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  1. GCI has a second video on their youtube page showing another brand new coaster concept. Not sure if its ok to share it yet. But its on their official youtube page for all to see.
  2. ^ Prefixes My guess would be peta.... Top Thrill Dragster was referred as a tera coaster back when it was first built but then the strata- prefix was coined somehow.
  3. Posted today on Gravity Groups facebook wall: from Gravity Groups facebook
  4. I couldn't agree more... While I'm sure this ride's going to be really awesome,and I'd definitely ride i if I hit up the area, I think it'll keep parks from building a typical "tallest coaster ever" that has one huge drop running the entire height of the structure, top hat or not, since it's essentially pushing the bar too high to be reached anytime soon. I doubt rides like Kingda Ka would've been built the way they were if they weren't going to be the tallest roller coaster in the world (or at least america). I'm afraid I'm just not feeling like a coaster built this way really utilizes it's height, if it doesn't have gigantic drops. I mean, the coaster in the rendering essentially looks like "High Roller" on steroids. And while that's a good thing, It's slightly underwhelming at the same time. Having said all that, that nearly vertical twist drop looks amazing. I'm not sure if I get your point... It's as if saying launch coasters claiming the worlds fastest record aren't "typical" because the speed was not gravity generated, or launch coasters which claim the worlds tallest record aren't typical because it doesn't use a traditional lift. Sounds as though you are implying that this concept somehow "cheats" but that depends on your definition of "typical". This is the amusement industry, if everything was typical, it wouldn't be Amusing! What I think its being missed is this is some of Innovation as its best! I think the PoleRcoaster is an awesome concept! Just as much as I can appreciate how high roller was a great concept of its time! Let this great idea of a ride be built and try it out before calling it underwhelming!
  5. Verruckt is going to use an inner tube and KK's slide will be a body slide. They just need to specify more in their description the type of slide.
  6. Premier Track in Vegas.... This wouldn't be for Holiday Park because wouldn't that be shipped from the atlantic... and not west coast. Could this be going to a park on the west coast.... love surprises... looking at the track, I don't see any support connections so it reminds me of the in line twist on S:UF at SFDK.
  7. No, sorry. Megalite is not a name for hyper coasters around 100 feet tall, it is Intamin's own name for the specific model that is the Megalite. I referring to the style of coaster ... I know the names are different Mega-Light/Hyper-Light.
  8. I am just excited to see Change Morgan back in the fold. I think it was a great surprise. Although this is not an Intamin Mega-Light... this is the FIRST Mega-Light style coaster in the US! Am I right? That's pretty major right there... Regarding the drop tower... I curious to see the stats. If its anything like Knoebels or the one at Waldameer then I don't think it will be that large of a stable to draw much attention connected with the old accident.
  9. ^Yeah, I was thinking KK.... You are right about AstroWorld's. Last I heard it was just laying around just like Batman is laying at Darien Lake.
  10. The third picture looks more like colossus at Heide Park in my opinion. Greezed' Lightning is gone! There's no way it's coming back. Especially the way it was cut up... The dates on the docs says Oct 2013... the person creating these plans wasn't following the status of the ride.
  11. That area between flightdeck and the parking lot looks like an area that could fit time machine as well. In my initial post I didn't mention that area because I wasn't aware of what that building was (since I've never been to CGA). I just feel that the picnic pavilion can go basically anywhere and in my opinion since the area behind GS, Whitewater, Sky flyer, and the theater is one which no can be built without the moans and groans from the Prudes, they can instead plop down some pavilions and make it their picnic grove.
  12. I think these rides would be great if acquired by Cedar Fair. Parks like CGA, Michigan Adventure, Valleyfair, and WOF could benefit... as well as the others.
  13. Random... but I think Time Machine (aka Led Zeppelin the ride) from Freestyle Music/ Hard Rock Park would make a great addition to this park! Should be interesting now that its for sell. Could possibly be a good fit where the picnic pavilion currently is.. and they could move the picnic pavilion over behind gold striker, the theater, whitewater falls, and Xtreme sky Flyer
  14. The description of the woman's body upon being discovered is just disturbing and truly horrifying. I'm trying to match up the report... after the small hump following the drop is says her legs where straight up in the air and he head down and then on the first overbanked it says she was ejected head first.... that's a little confusing. I think think the fault is going to fall one who ever determined the "limit" to which the limit switches were set to. Be it the park or the train manufacturer, or the controls company (if its not the same as the train or ride manufacturer). It seems that even though it appeared to be too high, the green light was indeed the "green light" which overrode any doubt. In my opinion such is the case for seatbelts... I find seat belts redundant but I have always felt that there real purpose was to combat the case of varying body proportions. One must be able to buckle the seat belt in order to ride many rides even though the OTSR or Lap bar may lock. I hear the argument all the time about people claiming inconsistencies with set belt lengths. While I agree that more training was a necessary and reactive response to this tragedy... I can't bring myself to blame the ride attendant. I think the lap bar mods and seatbelts were a testament to this. I think we will see more of a lash between Six Flags and gerstlauer over liability in this case. Unlike other cases like the one at Darien Lake.... I think both parties need to pay up!
  15. Do Invertigo, Bashee, and Delirium all have the same color supports? From that most recent pic posted I couldn't make out the supports that belong to each ride.
  16. I don't think its wise for them to get new trains. Why spend money on such when the ride doesn't really have any comfort issues in my opinion. I never experienced any head banging on this ride. Thanks to banshee, the park is able to spruce up the surrounding area and give Flight Deck some sprucing-up, promising paint job, and new theme! I'm happy with that alone.
  17. ^Well that rules out the dry side of the park... clearly a water slide now... they are sitting in tubes... I'm thinking a hydro-magnetic water slide... I guess the first of its kind will simply be a different combination of features on the slide!
  18. With the difference in height between the top of the lift and the top of the first loop... the trains should carry some significant speed through that element and be quite forceful.
  19. According to RCDB it's 99.4 mph which now puts it at the 6th fastest coaster. Far from the original idea of having it be the worlds fastest. Which is is... 105 mph or 99.4 mph?
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