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  1. I had no idea that those trains were in-fact B&M trains... anyone care to share the story of why the trains are Intamin (did it have to do with the fact that, perhaps, B&M was not making its own trains at the time of its first coaster). Are the other early gen B&M stand ups (Vortex CGA and Carowinds) also intamin trains. I wonder if CP will sell their Mantis trains?
  2. Do you think they will go with updated new generation Vekoma trains (with the vest restraints) or with the Kumbak trains (as used on Arkham Asylum in Australia)?
  3. It could have 3 inversions if they turned the non-inverting loop into a full loop. Or else this may be a new version of the ride... I had a feeling BGWfans may not have had the full picture.
  4. Not happening ( I just can't see that) ... Personally Apocalypse is not that long of a ride that it affects my legs. Nor are the forces strong. Green Lantern, Riddler's Revenge, and Mantis however were long coasters that even have a mid course brake run. They are more of an endurance test coaster than anything else. So I could see Floorless trains make sense on those coasters. I think Apocalypse as a ride is fine the way it is... I would just like more comfortable ride experience (redesigned bicycle seat/ vest restraints). I secretly was hoping that Mantis was getting modified stand up restrains that would make it more comfortable (like a new generation bicycle seat and vest-like restraints) and get rid of headbanging (if any) that way SF would be more likely to get new trains since CF would have already paid for the cost of the R&D to procure and implement new restraints on a B&M stand up style train. If Apocalypse was a floorless, I think you would still get headbanging in the corkscrew if it had the traditional hard OTSR... you would still need the vest one. I think in most cases manufacturers are willing to come up with their new restraints and trains on their own to market, but sometimes I think they don't do the work unless a customer request and pays for the desired product (if its not already in their catalog). What would be required in order to change out the existing OTSR to vest type? (Switch out the ratcheting system to hydraulic?) I think Six Flags would relocate a floorless to SFA before putting new floorless trains.
  5. I wonder if they will add a howl sound effect as the trains crest top of the lift similar to how the Banshee Wail sounds off.
  6. Lol, that's where I watched the World Cup. They could make that place in Coyotes Creek a dedicated sports eatery, etc I really would love to see something similar to JB's smokehouse barbeque at SFNE. Something that would give a nod to local sports teams (though I doubt the Deadskins would have any representation in the park given that Snyder is their owner just the Capitals, Ravens, Wizards, Orioles, Nationals, and DC United) I don't know if I would want them to touch the Saloon. It fits the theme of Coyote Creek so well and is original to the days when that area was first built. I would rather them Change the Turkey Leg place next to Candy Creations or Bone's chicken and waffles.
  7. I think this is a great addition. CP is a big park and I can imagine one's feet get tired when walking all day or some times 2 days in a row in the park. So I think it is quite understandable that the appeal of a stand up coaster has changed over the decade. That said, I think a floorless coaster fits the bill. There aren't any in the Midwest. I was thinking that we would see one at KI before CP since CP had gatekeeper (which is also floorless in a way). I don't have any concerns about the heartline or anything. As it has been mentioned... With relation to the track, Floorless trains sit higher than regular stand up coasters. If there was one element, it would be the corkscrew.... but at the I never found the stand up corkscrews to be as tightly spiraled as sit downs. Everything else on the ride should be awesome.... and YES please get ride of the trim on the first drop. I think my biggest surprise with the announcement is that CP did not modify the restraints on the ride to be vest-like OTSR. Probably because of all the complaining on Gatekeeper. Given Gatekeeper and Banshee, I thought that this was the way they were moving with new B&M trains.
  8. I think they have to... I mean both local Baseball teams clinched AL and NL east titles. So SFA is going to have to pull guest in! Too bad they don't have a dedicated Sports eatery like SFNE does to watch games. Although there is Hurricane's. That is where I watched some of the World Cup. They should see if they could get some autograph signing inside the park.
  9. Scream should be relocated to another park... *Runs away before the scream FANS attack*
  10. It was good seeing you too! I had a great time as well... glad you did as well for your first visit! BTW JJ was Hauling A$$ Is the drop tower at Knoebels the same kind that is at Waldameer! If so, those things scare the crap out of me... they drop so fast without notice that I wasn't even able to scream (voice didn't catch up) until it started to enter the brakes .
  11. FYI... great discount this weekend!!! http://Battle of the Beltway SFA
  12. My only gripe about green lantern is that for a stand up coaster, I find it pretty long and the Gs going through my legs (after an long day of walking around the park) causes them to feel even more tired. I like the ride length for apocalypse however the trade off is your head... somehow I don't think B&M heart-linned this ride as well as the newer ones. Be careful on the pull out of the corkscrew!!! Unlike GL's which are seemlessly smooth, Apocalypse's on the otherhand... well lets just say your head will understand why it is called Apocalypse. Roar is a hit or miss... I haven't found a sweet spot... some rides are good and others are not.
