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  1. This is great... I heard on the radio on WTOP the announcement of Mardis Gras and I was so excited. They said the two new rides would be placed in the Southwest Territory section of the park and the area will be re-themed to Mardis Gras. Can't wait to hear the jazz music playing and the lights and food that they will improve the area with. I'm very pleased!
  2. This is great... This park gets pretty darn Hot at STL in the summer.
  3. YAY finally an off year for the park... in my opinion. Now they can put money into infrastructure and finishing YOLOCOASTER plaza
  4. This is a-mAz-ing! I love everything about it already, even it's length. It's going to make people want to get off and get on again. They will also be able to keep the line moving due to its length. I love it! Great choice for this park. Great America needed something to push the limits a little more and finally they have something. This will definitely change the skyline. I am so happy for the park! WOW! Also I noticed that unlike Great Adventure, Great America does not mention the removal of Rajin' Cajun... Could SFA be getting a copy.
  5. So does this make only 3 coasters for kids? I dunno about them removing RT... Hopefully next season they will do like SFMM is doing and expand their kids coaster options. I didn't expect them to remove RT... I guess them gives them room to expand on the safari experience. It's going to be weird riding El Toro and not crossing over RT anymore. I guess always thought it to be the norm for parks to all have and maintain a classic family friendly wooden coaster. Anyway... Zumanjaro was expected and I hope I can muster the bravery to ride it. Between this and Falcon Fury... 2014 is going to end up feeling like fear factor.
  6. ^With the new restriction relaxations from the county... I think big things are on the way for SFA. Anything added this year was probably already pre-determined in the parks plan from prior years. Honestly, a cheap relocation of a ride will do wonders for that area... especially if the re-theme rumors are true. That section of the park is outdated... and needs some sprucing. Adding a cheap ride to this section will add a new coaster while leaving alot of room assuming a small budget for upgrades and infrastructure improvements in that area (new paint, themeing)... As much as people say Apocalypse is used and old... I look a the impact id made for the park... in 10 years the park finally had a coaster that it could market to the public it also allowed them to concentrate money on updating that section of the park... the skull mountain got an update and it looks great, the pavement was updated, the stores were updated, the surrounding flats got new paint, the landscaping was much improved... I expect the same improvements to happen to Southwest Territory. I am excited. SFA is basically being smart. They are adding a "new" attraction but one that allows them to still focus money on improving park infrastructure. No need to splurge on a 15mil dollar ride if it will not allow them to make a decent looking area... Just look at YOLOCOASTER! If such an area was placed in SFA...(with a half a$$ed queue, no station structure, pi$$ poor landscaping... you know everyone would $H!T on the park like there's no toilet paper. So long as SFA continues to improve something and fill holes in the park... I am fine... I have a feeling something big is on the horizon. Personally I want (another double twisting impulse or a Euro Fighter with indoor section or even a wing rider but the dead would raise from the ground if that ever happened) Why do I have such hope?..... well I too hoped that Batwing would, one day, get painted ... never thougth I'd see the day.... but look at what happened. Change may not come when I want it, but alas it came!
  7. Rodeo is Coyote Creek not Southwest Territory. Southwest Territory consist of Tower of Doom, Falling Star, Wild One, and Senora Speedway. Two Face is no longer there.
  8. Those small parts are likely modified support connectors that have been modified to have a attachment so that a vertical drop tower track can be attached.
  9. Price Tag! Intamin woodies are probably pricey (rumor had it that El toro costs close to what Kingda Ka cost) and would make sense for parks that actually make a lot of money in the chain like Great adventure, Great America, and Magic Mountain.... but the others... RMC seems to be more of an affordable... in terms of Iron Horse track conversions (don't know about the custom build topper track rides).
