made the ride look less Carnival-ish/Portable. The painting of the pad happened after the ride was fully erected (not before)... See here As you see the pad had not been painted yet... that is because the painted the steel base foundation supports to blend in with the concrete pad. I agree that I hope they use the same facade that was used at SFGAm! I don't know if I would go by the RCDB (as those are likely directly from the Manufactuer)... those capacities are likely theoretical numbers that don't account for people who have take their shoes off or place their belongs on the side, it also probably doesn't account for the folks who have trouble fitting into the ride's complex restraints. Having visited both KI and Carowinds in addition to SFA those lines for Nighthawk and Firehawk are pretty long and slow moving too... even with two trains... and the trains almost always stack. When I was at KI they weren't using both stations ......just running two out of the same station which caused blood to rush to your head as your faced the sun on the brake run. I don't expect much change in the dispatch times from any of the parks unless they procure the new trains from Vekoma (if that's even possible).
  4. Well just saying even SFM surprised me and others on the forum last year with the level level that put into theming "The Joker" ... so I was just wondering (not necessarily hoping.... there's a difference!) could a similar treatment be coming for this ride, specifically with regards to the concrete base. Six Flags as a company showed that were capable so who knows if they will keep up that trend in 2014... or will they flop like they did with Full Throttle's theme (which looks like they ran out of money).
  5. ^But Six Flags Mexico is a Six Flags Park! Furthermore, SFA definitely surprised me with the level of theming for Apocalypse (not saying much) but still.
  6. In the case of KD or Great Adventure, they only do it when it's the beginning of the season, the park is totally dead (and even in this case... rarely) or there's something wrong with the other trains. By saying that I don't criticize them when they do it you're implying that both parks do it frequently, but that's not true and you know it. Six Flags America almost always runs one train on every single coaster. If they run 2 it's usually on Mind Eraser and Wild One but not the major attractions (I like Wild One but it's not exactly a marquee attraction for most people). My visits to these parks were not in the beginning of the season... I only go late summer (June, July, August) and fright fest (October). Not much of an April/May visitor. So this doesn't only have at the beginning of the season. How do you that SFAs trains were not due to mechanical reasons like you excused the other parks for (you just provided a key example to my point about your criticisms). There is no argument here. But there you go with another overstatement/over-generalization... Since the beginning of this SFA thread I have been highly critical of the park. Just not as overbearing as you are. I am not afraid to give the park its due diligence in both good and bad... Correction "is it improving?" Answer YES! Do they have a ways to go.... YES (again no argument there...I've even said that plenty of times over the past years in this very thread). Didn't know there was an argument to begin with. Back to Ragin' Cajun: I wonder if Six Flags may paint the concrete pad in the same fashion that they did for The Joker at Six Flags Mexico. I think the painted concrete definitely helped ease the portable ride look to the coaster.
  7. Corrected: I thought the report said they brought Gravity Group to assess the structure of MegaZeph last year since GG still have folks who were originally involved in the coasters design/construction. I have been following the group on facebook who submitted this proposal and this isn't the first one they have submitted correct, I though in a previous effort they did have someone check the park out. I might be mistaken.
