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  1. Launch? Fastest wooden but at 165 ft...hmmm... there must be an under ground tunnel or maybe they will be use the lower grade by the wilderness theater to have a larger drop. It would have to go more than 70mph to exceed the speed record. If I'm not mistaken, Alan did say that these RMC coasters could launch... if so that would be a first record right there. That would be a huge and pleasant surprise... JUST TONS OF WOW Factor that would gain world-wide attention. My guess at records would be: Speed - fastest wooden coaster Most Inversions or something like tallest loop on a wooden coaster or tallest inversion on wooden coaster. Steepest drop on wooden coaster
  2. Any pictures or videos of the Spin Cycle ride being opened? Anyone have an reports of what the ride is like?
  3. I think it would be interesting, seeing the color blue of these supports (if this indeed going to KI), if they went ahead and used the exact same color scheme as they have on Mantis, seeing as though that was originally supposed to be Bashee's colors. Either that, or we have another Manta on the way (sea world?)
  4. Are there any videos of Aqua Twist (the specific one at La Ronde) or any photos of the area and themeing? Any TR from any members who have ridden?
  5. As redundant as seatbelts are and un-necessary as some may see them, based on the actions taken in the past by Six Flags following the Superman Incident, you may see one of two things or both. First, seatbelts are likely to be added. Even if the system as designed works, the guests' perception (non-enthusiast) of safety matters. Furthermore, Six Flags could go the extra step and have gerstlauer redesign the lap bars to have the vertical side bars like on superman:ROS and bizarro. I have to take a step back and always think of how terrifying such a freak accident could be. This seems to just be a freak accident that no one could have forseen. Also it very possible to get a green light but for restraints to not restrain a person properly depending on body shape (both small and big). Green light (or rather known as limit switches) only measure that a restraint is in the minimal closed position. It does not however, ensure that the restraint is snug against the rider or that it properly restrains the ride (i.e. by the upper thight not stomach). It is up to the attendants to enforce this part and to explain to guest. I could see six flags chain wide make sure their attendants and operators focus on this. We can't rely on the computerize/ control system to tell us everything. Therefore, the she had a green light in order the train to be dispatched, however was the restrain accomodating her as designed according to the safety manual... chances are the answer is no. Six Flags will likely be liable and settle out of court based on what I just stated.
  6. They just need an El Toro/T-Express cross breed back in the DeJaVu area. 300ft!
  7. What are some of the laws in Singapore that a tourist should be aware of. I heard something concerning gum. Anyone care to enlighten me?
  8. I was thinking about it, and I wouldnt be mad if it was like a B&M invert layout similar to Talon which is an amazing ride! At the same time, I'd hope they expand upon that layout for KI and make it a record breaker in some way shape or form. (inversions or height).
  9. I love talon and nice smooth, great layout, and very re-rideable. I love how quiet it is! I wouldn't mind if this layout is replicated elsewhere. I enjoyed it alot more than Patriot for some reason. I layout like this would be nice at KI!
  10. I agree a vekoma junior suspended would be a great addition. Six Flags America doesn't really have a inbetween coaster for those the Looney tunes Coaster and Wild One. So this is a perfect addition. I wonder where they would put it. It would make sense to go right there where Two Face used to be because its right next to Looney Tunes Movie Town that way families don't have to walk far. The watermain issue was resolved as of the weekend so all should be well again in terms of water use restrictions.
  11. I know Prince George's County (where the park is located), since Monday night, has been under a mandatory water restriction due to a serious water main issue that they have been addressing all week. I thought that might have something to do with it but then you said the water was running on the slides yet not open... so i'm at a loss as to why. I agree, that the park should make it a action item to encourage the operators and anyone for that matter to speak with diction and to enunciate. Teens can tend to get lazy with their talk, but they must be held to a professional standard. Otherwise, they should just move to automated speils.
  12. So the wing over drop will essentially mimic the first drop on Wing Coasters where the track inverts into the drop like on Gatekeeper, X-flight, and Swarm?
  13. Based on the fact that the cut through the steel and didn't separate the parts at the bolted connections. I'm sure the ride is headed to the scrap yard. So long Greezed Lightning!
  14. I agree a nice GCI wooden twister would round out the collection rather nicely.
  15. ^ I second that... BILOXI needs something like this... right on the beach... Gulfshores atleast has a waterpark and a coaster... but Biolxi is where I want to see something built amusement related.
  16. ^O.M.G! I never thought I would see the day... The county is finally allowing the park to be competitive... Albeit, I don't necesarily think that height is necessary to be competitive... but I think this will help the park keep up with KD. I think a 400ft sky screamer is possible.
  17. ^yes it has. When the ride was dismantled at AstroWorld is was damaged and unable to be re-assembled (I assume they found out after it arrived at the park and they started assessing the parts). I guess it wasn't worth pouring the money into fixing whatever the damage was. Cost was probably much more than the ride was worth.
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