  10. The element is most definitely a dive loop not an immelman. Comparing the sequence of the ride layout to the height diagram you can see the ride will go up and stay at a high elevation before suddenly go back down. That is characteristic of a dive loop where the track goes up, then twists 180 degrees before diving back down under itself. It looks like it will also have a barrel roll or two. A dive loop isn't necessarily a high-G maneuver especially if RMC designs the ride to do an inline twist completely before diving back down. In that case you could imagine it looking something similar to the 153 on outlaw run but then curling down underneath itself instead of the pull out. Assuming this ride uses topper-track and keeps its wooden coaster status... I was hoping it would take the record for most inversions on a wooden coaster but I think I can only make out 3 at the most. Maybe the two turn-arounds near the wilderness theater are extreme over-banked turns that could be considered inversions. Given what see... what do you think will be the 3 records? I thinking steepest drop on wooden coaster Fastest wooden coaster First Dive loop on a wooden coaster (although I was hoping for something like most inversions).
  11. Iron wolf's station is pretty high off the ground so the drop it comes to ground level will be below the base of the lift.
  12. Most of the people I have come across in the area... even co workers who I work with in DC have never even heard of the park and/or never knew it was over there. None of them are away of the parks past from 10 years ago. Us enthusiast sure remember because there are some who will never put the past in the past.. however, I think the fact that people in the area haven't heard of the park is attributed to the park's marketing. They have been doing better in the past... People seem to know only know about Kings Dominion, Hershey, and when they think six flags they think NJ. Thing is the park hasn't really added anything significant like it did back in 1999 to garner huge local attention. The attention that they had back at the turn of the millennium, they lost post 2007 due to bad service. I am really look forward to the parks next Staple attraction. I am happy that it got featured on travel channel. Hopefully they keep up the recent trend. It's definitely on the climb... just not where it could or should be yet. The good thing, which hasn't been talked about a lot is that with all these lower cost additions (used coasters)... they have been able to put more money back into infrastructure improvements. I mean 2012 was full of new signs, fresh paint, and nice landscaping. 2013, saw new retail and food venues, more fresh paint (Batwing)... which a cheap ride like Cajun (if rumors are true)... That's more room for these infrastructure improvements. The park has to work on a budget given to them by Corporate. Ultimately it is up to Corporate.
  13. ^If it's an el toro clone I hope they name it "The Orgasm: Once you try Pre-Fab track, you'll never go back"
  14. Exactly... so long as the ride actual merits the name... Unlike SFFT... still think SFFT should've called it Nitro! Another name for a GIANT coaster would be Titan.
  15. Question could this ride be like Juvelen at Djurs Sommerland ... isn't that a Dual Launch coaster... Albeit tire launched.... It could also be like Jet Rescue at Sea World Australia. But these rides are full of tight S curves and low-to-the-ground movements. They look pretty thrilling for the family yet their launches don't seem that fast.
  16. That HAS TO BE a typo... That would be a waste of electrical power to launch to 16 mph or 20mph... you can just use gravity on a slightly downhill slope to get that speed. Hell, I305's lift hill is like 14mph right? Maybe these are the speeds of lift hills (if any)? I'm just going to wait for 11AM
  17. I also found it interested that he was at the Giant Drop... Giant among coasters has always been a tag line for the Goliath coasters in six flags. I believe its going to be Goliath as well... I just don't understand the whole journey theme? I wish they would go with Titan instead.
  18. A water coaster would be nice. Perfect mix of a roller coaster and water ride. Maybe something like DiVertical at Mirabilandia or the Mack Water Coasters like Poseidon at Europa. If I recall correct, TPR had a great time on DiVertical!
  19. That element that contains inversions 4 and 5 looks awesome. Look like a Dive Loop into a inclined loop that pulls out like a flat spin and then into a helix like the end of x-flight.
  20. Does outlaw run hit its max speed at the bottom of the first drop or in the area between the wave turn and the barrel rolls... which is the lower grade of the ride?
  21. In terms of coasters... I think this park could use a flyer... there are no flyers or stand ups in TX... however I doubt they would move Georgia Scorcher... I don' t think another coaster will be coming to SFFT for a few years. This is liking a water park ride. Judging by extreme could we be seeing bonzai pipelines.
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