  8. Coasterbill...I go to Great Adventure and KD every year (usually multiple times). Again I actually listed Great Adventure above SFA so not sure where we are disagreeing on the park being better. You are bringing up better rides and that's not the topic of discussion. Im not debating what park has better rides. I was talking about ride operators (aside from how many trains are available to run on a given day (I know when I went to SFA during fright fest I asked and was told that the other train was having issues, at the same time they had two trains on JJ)... I only brought the trains up as to highlight that when the parks you listed do it, its OK, but when SFA does it's like an abomination lol. I have had lackluster attendants and operators at i305 and Volcano, (especially volcano my goodness they were playing around on the mic and talking to each other on the phones all the while ignoring the guest and not checking our seats in timely manner. At Windseeker one of the operators said to the other out loud "I will smack the black off of you" and everyone in the queue and myself Gasped. At Great Adventure the line to superman was disgustingly dirty and operators had no life (they were fast though but by being fast they neglected other aspects of guest experience)... my visits/experiences at KD and SFGAdv are just as inconsistent as my visits to SFA. However overall, my experience on the ride platforms have not been bad at all. You point out your front row experience at Superman was 40 mins long... and im sure that was unbearable for you... were the other rows just as bad? Or was it just the front row... and were the 9 people ahead of you single riders or all doubles (did they allow flash pass rides to get on that row). Also was the front row wait 40 mins for all of the rides at the park or just superman... It just seems like your are shaming the entire park for a longer than normal FRONT ROW wait at one ride due to one train. I remember my front wait for i305 being pretty long too when they ran one train. However, I can't slam the entire park and put so much energy into trying to make it sound worst than it is. I enjoy KD, SFGAdv, Hershey, but give SFA credit where it is due... I too was shocked by my own impressions because i expected my visits to Great Adventure and KD to be far superior but they weren't. By no way am i making excuses for SFA... but I am pointing out inconsistencies/ over-generalizations in your criticisms of the park (i.e. its ok if one park does it but not for SFA, all parks are better than SFA, etc..). I think we agree on more than we disagree (better rides, maintenance) however regards to ride operations my experience/impression of the park has not been as bad as yours since the early and mid 2000s (pre 2010). To each his/her own. I've been to SFA twice, and the first time I went, Superman had about an hour wait with only one train running. That made me mad. There should be no excuse when there is another train just sitting there doing nothing. However the second time I went, everything was pretty much a walk on, with the longest wait being about 10 min. There was 1 train on everything that entire day. That I am fine with. It was the 1st day that was unacceptable. I wonder how many trains they will run Ragin Cajun with. Surely not just 1! Right? Its a wild mouse, it should be at least 3. Now on this.... I think they can run 5 or so. If they dare run one car on this ride... I will loose all faith in humanity lol! I agree at least 3 or 4.
  9. ^ and again... you are comparing a park that pulls in 40,000+ guest in a day to a park that is lucky to hit 10,000. Two different sized parks, two different budgets (of course Great Adventure runs all its trains (it better!) ... but a more fair comparison would be comparing Great Adventure to SFMM which unforunately does run one train on its coasters and does pull the same kind of attendance as SFGAdv).... I am talking about ride ops... the ride operators at SFA (from what I can gather based on the comments made at the Ace event) don't control if they can add a train or not... that appears to be managements decision. Not drinking any SFA Kool aid... why must someone be considered delusional because they don't dislike the park like you. I too certainly prefer Great Adventure for completely different reasons... but i was looking at what happens on the platform with what they are given. I find Great Adventure super fast and efficient. However, they don't interact with me as a guest like the folks at SFA (and I enjoy that interaction, especially when the line is only but 15 mins long). For me it's not only about the hustle and bustle... I enjoy the occasion high five and guest engagement when appropriate and given the opportunity. Speed on the platform is one factor but not the only lens from which you should judge.
  10. I think with the addition of the water park the park has a chance... the water park should be more of the focus in my opinion as i'm sure it will be a huge attendance driver. The one thing that SFNO and the Original Jazzland never had was a waterpark. Outside of that, I think the lack of competition in the area benefits the park despite the location (proximity to the city).