  13. Coasterbill that's a good tip about Wild One... I never thought about it that way. I'm going to try out the middle rows ... I always went for the front row (thinking that it may offer slightly more leg room). Boldikus- I am going to PM you... I might be at the park Sunday. That's awesome that you will having some first. If it's your first Intamin hyper... I think it's a good one for starts. I love the 3rd hill on Superman! JJ has been noticeably sped up (there are time when it looks just a tad bit faster and there are times when it looks like Poltergeist... it probably varies by the weight on the train). Yep...they operated it the same way at Great America. I believe they did load 4 if the group was just kids, though. The one at Beech Bend operates like that as well. I can't quite remember how Opa at Mt O operated, though. Yeah it looks like if there are any one in the yellow (where they are required to ride with an adult) that they may put 4 people in... but if its all adults above the height restriction they only allow 4... but then I saw this picture of kennywood's exterminator here on TPR and it made me wonder. Photo from TPR Trip Report
  14. Yeah the thing I enjoy about batwing is the surprise element of being flipped over at the top and realizing how high you are. I do not mind the batwing restraints but the inline twist are much more forceful that the one on SUF and so you might want to brace for that part... I don't think they are centerlined so you are flung around. Overall I love the ride... also the brakes are pretty strong so brace yourself. I agree about the lift ... I wish there was a way to have a silent lift like on superman... but i've gotten used to it now. Overall its my second favorite ride at the park. As far as flats.... Voodoo Drop and French Quarter Flyers are definitely fun. You will be good on Ragin' Cajun... but if you don't want to spin a lot watch out for car 4 (for some reason it spins way more than the others). Speakin of... does anyone know why they only load 3 people max per car... Did they do this at Great America as well? Do the other reverchon spinners that were built around the time as RC have the same limitation (I.e. Exterminator at Kennywood, etc..)?
  15. What if they retrofit the existing trains with the new vest-like restraints as part of a makeover?
  16. Really Really confused by the intimidators. I232 is no where as good as I305. I232 doesnt even come close to the other B&M hypers or any intimin hypers for that matter. How is Balder behind all other other wooden coasters! I would've thought it would be right behind or right before El toro!
  17. What are your thoughts on a Battle for Metropolis style ride... coming to SFGAdv in the area where B&R: The Chiller used to be? Would be a nice opportunity to give a nod to the attraction that used to one be there by using both characters somehow.
  18. ^Well they had the flying scooters ready for the second weekend of the season
  19. They put a lot of good work in the Mardi Gras section. Good music, good rides, great theming, and a superb bar. I watched the entire World Cup final at the bar. The entire park is clean. Only thing they need to do is get rid of that Subway, and put a Louisiana type restaurant in there. Popeye's. Easy enough.
  20. I hopefully expect six flags to correct their marketing of it as a coaster and rather a coaster-like experience. Similar to how they went from calling NTAG a wooden coaster to now correctly identifying Iron Horse converted rides as Hybrids. I agree that I welcome this addition with open arms. It fulfills the inverting flat ride void that the park has needed filled for a while now. I think a 7 story looping ride will look great in the mardis gras side of the park (currently nothing over there on that side, including the coasters goes up side down). While they are a classically known as Carnival rides, I don't think I agree to jump to calling this larger and Permanent (i might add) model a carnival ride... in that case people should be making the same arguments against the flying scooters. As far as ride experience, I am going to hold my judgments until I ride, but I don't recall seeing any complaints from the Elitch Gardens thread (aside from the downtime issue early on in the season). in fact from the Brain Drain thread... I'm surprised that they added a new ride there in this area when there they still have a lot of marketability of that section as is... and there are some other areas in the center of the park, coyote creek, or gotham that could use new hardware to fill some of the existing empty ride pads. But again, when it came to the best placement of this ride (given that its an inverting ride) it goes well in the Mardis Gras section... I also like the name... Surprise they didn't call it the Bourbon Street Hangover! That would've been awesome (hopefully they will tie in the hangover pun along with this ride like they did in the announcement). I took think that the only place in that section that has space is either the old diesel derby area which is technically part of looney tunes kiddie area or that grassy knoll between Voodoo drop and Zydeco Zinger.
  21. LMAO LMAO LMAO This video gets me everytime "I WANT TO MOURN" ... I just had to post it.
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