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  1. I305 has its wheel's sprayed in the block brakes and before the drop but they still trimmed the first drop. I am just wondering how long FR is going to last as it is before they make any adjustments. I hope they wont have to and pending FR's success I hope that it could lead to 1305 being untamed.
  2. I apologize in advance if someone already mentioned this... but won't Formula Rossa be subject to the same troubles as I305. I mean I305 they trimmed the whole first drop and thus changed the dynamics the ride was originally exhibiting. This ride will be hurling down the track into turns much like I305 does. So has Intamin fixed the wheel problem or will Ferrari World have to keep replacing the very expensive wheels like I305. It would be funny if they pull a kings dominion and after the first few weeks add more trims or decrease the launch speed to preserve the wheels longer. I really hope Intamin has come up with a solution that would mean this ride will keep up to its original glory and hopefully lead to I305 returning back to its original glory as well.
  3. On a lighter note... Road Runner Express track pieces and supports are now at the park as well as the cars.
  4. BGT has a park full of coasters with inversions I'm sure this one will be just great without. This ride reminds me so much of maverick just looking at it. All of the movements with the speed and tight scenery will surely enhance this ride. I just hope the scenery actually comes out the way it is portrayed in this video. Given that this is BGT I have a lot of faith that they will follow through and deliver. Oh... and that hill after the launch in the 4th clip I so hope its like the maverick airtime hill. I find this ride a thrill ride for all ages. Not too stomach churning but far from dull.
  5. At the very end of the second clip. If you peer behind the tree and pause it right before the video turns white you can see a vertical or near vertical section of track looks like that first 2nd launch will go up straight up into that figure 8 element.
  6. Just like BGW did with Griffon and added floorless trains to their version instead of the regular trains that Sheikra had... Maybe BGW will take use the wing walker trains on their multi-launch coaster version. They could even add a water effect say if it skimmed the water like BBW used to. I'm anxious to find out more details about the drop tower.
  7. I also find Vekoma to be on the front end of pushing new ideas. Their flying dutchman may have 84 sensors but just think, before Vekoma, no one had heard of such a ride. Flying coasters were unheard of before the millennium. Along comes Vekoma and it was such a hit, just happens that B&M took their hand to it and created a ride that kept up with their reputation of quality and smooth rides. Inverted Shuttle Coasters took off with Vekoma as well. Their Inveritgo's were a hit, I know Two Face was a hit (although plagued with downtime). They pushed the limits further with Dejavu. Vekoma even has the motor bike coasters which from the reviews seem to be quite fun. I really would love their Tilt Coasters to catch on. I just know it would be very marketable and bring a lot of attention. Vekoma has their first sting ray installed and from a review I read of the ride it seems like the improved flyer trains and overall ride works much better than the flying dutchman installations here in the U.S. Has anyone heard more or can anyone elaborate more on the ride experience that has ridden? Also Vekomas first Big Air installation is slated to open if it hasn't already. Here's some video I found of the ride testing. Seems very Interesting... I don't think that it will out do Intamin's Half Pipe coasters which spin. Only thing Big Air has is that it's much larger. I like how the cars rotate at the very top. I bet this creates a lot of suspense and has riders tensing up. Check it out
  8. I've always been a fan of park chains who take a new style of ride and use it in their parks as a competitive and unique attraction. For instance you had the Euro-fighters with the beyond vertical drops, then you had Intamin with their take on the beyond vertical drops. Well has anyone ridden Gravity Max. I think that if a chain like six flags took on this ride it would give them a competitive edge against the Dive Machines. This ride would be so different in the U.S. that it would surely get attention as a tilt coaster. If they get Vekoma's new trains with the new restraints then they should be a hit. I'm even sure they could make one that goes beyond vertical if they wanted.
  9. From what I understand, this ride will not have wing walker trains. There was a site that revealed some sketches which showed maverick/ fahrenheit/ispeed style trains.
  10. ^ I thought the same thing bout the color. It reminds me of Hydra's green.... which I like
  11. Looks cool, Green Track with brown supports from what I see in the video. Looks like it launches from a trench.
  12. I think an impulse coater would be a great addition to the park given the space the park has for future additions and the fact that a launch coaster would add to the park line up. See some of my photoshop renderings of this. I think it could easily go behind Kontiki and Twister with the vertical spike right by the exit for the Tornado slide SFNE with Impulse Coaster Another photo impulse coaster
  13. ^I'm sorry but SFNE didn't add anything but a new Johnny Rockets and a Mr. Six's Splash Island and our attendance for this season has hit record numbers and we aren't even done with the season yet. So I don't know what you are implying. As far as New England Six Flags is doing something right that's keeping people coming. This season has been a very good season. Just because we don't have a new huge roller coaster. The coaster will still be NEW to the GP and they will enjoy it. The majority of the parks thrill rides don't cater to families. U have to be 52 - 54 inches to ride most of the bigger rides. This is going to be another hit with families. If you know the line that we have for Pandemonium then expect the same for this coaster. Also this ride is cost effective as the foundation has already been laid for the ride all thats left is erection of the ride and wiring and theming. Gridiron challenge is hitting the dust and Blitz is moving to the South side of the park.
  14. Dark Knight Coaster had started its construction, but in the state of mass, there are mandates for these enclosed buildings. These buildings however have to meet certain criteria similar to that of an office building. As you can imagine that will drive the cost way up. Six flags wasn't allowed to just erect a building, the building the had to have the same building requirements as that of family dwelling or office building which would drive cost way above the other 2 installations. Basically... don't expect any NEW indoor coasters or rides to be installed in Massachusetts. So yes, this ride will be completely outdoors.
  15. Pgrindle all I am going to say is that you are correct! Meep Meep! you can thank SFKK for the new coaster. It's not a spinner
  16. I work at SFNE and rides break down all the time. I don't think there's any reason to point SFA out more than any other park. Certain rides are just more likely to go down throughout the day than others. Some of these downtimes ares quite common. What matters is the time in which a park responds to their downtimes. I know for one that Skull Mountain is just one of those rides that will undoubtable go down at some point during the day. You just had the luck of bad timing and were on the rides when they went down. I know that some parks do offer guest exit passes in exchange for their inconvenience. The Washington D.C. area is HUMID and its heat index causes conditions to be oppressive so guest are always going to be flock to the water park. Especially if they water park is open during limited hours. I'm sure once the water park closes those guest whom aren't tired will then flock to the dry park to get in their rides for the day. This has always been the case at the two parks I've worked at SFNE and SFGAM. Capitalize, you post made me happy. I am glad to have read your report. That Supervisor in the picture should definitely be dealt as he sets the example. If the park has leadership like him it will hinder progressing the work ethic of the team members to where it needs to be. Have their been any markings found anywhere?
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