  11. I've been to SFA twice, and the first time I went, Superman had about an hour wait with only one train running. That made me mad. There should be no excuse when there is another train just sitting there doing nothing. However the second time I went, everything was pretty much a walk on, with the longest wait being about 10 min. There was 1 train on everything that entire day. That I am fine with. It was the 1st day that was unacceptable. I wonder how many trains they will run Ragin Cajun with. Surely not just 1! Right? Its a wild mouse, it should be at least 3. There is a chance that the train may have some mechanical issue. I was there once with only 1 Superman train running and later in the day the maintanence men were working under the train on the transfer track. Ditto, I was going to say.... that sounds more like a maintenance/mechanical thing... ( if the train was out for some issue it would atleast save face if we saw them out there working on it.... it always seems to me as a guest that the park has problems with their superman and batwing trains all the time).... Granted those trains are how old now? SFNE got new trains on their Intamin Hyper I'd expect its time for Superman to get new ones too. Has Millennium Force got new trains (or new chasis atleast).... I'm curious how long trains are supposed to last for? Just out of curiosity, what 6 have you been to so far? And which of them is your favorite? First of all, I should be clear that we're not Six Flags haters. We have consistently found their employees, especially those who interact with the public like ride ops/retail to be less than enthusiastic about their work. Here's the six parks we've been to ranked according to our experiences with our favorite being listed first: 1) Six Flags Great Adventure 2) Six Flags Over Georgia 3) Six Flags Over Texas 4) Six Flags Fiesta Texas 5) Six Flags Magic Mountain 6) Six Flags America My goal wasn't to bash SFA as we always make the best day of anywhere we go. It is a decent park. It probably doesn't help that we spent 1 day at Knoebels, then 1 1/2 days at Hershey, before we went to SFA. Interesting because from my visits I'd rank ride operators/food/retail 1). Six Flags Great America 2). Six Flags Great Adventure 3). Six Flags America (slight behind SFGAdv because their ops are faster) 4). Six Flags New England 5). Six Flags Over Texas 6). Six Flags Over Georgia
  12. Ok then axe the stealth name idea... I didn't suggest it to commemorate a younger coaster moreso to reuse the name that the park once had.... frankly i just liked the name and think it goes with the fighter jet theme. I didn't think the coaster was built on the movie trademark since it was built before the movie and never had any movie theme to it.
  13. The way some people write about SFA makes it seem as if that park is the same as it was in the early/mid 2000s (back then I too had my horror stories). Such just simply isn't the case anymore. Yes, I do not agree that the park should run one train but at the same time, I understand why they lean more towards doing it than not. I'm sure they have a strict budget to try and stay within especially for maintenance. What I do not approve is them not running two trains if the line is getting over the 30 min mark (they can improve on that). However, from the reports I have read over the last few years it has been rare that the park has been that busy that the lines are even close to an hour long. I don't know about others, but I sure as hell will not complain about a 15 min wait with one train. There were many times when the park 1.5 hrs away, Kings Dominion, runs its signature coaster, i305, with one train! SFA's lines simply are never that long where I feel the need to complain... However.... I understand the gripes some are voicing especially when you compare the park to others which are of similar size, similar attendance and with the same model rides..... Therefore I understand when someone may visit Batwing and wonder why it's running one train when others run two... however Carowinds and KI are larger parks In my opinion which therein may lie the answer. I have noticed via trip reports that the park has put an effort towards improving their midways and landscaping. The stamped concrete in the Apocalypse area, the new signs on the path to Batwing, the new paint in LTMT, the new props in Whistlestop. However... I think Gotham needs trees (the whole park needs more TREES)... and i mean some big shade trees! It's like a desert back there in gotham. I look forward to the Mardis Gras area... the park is addressing one of my biggest grips for years which concerned the former Two Face area. Glad to see the progress finally being made..... long overdue! I too hope that they open the dead end from Mardis Gras and allow guest to continue on into Gotham. At the same time, I don't think they could close the dead end from Coyote Creek or Skull Island to Gotham or Whistlestop unless some new expansion takes place back there. Only time will tell. However I am loving the direction the park is heading in. Will love it even more if they finally add a bathroom towards the rear of Gotham. I am not one to comment on the food operations as I don't really focus on my food experience at parks so I have no comment on that aside from I'm sure many six flags parks in general can improve in that area... but with rides and atmosphere I definitely see significant improvements at SFA. Overall like I said before, I take the park for what it is... I enjoy myself when at the park because I allow myself to. Any criticisms I have at the park I have leverage them against other parks... again for example I don't single SFA for one train because I know KD has done it as well with their signature coaster. There's no point in pretending to visit SFA as if you didn't know the ride line up before hand... so don't go in and expect i305 or a 300 ft drop tower because your not going to get that... but what you will get is a decent diverse collection of coasters (and while many are clones that we gripe about today, at the time that they were installed they were pretty innovative). I agree SFA needs a new signature coaster!..... but for now... I am just happy that we are reporting that they are getting a new coaster. It took 10 years!!!!!! ....and now but they are adding their 2nd coaster in 3 years. Who would've thought the day would come. SFA will now have more coasters than they have ever had had in their park history (unless you count skull mountain/typhoon sea coaster as a coaster).
  14. I was never under the impression that Great Escape was not doing well. It seems to be sustaining very well. I think that park doesn't need world class new rides to keep its visitors coming in... and what is its competition? Id be more concerned about parks like Magic Springs. I mean just the other year they were supposed to be taking out one of their stand out attractions to be moved to EG.
  15. Why not just rename it Stealth! If KI can bring back The Bat to replace the awful Flight Deck name, why not reuse the name Stealth. (Although I personally think they should bring the name Stealth back for a B&M Wing Coaster for the park..... If not stealth, then Afterburn.)
  16. Midgetman if you had not mentioned that the zig-zag portion was actually in place, I would've thought those track pieces were just lying on the ground. Looking great so far! I love the blue and how close to the ground this gets!
  17. My top 15! (*I am sure if I had the chance to ride Skyrush and/or New Texas Giant/iRAT that they would be in the top 10 on this list but unfortunately I haven't). 1). Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion VA,y,y,1 2). Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere (El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ) **,y,n,2 3). Bizarro SF New England MA,y,y,3 4). Storm Runner Hersheypark PA,y,n,4 5). Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,n,5 6). Fav Intamin Impulse (I just love impulse coasters) Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,6 7). Volcano: The Blast Co Kings Dominion VA,y,y,7 8). Superman - Ride of St Six Flags America MD,y,y,8 9). Alpengeist Busch Gardens Will VA,y,n,9 10). Afterburn Carowinds NC,y,y,10 11). Apollo's Chariot Busch Gardens Will VA,y,n,11 12). Nitro Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,n,12 13). Goliath Six Flags Over Geo GA,y,n,13 14). Raging Bull Six Flags Great Am IL,y,n,14 15). X-Flight Six Flags Great Am IL,y,n,15 Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios FL,y,n,16
  18. Corrected: Definitely a Zierer vertical launch coaster like wicked. I think the 3 states refers that they just wanted to travel and check out three types of vertical lift coasters currently in the US outside of PA (which has the Intamin vertical lift) .Gerstlauer vertical lift coaster, Mauer Sohne vertical lift. and a Zierer vertical launch coaster.... one could pick any of the slew of the states with eurofighters, Orlando for Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt, and Utah for wicked. Seeing as though wicked is rare i think they made a great choice. Keep in mind they said at least 3 states so they could've visited more than 3 in order to check out more Euro fighters. P.S. I like the name Impulse.... it goes with the vertical launch! can anyone provide a google aerial of where in the park this will go?
  19. If they impose an elevator lift and utilize multiple floors (a la transformers) I think they could pull it off in the Crypt Building. Likewise I think they could pull of this ride inside Volcano: The Blast Coaster because there seems to be room inside the mountain in this video (granted some structural mods/reinforcement may be needed). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II4aOE_i3oQ
  20. This definitely has me thinking a Zierer vertical launch coaster like wicked. I think the 3 states refers to they just wanted to travel and check out three types of vertical lift coasters currently in the US. You have an Intamin vertical lift, Gerstlauer vertical lift coaster, and a Zierer vertical launch coaster.... one could pick PA, one of the slew of the states with eurofighters, and Utah for wicked. Seeing as though wicked is rare i think they made a great choice. Keep in mind they said at least 3 states so they could've visited more than 3 in order to check out more Euro fighters.
  21. I would like to see them move Ozark Wildcat to the park.
  22. Personally, I think that if SFA does a huge water park expansion similar to what Great America did (with a racing mat slide, one of those tantrum slide, a surf rider, and a toilet bowl slide).... then the park will see a huge increase in their attendance. I agree that the park should also bring in some new water attraction to the dry side of the park as well. I remember typhoon sea coaster was marketed as a water coaster.. .so perhaps a real water coaster like DiVertical would be nice for uniqueness sake. I'm sure those are quite expensive though. A Twist n' splash would suffice as well or even a splash battle.
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